image: pl Ris/D@rko[/u] <-- cb account <-- current yawn <-- ip <-- I pbguid on pbbans <-- II pbguid on pbbans <-- III pbguid on pbbans

image: pl 81.219.88.***= <-- I <-- II <-- III
image: pl KuLi[/u] <-- cb account <-- current yawn <-- pbguid on pbbans
image: pl skiv/skivje/BANANEK<3[/u] <-- cb account <-- esl account <-- current yawn <-- pbguid on pbbans
image: pl Kalwior aka Nr.22[/u] <-- cb account <-- current yawn <-- pbguid on pbbans (Its the same ip/check other pbguids and ips Nr.22)
image: pl Zeke[/u] <-- cb account <-- current yawn <-- ip 2008/04/03-2008/07/01 (he change provider)

image: pl 83.15.13.***=

Now look ip and alias:
image: pl ayo/smk[/u] <-- cb account <-- current yawn <-- pbguid on pbbans

· ·-&#8212;&#8212; ayo whois &#8212;&#8212;-· ·
address: B&#322;aszczyk)
server: * (QuakeNet IRC Server)
· ·-&#8212;&#8212; whois end &#8212;&#8212;-· ·
Resolved to
image: pl tanvage[/u] <-- cb account <-- current yawn <-- pbguid on pbbans
image: pl thms[/u] <-- cb account <-- current yawn <-- pbguid on pbbans
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------- <-- noone banned :[
where is k3rv3ros
hackerss???????? in et????????????
I don't see any red yawns

editz: PolandPolandPolandPolandPolandPolandPolandPolandPoland
more pl pls
nuke poland already
a nice polish hater.. "others can cheat np4me"
look at his lans!
busting your brothers :O
more polish :D
Pls ban the hole polish subnet from the internet. :(
Quote by Strutterfukin for fukin mothafukers fukin shit
like anyone of them played in a proper clan - rly leave those guys alone . They even dont know about crossfire or clanbase and i doubt if they give any shit about ur busts ...
defending cheaters are we ?
& im sure thats why they all have a cb account.
Hes defending his nation :XD
Thats why he added links to their cb accounts? plz :o
lol tbh I dont know any of them :o
I doubt if any of them ever played in some clan, better than -=[[SOLDIERS OF DEATH]]=- etc
what's new ?
only Poland cheats
pub cheats #care
they don't care about their bust.
oh noeZ only pl "un"expected :XDDDDDDDD
hahaha D@rko aka Ryzak :=D
get brain
Ban'em all!! mother fuckers!!
Ta ciekawe gralem jeszcze w tedy na 2.55 :O I moze na 2 dni sciagnalem bota i go usunelem ... nawet widac ze to rok temu bylo ... w sumie co maja bany z 2.55 do 2.60b -.- .
No i teraz wystarczy zrobic formata i na nowo et zainstalowac , lecz i tak tego nie zrobie bo mam swoja dume :O I po mojej grze mozna raczej stwierdzic ze nei gram na botach .
Pozdro ...
omg it's kuLi the cs pwoener
Hi bira :) how are u?
Hi mate :) I'm fine thnx, hangover like hell though.. How are you sir? :) When does your tourney start?
good :-) sign up is open to sunday. hurry up and sign up ur team mate! :)
So the tourney starts at sunday?
first matchweek 5 - 11 of january. u must ad dline up and guids in discription, nice to see ur team :).
are you kidding me ?: O i didnt play on bot so? i had only it on my hard drive ;o fu

btw Kalwior fov 110 and ban ? pls ...
i really loled!!!!!
nice zeke , smk , thms !
all pl?
how mysterious.
gj, get them!
we all know polaks cheat - bust some other people plz
fucking gipsy nation --> Poland !!!

where is Hitler when you need him..........
:o, you are so tard omfg...

Wow, you must be PrO, hero etc... xD where did you find thats all :x

Ooops you forget add me to this list :x


omfg :X you recived "The biggest Retard Award" :x
Peoples like you should hang for these stupid comments

Christ... what a unbrained guy :X
Quote by 8GoomisChrist... what a unbrained guy :X

oh noes :( really u broke my hurt.

edit: remember you with the mg yesterday haha :D *np4goomis*
goomis plz >=D
zeke is clean & nice player
gtfo with these bans randomcheatbusters
:[[[[[[ it is 2.55 bans :O ;[[[[[[[ My father,sister and brother play ET :(((((((((( but they playing on 2.55 only me play 2.60b (Nocheats!) My team is 3er and i play clean :[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[

Happy New Year ! :}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
napisz co ma do rzeczy mod gry? cziter jest cziterem. hf z banem w cb.
Nie dostalem bana na cb i raczej nie dostane :o nie znasz mojej sytuacji wiec pozdro :]
zebys sie nie zdziwil i przy okazji: nie wiesz kim ja jestem.
a ty myslisz ze kims jestes to jestes lepszy ? mnie nie obchodzi kim jestes, mozesz byl nawet bogiem ja na to sram. A jesli taki wielcy pan z ciebie to prosze bardzo powiedz w jaki sposób dostalem te bany ... :] w jakiej sytuacji nie jaki powód tylko jaka sytuacja ....
Polish : On
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