image: RtCW-Cup3

RtCW-Cup III 3on3

Team Limit: 16
Sign ups Open: 13-03-2009
Requirements: PM me your lineup and team name, no more than 5 players (we recommend signing up 5 players, mercs will not be allowed.) deadline for lineup change is sunday 11am CET 22nd March 2009.

Signed up
United Kingdom =118=[/b]]
Lineup to be finalised

Tournament Dates
22-03-09 until 26-03-09

Double Elimination one day cup held on the 22-03-09, please do not signup if you cannot commit to playing most of sunday afternoon/evening. Qualification games may be held if we have more than 16 teams sign up.

Beach, Ice, Escape2, Frostbite. Both teams eliminate one map each, lower seed eliminates first. Draws are allowed in the groupstage but not in the playoffs. In the event of a draw the lower seed picks which map from the remaining two unplayed maps to be played for overtime - two rounds are played in overtime and then goes to sudden death if still equal. (Higher seed decides defend or attack first in overtime)

RtCW-Cup III 6on6

Team Limit: 8-16 (more places may be made available)
Sign ups Open: 09-02-2009
Requirements: Each team needs to have a Crossfire team account made for themselves like the following: http://www.crossfire.nu/?x=clan&mode=item&id=153 You need to sign up as many of your team to this roster as you can - if you have problems put your lineup in the text box. Visit http://www.crossfire.nu/?x=clan and click 'Register a Clan' on the bottom left to begin. Each player in your team will also need to sign up to crossfire.

Tournament Dates
Starting 29-03-09 (will last approximately 6-7 weeks)

Groupstage - 4 teams per group with the top2 teams going through to the Higher double elimination bracket and the bottom two teams of each group going through to the bottom double elimination bracket. This would give each team at least 5 games if they are in a group of 4.

Assault, Base, Beach, Frostbite, Ice and Village.
Maps picked for games by Elimination, lower seed eliminates first, the last two maps left will be the two maps played - this should ensure each game is played on non-weak maps for each team which should lead to more competitive games! In the event of a draw, teams must eliminate from the remaining unplayed maps to decide the overtime map - lower seed eliminates first again. Group games do not go to overtime if drawn.

Other Details

Mods and Version
The Cups will both be run as RtCW Version 1.4 with OSP: with a CD-Key being required.

Config Changes
Some changes will be made, some minor and some major - we are trying to combat a few bugs / exploits with some cvar ideas, there will hopefully be a test server with our config ideas on soon.

Thankyou to YCN-Hosting and crossfire for there hosting and support!

image: Support-Hosting

Signed up:
United Kingdom =118=[/b]]
United Kingdom chronos
Scotland conker
Latvia Clown
United Kingdom crumbs
Austria def
United Kingdom dusty
Netherlands juncie
United Kingdom MerlinatoR
Netherlands SeN
United Kingdom sharky

Team Page

Finland Fixed[/b]]
Finland jauhis
Finland jini
Finland lettu
Finland Nizou
Finland Mrm
Finland Sipperi
Finland Sirkka
Finland rokkeri

Team Page

Europe FallanX[/b]]
Netherlands Bully
Estonia fangs
Finland kartsa
Estonia Mata
Belgium MouT
Germany eTahp
Netherlands Sanity
France Seskapil
Netherlands rbnt
Estonia HellSing
United Kingdom jam
Austria m!das
Netherlands hAndy

Team Page

Europe no Pressure[/b]]
Denmark Vaf
Belgium Syl
Norway Kris
Belgium dAv1d
United Kingdom razbo
Netherlands Leonekke
Denmark darkie
Estonia intact
Netherlands Mirage
Denmark ankel
Estonia renx

Team Page

Italy n1ce[/b]]
Italy warp
Italy sponGe
Italy mtvm
Italy VaL
Italy Sir
Italy decade
Italy mama
Italy vegeta
Italy meL
Italy zwiazek
Italy Hyoga

Team Page

Europe indomitus[/b]]
Italy V1ru$
Italy art

Team Page

Sweden KiH[/b]]
Sweden askungen
Sweden Malmen
Sweden FeTTe
Norway zerom
Sweden smutzig
Sweden eddie
Sweden CliFFarN
Sweden lelle
Sweden pmastah
Sweden ozzy
Sweden arne

Team Page

Germany team-omeGa[/b]]
Germany zerb
Germany jack
Germany rodo
Germany matze
Germany haschi
Turkey yeniceri
Austria raul
Netherlands reni

Team Page

Netherlands Verdiend[/b]]
Netherlands Miek
Netherlands warheart
Netherlands mAno
Netherlands Sir5alL
Netherlands 1us3D
Netherlands 2dxem

