Are we all just paranoid?

Well, as CC5 finally draws to a close, I think alot of people deserve praise for showing up and proving their critics wrong..

I think the following guys can now consider themselves "lanproof" and shouldn't get so much stick anymore really..

The suspicious:

Germany butchji and Poland dialer from Europe epsilon
Poland wiadro from United Kingdom Impact
Poland naga from Poland fast2kill
Netherlands ins and Netherlands jo0f from Benelux 8bits-gaming
Finland Squall from Finland vae
Germany kRest and bl4d3 from Germany AoW
United Kingdom TEKN0 and Netherlands sHaKy from Europe Copyright

However, expected better from:

The underperformers:

Netherlands ParRa from Europe Copyright
Turkey fireBall from Germany OVERLOAd
Belgium overdrive from Europe TAG
France dESIRE
Need more people here, suggestions please?!

And let's end with the unexpected no shows, labelled as:

The lan dodgers:

Finland ton1 from Europe re-play
Switzerland juiF from Europe kruger
Poland wiesiek from Poland fast2kill
Sweden The swedes, namely Sweden alexL and Sweden slajdan

Bibuyz. Looking forward to CC6 with a fresh batch of suspicious players.
TEKN0 and sHaKy from Copyright

Maybe you need to watch them against OVERLOAd, especially tekno. Yes, he was ramboeing but he almost managed 10k damage, around 3k more than everybody else.
hm butchji bring not his online skill = maybe not proof
Juif should get banned already, I only expected sucking from wiadro
funkerman cheats.
parra played well tbfh
playing excellent on lan doesnt mean you're LANproofed if you're a god like online.
so cut the crap plz
no shit sherlock i have been telling you this for a long time, but you r not paranoid, your just stupid. thats the problem ok bb
the day naga hits with 80% of his nades.. and tracks perfectly while beeing afk @ lan is the day i call him lanproof

till then he can fuck off
Yes, this one I was cautious of. He did play well, very well but I've seen him play alot better online. And indeed, the tracking was strange.
playing against him and his nerd friends is great fun...

no matter where u camp u ALWAYS get a nade in your face

skills that kills
yea that sounds like fun.
More or less everyone mentioned plays very much diffrently online imho.
why werent you mentioned?
I am, in that swedish team that didn't show up. :-D
the day when you come out from your nerdhole i call you as a human
Do not adress me directly

sHaky is a good player so, hes not cheating ;)
what sEthje said
did anyone even accuse United Kingdom tekn0 btw?

image: img_3be7573f6fa33853f8b21903bca73226
image: img_733702ab957bbf0f6c733cd684317c8a
image: img_0a3931fdddccfc84f968f8ddb7133228

yes, there's way too much paranoia in et tbh. most of the real cheaters still never manage to play in a decent team and the others (faux and myth6s to name some) will get busted sooner or later anyway / are busted.
says a Poland cheaterlover
Buddylist (Ignore, Send PM)
wiaderko Offline

"ok" =D
I believe it was just a UK thing, same with parra and shaky from NL. As they are not seen as top players, they will obviously be less known as being accused than the likes of butchji, squall, naga, wiadro and co.
i didnt accuse tekn0.
Fireball proved himself already on previous lans. So not needed to put him there as underperformer.
what sEthje said
what about ROSS?
parra played pretty good
The lan dodgers:
Malta Killerboy from Malta Team Malta
nice photoshop skillz
fireball is an oldschool rtcw player, proven himself on loads of diffrent occations already. also never been suspicious to anyone.

wiseiek wasnt even supposed to come!?
I would add squall and chmpp to the underperfomers list
Lazio sucked ballz, must be a cheater.
parra lanproved himself :p
HeHe sHaKy x'D
FiREBALL is inactive so he doesn't have to be very good .
true and he owned on previous Enschede LANs
wiadro did better than I expected, but I'm still not convinced. He showed that he's an effective spammer. But I didn't see him do any "nice knowing" rifle shots, like he does online.
didn't see a single random longrange rnade hit and mostly "easy" indoorish rifles, but who knows, it's probably harder to play rifle than smg/fop on lan. x-P
I was not the lan dodger in my team, SO GTFO GEEK
well i dont think everybody that is able to play decent on lan is automatically clean we have already been proved wrong in other cases
anyways more lan events = less whine
juiF=arrow nP
who cares et is dead
Random reply three years later is random.
had the same idea before i read ur comment =D
Great minds think alike! ;)
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