convers the retarded xiitor

just a few random DIFFERENT pbbans(not all, mostly these are bans when he played as convers in 2008!):

sorry, this is not even a half of his bans amount,I havent got much time to look for all of them (tho these bans should already break kenta's ones amount record ;D), but when i see such things @ irc i become rly sad ='[

22:32… ^^convers: !merc high
20:28… ^^convers: !merc med+ for 6o6 and 3o3

he hasn't even been playing this game at least for a YEAR, doesn't try to hide his hax and has about 100 pbbans. I understand, ET is dying etc. but when i see known players playing with that retarded imbecile in 1 team this game is being killed much faster imo. Seriously, how retarded should a person be to be pbbanned for PBSS 2 weeks ago after he had been hacking for a year, how the fuck he hadn't learned how to hide his obvious hax??????

soz for engrish

pidar koro4e, realno zaebal
random pictures:
image: 1Vlh6nSh8o
image: 2abe397cac3260db8cfa49ef3ab0a4df-pb000275

hohoho killerboy i pushed your bust down!!!!!!!!111
nice, played once with that guy, and he was owning mpg. obivisous hacker.
more obvious than anyone else
i played with you yesterday in U|K at 06:00 and was owning you:P edit * this morning my nick was marvje. you remember?
i thought it was marv :[[[
anyway im not convers, im not high
you are high+ ! :D
i got that good aim?:P no marvje quit et. was trying his cfg. its very nice, you should try it 2:P
Good job bratan <3
kick them from c4l cup
go h8m3!
This is more retarded then phunk Lol
but they don't deserve the 1-4 th place :< they should be banned
because we maybe have to play them in game for place 3 :/
so do it as admin!
Quote22:32 ^^convers: !merc high

He is playing as noob now even with his private hax
new cheatbuster detected
nakonecto, hot' kto-to <3 <3 <3
it's a shame to spb ET community because of gays like him, he should NOT to be there.
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