A 'Frag' Movie

To the people who are really interested in gaming and especially into movies, I advise you guys to take a look at www.sourceradio.com / www.themovievault.com

Here is an example what some people can make of a game, a movie with a story!
http://www.sourceradio.com/modules.php?name=Vault&page=watch&id=1024 (Episode 1)

Have fun!
(Registration is needed to watch the movie.)
nice movie
boring movie, even with nice effects, quality, music, story
but boring
if i want to watch movies i will go to the cinema
this "frag"movie is shit
imo it's bullshit fragmovie, i watched it over 5 minutes and what i saw was only blabla shitchat. and like jago said if u want to see movies i'd rather go to cinema/dl a movie with story. fragmovies are about fragging and and known names in it not about story/edit/music
got it?
what the fuck :x
somehow reminded me decimated

was not a compliement <:<
Not my toe.. -_________-
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