Team Page

Hungary cave[/b]]
Hungary balkanrulez
Hungary c[s
Hungary Karrrde
Hungary BoRi
Hungary phobeus
Hungary Zenith
Hungary Ocelotz

Team Page

Finland turbot[/b]]
Finland muuris
Finland juuti
Finland olden
Finland crittie
Finland hardyrah
Finland satanclaus
Finland swanidius

Team Page

Europe raw[/b]]
Netherlands abort
Belgium mAx
Belgium edge
United Kingdom dictator
Belgium viX
Belgium kritos
Estonia night
Germany urtier
France mote

Team Page

Netherlands fdnl[/b]]
Netherlands pasmanni
Netherlands fietser
Belgium strango
Belgium rog
Belgium sn33k
Netherlands drlatex
Netherlands fsreaper
Netherlands intimidate
Netherlands goodi3
Netherlands thysicus
Netherlands Dani
Belgium udieidont
Belgium meestermongool

Team Page

Scotland Alice's Restaurant[/b]]
Scotland demented
Scotland McG
Scotland zaeem
Scotland busby
Scotland bow
Scotland Lairobell(woody)
Scotland fenian
Scotland Ibanez

Germany Nameless Mix[/b]]
Germany smu
Germany timen
Germany gerstensaft
Germany asko

Israel neft[/b]]
Israel yid
Israel destiny
Israel superjew
Israel pzdKK
Israel RenegAde
Israel sidewinder
Israel TheoDor
Israel batzz
Israel e-man

If you are in the interested list and not the signed up list and do not know why - you need to make a team page on crossfire and mail me the link! Please do so asap if you want to compete.


Thanks to admin(s) for sticky!
Would love a team for this! Pm me!

are trnz and frodo alive?
pick me! if there is no valid key needed
Good luck Merli :)
thanks, would you like to officially be camman for this? :D
Hahahaha :D You mean in other words, your looking for a wolf-tv server :)?
well Im sure I could beg someone else for a server :) just you seemed proactive when it came to actually camming games.
Flatery will get you everywhere :) Give me a shout nearer the time m8 and Im sure I could sort a wolf-tv server out again :)

you sit in any particular irc channels?
#barrysplanet #[MaD] #pbbans :)

edit: baz being my bnc and BaZ me online ;)
alright ta, Ill contact you nearer the time then :o)
Thanks for doing this merlinator.
Good luck.
I need a team !
u r with us.. nerd!
u might can play with us if needed, but buy a copy of the game man its cheap!
where can I buy it ? :x
bol.com ofzo?
't kost 20 euro op steam, dat is iets over de 40 gulden, dat betekent dat hij al in 5 jaar niet in prijs is gedaald xD
nee joh, normaal kost tie een 10tje
ja, maar waar ? :p
marktplaats staat vast wel wat :)
laat mij spelen geilerd :$
lol, when can u play a scrim? :D
So here's a chance for crossfire to organize cups, but they don't take it.
Finland fixed will be palying most likely :):) lineup as usual.
1.0 ? osp ? osp nocdkey ?
Further details will come, but right now if nothing changes it's 1.4 OSP CD-Key required.

the only thing that might change is being no cd-key needed, but this is no guarantee.
Ok tanks.
Probably no-cdkey should attract more people.
No-CDkey please =o( I want to play! <3
u gotta make it cdkey free and announce it asap. seems like theres alot of interest from people without a key.
1 cvar change from the normal server cfg will be enough --> unrestricted mapoverbrightbits.
get glasses
can pretty much guarantee mapoverbrightbits will not be changed.
Well done for pushing your own opinion without any good arguments. The maps look cool with lower mapoverbrightbits... please!. What is the big deal??
if it's not broken it will not be fixed.
It is. What is it off from you if people could adjust their cfg's a little more freely than usual? You can always play with your ah-so comfortable Qcon-forced cvars, with which you can't see shit on some maps, if you're not willing to change. And they look extremely ugly as well, so you can't base it on that. Also saying these settings have been used for years isn't really a valid argument. And if you happen to lose (which won't happen of course!) you can always blame the "new" cvars!
I really dont understand how people cant see, if you have your settings at the top on the current restrictions, frostbite is the only slightly dark map and still its so easy to see people.

Im not really against changing cvars, but we will struggle get a consistent config on all servers. (e.g. dfw).

