Crossfire 3 -> Crossfire 2

I originally intended to make a forum post about this, but back then this forum didn't exist. Needless to say, it ended up drowning pretty fast in the journal-spam.

The image should speak for itself.
image: xf3to2xf0

Opera: My config.
Firefox (By drago)

Guide for Opera users:
QuoteSave the file with the extension .css, to any location. Right-click anywhere on the site and choose 'Edit site preferences...'. Click the 'Display' tab, under 'My style sheet' click 'Choose...' and point it to the .css file you saved earlier. Reload the page.

Guide for Firefox users:
QuoteDownload Stylish, restart FF. Click on Tools -> Extensions -> Stylish and then on Options. Click on write and paste the code. Click save, browse to and hit F5. Good to go!

I believe this to be the final release.

Nice, also works in FireFox :)
how can i make this only xfire, not other sites too?
I keep mine in D:\Programs\Opera\styles\user, but anywhere should be fine.
im ff user, so no opera for me ;p so where should i keep it?:)
Als je wil kan je hem op je bureaublad zetten, maakt niets uit. Het gaat erom dat je bij je FireFox instellingen aangeeft dat het om dat bestand gaat. :o)
ja ik heb t gefixed nou :P
I don't get it?

what to download?

only see a stupid text file which I can't download :<

tell me what to do to get that layout I am close to suicide :<
File > Save as...
where to save it?

I want that layout so bad :<

I use Firefox btw
Added guides and stuff.
thats absolutely pr0 :D
I prefere the old website
good work ;)
For FF-Users: Download Stylish (, restart FF. Click on Tools -> Extensions -> Stylish and then on Options. Click on write and paste the code. Click save, browse to and hit F5. Good to go!
if you are using ff 2.0 then its Tools -> Add-ons -> Extensions -> Stylish .......... if you want to use it with just change the domain to xD
Nice work. Prefer the new site, though :]
Very nice thank you! :)
Nice, new design > old tho.
But since I changed to xfire 2.0 my TABS in firefox 2.0 don't work! Is there
any way around this? I use tabs often so without the TABS functionality I
will consider using xfire 3 instead! Please help thx!
ok fixed now.
old > new
Fucking brilliant.

You got rid of all the annoying things and kept the nice part :)
what about IE!!!
Then why is it lacking this, now pretty standard, feature? Not that I think even IE7 could handle the CSS.
I keep it this style :(
Everything in the .txt-file.
ok it works :)


maybe handy for the firefox users:

when you have selected the code do right-click mousebutton then click "Add selection to Stylish" and give it a name and it works =)
Fantastic, now my eyes can have a rest again!
Awesome cause xfire 2 is easier to read.
Make a necuz v3 ^^

The xf3 layout, but the white background the same colour as the columns.
If you want the recent columns/movie thing back, check the comments in the CSS-file.
Looks a bit odd but worked (url)

Definatly easier to read the text.
Mine's got colors for it too.

Quote.SexyColumnList {
background:#adb0a4 !important;
border:1px solid #53554a !important;
margin-bottom:2px !important;

and you probably want to keep:
Quote#headerAD, #topBar, #navLeft, #navRight, .SexyContentTitle, img[src="/images/gamestv.gif"] {
display:none !important;
Where to put them?

The comments are also not directing to the right comment :(
Nice one.
owwww u guys this is so great! thx drago!!!!
what about ie ?
Doesn't support this kind of thing.
thank you
n1 drago
When I click a comment in the comments box it directs me to the bottom of the page, not the actual comment.
I don't have the power to screw something like that up, so don't blame me. :)
Well done. Was doing it myself for FF but this is a lot easier. Good starting point for me to add some details myself.
uber n1ce drago ! <33
now stop playing 5on5.
I love you.

Edited it a lil bit to get xf3 view. Atleast I won't see that ugly white background anymore.
Sow ... how do I get Xfire 2 back ?
Nice job, but i still prefer the new look
omg IE users are discriminated!
IE users should be murdered.
Big thanks, I love it. :-)
To us who can't code for ourselves, how do I make the recent column and movie window to be seen with this xfire 2 skin?


and add

Quote.SexyColumnList {
background:#adb0a4 !important;
border:1px solid #53554a !important;
margin-bottom:2px !important;
Perfect, thanks mate :O)
Works perfect on FF 2.0 8)
nice 1. better than this
Well done, its works perfectly.
Really nice, great job :]
Nice! Thx! <3
i love you drago for doing it
i like xfire3 but the colorscheme was better :)
though i think the extra stupid flags suck
miss the hits,visitors, and all this new flags are boring. interface display is quitely good but i prefer the old 1.
omg got download error with every plugin in FF @ school :(
the old colours look shit compared to the white tbh
youre wrong

can you fixx the online and offline colours?
Yes, just add

Quote.SexyOnlineFont {
color:#008000 !important;
font-weight:normal !important;
.SexyFont {
color: #FF0000 !important;
p.SexyFont {
color:#000 !important;
hate tha new one !
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