sEthje aka A$$aS!N[/u] <--IP on CF Bulld0g :] ) <-- cb account <-- esl account <-- current yawn <-- ip ( <-- look nick 2008/01/07-2008/02/03 (A$$aS!N) <-- look this screen
image: pl 80.51.79.***=

>>>Dec 21, 2007<<< (look ip

>>>Dec 18, 2007<<<

>>>Dec 15, 2007<<<

>>>Dec 12, 2007<<<
Method[/u] <-- cb account <-- esl account <-- current yawn <-- pbguid on pbbans
peQ/lager/sibit[/u] <-- cb account <-- esl account <-- current yawn <-- pbguid on pbbans
aRchy/Mlody[/u] <-- cb account <-- esl account <-- current yawn <-- pbguid on pbbans <-- ip

Arszi whois ——-· ·
address: ~Marek_Bar@ (Archy)
Resolved to

image: pl 84.234.59.***=
image: ukn 94.246.152.***=
ziGEr[/u] <-- cb account <-- current yawn <-- pbguid on pbbans
wrAth`mis/mis[/u] <-- cb account <-- current yawn <-- pbguid on pbbans
fritzzx[/u] <-- cb account <-- current yawn <-- pbguid on pbbans
Robaciek[/u] <-- cb account <-- esl account <-- cf account <-- current yawn <-- pbguid on pbbans
Robaciek :D
Robaciek :D
Robaciek :D
Polbaciek :[)
Robaciek xD
WROBOLciek :D::X:D:d
combobreaker :D
hahah:D nice bust, gj^^
buhahaha nice ;]
Polbaciek :[)
Seth , Method and Robaciek aren't better than low+ .....
Wasn't Robaciek searching for a CC6 a few days ago?

He looked like a retard anyway. Wasn't really surprising that he was a cheater.
Robaciek 8D
lol sethje and roba xDDDDDDDDDDdddd lowest cheaters ever
image: 122557047914wy6
lol u must be kidding me..

edit: paint skillz!
Hahahah, awesome picture :D.
seth method roba mlody :DDDDDD
roba :D sethje :D
2 low 4 cheats!!!
I played with him in a team and tbh he didnt cheat then... this is a relative old ban.
And next to that he is low as fuck soes I can't rly imagine him cheating.
He just likes spamming afaik :P real no-lifer xD
well funny indeed xD
Robaciek XD
RObaciek xDDDD
robaciek & sethje :DDDDD
Domi :DDD, o wait

Bulld0g thx :}
please check other ip : ]
sEthje & Robaciek no wonder you have been flaming me, god speaks cheaters.
tbh these are old bans, they didnt cheat in matches.. they are simply to low for hax
robaciek is even searching for a CC6 team, how kiddie can he be.
he is just a retard like most of CF... just accept it
raboaciek :pooooooooooooooo
omfgggg fritzz have bust for SS.Log no multihack kids hahaha
n1 robaciek xD
MD5Tool Mismatch: SS.log (len=0) <--- SS.Log PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ low

i have this File in Folder ET ;(


(fritzz clean)
Member For: 3 months and 11 days ,, ok "

But why im not here :{

P.S next known! cheatbuster
Nice selfbust.
everyone knew that he had a pb ban, atleast, i did, and i only played several times with him :x he's not even good :D
It's kind of sad how I registered just to laugh at Robaciek.

But I'll still do it. Bwahahahaa.
lol now u got a buddy! :DDD
I feel so MySpace'd now :|
:D welcome to teh new rage!! xD
Aahaah. :D I lolled so much. :D
hihi robaciek naab:D
there goes your cc6..
They already found it some time ago if i remember right .

Poor Roba. Bwahahaha.
It's not that I don't care about busting such guys but...

Ok, I really don't care.
It doesn't change a thing bout Roba.
He was a tard, he is a tard and he will die a tard.
roba, seth, method 3 from old lolz

i know roba hacked da etpubs back in the day but he is waaay too low to cheat in scrimz unless he is usin riflecam...

Roba hacked ET pubs? And I still owned him back then :D (and still do ofc!)

Anyhoo, thnx for making me rofl mister cheatbuster!
rosfor gg nobrained cheatbuster
topic for hits !
fucking kids WTF SS.log ??
rofl :D Roba is frakkin' "star"
It's so epic!.. I have to leave a comment, just for the history xD lol
haxxxy !! i chuj !

aaaaaaaaaa i cu lan
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