Its more annoying the complaints about timenudge, when its a very important cvar for clans like yours with higher pings, and ours as most of us have poorer connections.
lol dfw is already running without mapoverbrightbits restrictions.
think that just proved the point - its not consistent with the rest of the servers then.
are u kidding me? he meant that dfw would be different from the other servers because we cant change its settings. well now mapoverbrightbits has been changed and its the same as fixed server. basically only the reality server needs to be changed. and i dont think thats a problem given the fact that 1 of the admins is playing in your team.
You really think it's too much of a work for the server admins to change 2 (TWO!) things on a server config, if told so?
At the moment it sounds like you're just wanting to have yet another astonishing achievement on your RTCW career, rather than staying open for new players and suggestions while trying to keep this lovely game alive.

e: I'm not trying to flame you or anything, but you could at least try to produce some valid arguments supporting your view both on the cvar limit and the cd key issue. In my eyes the "difficulty" of updating servers definitely isn't such as long as the admins are reachable somehow.
yes you are right, if I set that to unlimited we would most likely lose every game in this cup - its the cvar that has been key to any success we have ever had.

the only cvar Ive confirmed so far to be unchanged is this.

There will hopefully be a full announcement of any cvar changes soon - and hopefully a map pool/plan of the outline of the cup. any cvar changes will likely be fps increasing ones, mapoverbrightbits does not do this (this is not my arguement for not changing it though - Ill include that with the cvar changes)

realise I literally only posted this at work while I had nothing to do yesterday, hopefully you'll judge my abilities as an admin on my past record not on what 'might' happen.
Will be waiting for that then. Like I said, I'm not trying to flame (or judge) you or anything, I just wanna see valid proofs and so far there has been none (yup, been just one day).

However, you do realise that being a good admin isn't just about forcing your own visions but listening to the players' (not just me) thoughts as well? Up to some point at least. :)
at least you have high expectations of us ;]
Erh... I just wanna see a fun cup, with as much participants as possible, with an idea of making the game as enjoyable/playable as possible, who organizes it is irrelevant. So it's not just about YOU being an admin, would ask the same questions from others as well. :p

At least there's a group stage coming this time, was waiting for it already before. The more matches, the better. :)

might be worth you running a cup afterward, you'll see everyone wants something different including yourself :)
so now that youve conceded the point that it wont be harder to get enough servers with unrestricted mapoverbrightbits will you stop making up insincere arguments?
your aim should be to get as many teams as possible. this way you risk losing at least some teams and servers.
you can take fixed out of the "Interested" list if your stubborn & egoing attitude wont change

cant see why you have to be such a prick about this :l
all this over mapoverbrightbits? really.
yea idd :D

I know you as a logical and wise person, yet you seem to make such a big fuss about something so small dear
I was thinking the same thing.
lol? Perhaps merlin can be persuaded by charm ;) Everyone is asking for something different so just calm down and see what happens... then you can call him a prick :P
oh pls you would even play if vio and vis were organising this :*
haha not really :P

Care really, when the cup starts we can get a match more easilly anyway, dont care if its for a cup or not ;p

The people here have been just trying to suggest a simple thing to improve the gameplay, by no means too difficult for the server admins to change and there's nothing you can abuse in it. And you're just turning this into a personal debate. If it's so hard, then so be it.
as it is right now everyone wants the same and you want something different. i was gonna rent a server and sign us up for sure. looks like you might have 3 less clans (fixed, ns, vaillant) and also the 3 servers that come with those clans. Is it really worth it?
personally I wouldnt not join a cup because of a cvar, I played the coldfire ones afterall. So no it isnt worth it.
well good then :) you wont turn anyone off by allowing it and you will please us. and i've also heard from some et players that they would like to join but thought rtcw was kinda dark.
I wouldnt neather.

However when I play a cup I enjoy having admins, who listen to the community, are open to changes and are trying their best to attract the hghest amount of teams.

Your position would be understandable would we be argueing about something that would be giving players an advantage above other players or whatever. The point here is simply the enjoyment of the game for certain players, and you already stated at many occasions yourself that you already can see everything perfectly without any changes on that value so that it would not give any skillboosts or do any harm to anyone.
you are argueing something has not been decided upon, its like argueing what the weather is going to be in a months time. :(
MerlinatoR on 31/01/09, 02:22:05 PM | Reply

can pretty much guarantee mapoverbrightbits will not be changed.
that means it has a chance to be changed. just not a big one :o)

to make it easier for everyone Ill say what may happen.

it may be adjusted, but will not be ever no nein nada 1000% to unrestricted.

mapoverbrightbits 5, picmip 3, np. Mapoverbrightbits can't even be raised much higher than that, tested. Or alternatively you could enable ignorehwgamma 0. :p
is that with wolffog 0 ? if not this gives u nice advantage cause i could never see things that good. isnt it rather stupid to let ppl have an advantage over others wouldnt that be the same as allowing ppl to wallhack ? might aswell put r_shownormals 1 on the allowlist makes it more easier to see enemy behind walls aswell :D
Nothing changed except for mapoverbrightbits and picmip, with r_uifullscreen 1 of course. I don't quite get what you're meaning with that advantage stuff, not to mention the r_shownormals bullshit. :u If the settings are the same for everyone how should it bring any advantage to some ppl?
well not every1 will use these commands to get that kind of view so ppl who do, have an advantage
Can't help it if you prefer the darky dark "i-can't-see-shit" configs. I (and many others) prefer seeing the opponents clearly rather than sitting in the dark, especially people with a bit older CRT monitors (whose color contrast isn't that great anymore, but are a lot better for gaming in general).

It's not about any unfair advantage in that case, just personal preferences. :p Dunno if you're being serious when comparing that to wallhack but seems rather stupid to me, no offense. :>
its not only the cvar, its your attitude.

you dont have Any good reasons not to make the change,
seems like the only reason why the cvar change is not going to happen is your ego & pride, they just wont let go.

just take your """""""""""""LOSS"""""""""""""" (as it seems to be for you) as a man and at least make a compromise or something, like change mapoverbrightbits 4 or at least 3

cant be that hard to put the overall opinion in front of your own opinions
erhm HELLO? the only server which hasnt been updated is reality ?

I still cant figure out why you are against the cvarchange, you dont have any valid arguments, just beeing stubborn... there isnt any negative things on it really, you dont have to change the cvar if you dont want to etc...
Well, I'm generally against ignorehwgamma 1 and the all-greyish look on it, especially as it is now.

Of course I'm exaggerating a bit, like usual, but apart from frostbite, which is the worst, there are some spots on other maps as well where, with current cvar limits, both axis and allied models look equally black, and for longer distances it's quite confusing at times. And if r_ignorehwgamma 0 is as buggy as some of you have claimed it to be, producing wh-like effects for some people, I see no reason why we shouldn't or couldn't allow raising such cvar limits as mapoverbrightbits and picmip to make the general visibility better, meaning you could spot enemies (and teammates as well) better against the surroundings.

It's not like we're trying to make the game quakelike with picmip 10 or so, just little improvements making the visibility and general gameplay better and eventually more enjoyable. I understand your view on serverside changes, but as long as all the server admins can be contacted somehow, changing a couple of cvars shouldn't really be any problem nor too much work for the admins.
A calm and well put argument. I agree.
thank you for beeing logical, unselfish, open and non-stubborn
Quoteoranje on 30/01/09, 23:13:28
u gotta make it cdkey free and announce it asap

Why? FFS the game is so CHEAP to buy these days, why make it cdkey free ????
cos people arent gonna buy the game just to play 1 cup. so to get more players you make it cdkeyfree. then a quick download and you can play.
Fook the cheap stakes, if they dont want to spend a few bucks on the best FPS shooter ever then fook them, oh wait! Your one of them arnt you xD!

QuoteSipperi on 30/01/09, 19:50:32
ps. I might have an extra CDKEY for someone who lags enough to play rtcw

edit:cdkeyfree v57, lets hope the key-gen they use dosnt generate your free-key ;)
avi as merc
Gogogo =118= chronos :p
need team PM
f you can make it no cdkey bunch of random lowskilled polaks will play with me as leader :D
good job i'm in i suppose :P

gtfo with this shiat
u first plz... move !
duh of course fixed is in :P



cheerleader: Sweden jonzi

#fixed @ quakenet


ps. I might have an extra CDKEY for someone who lags enough to play rtcw
gl infaust, jauhis, jini, lettu, Nizou, Mrm, muuris, Sirkka, Satanclaus, rokkeri
you forgot jonzi
You guys made my screen shake for 80% of the game at last prac
it's because they are amateurs.

gl guys <3
#fallanx is in!!


with more players prolly ;p
me = cless for a RTCW team,, pm me now
I suppose it's 6v6 even though it's not mentioned anywhere...make it 3on3 and I'm in.
whats wrong with 6v6?
Too much spam.
haha depents on the opponent, just dont play fixed ;p
u r the spam kings m8 <3
bit of an controversial praise :(
i still love you tho!
118 > all when it comes to spam... or anything, you name it :e
ET has too much spam, let's make it more like RTCW!

#liquids are in

Netherlands2d xem
United KingdomKnight Mexx
United KingdomConker
United Kingdombones37
United Kingdomowzo

it's Finland kartsa
and Estonia fangs & Belgium MouT are in aswell!

@ falx
izi bash for nameless mix
still need funneh german players, pmme
ok nice we're in :D

will post line-up soon
mail it to me please dont post =]
what services Alice offers? :o
r_ignorehwgamma 0
i know u (118) know how to abuse every dark spot there is but ull do just fine without
its much more fun to play when u are able to spot enemies without all that stuggle with current config
atm its also possible to "cheat" by adding gamma in nvidia control panel etc but thats something i dont want to do.. some might and thats a good reason to allow ingame commands for increased brightness and visibility

make it cd key free + relax some cvar restrictions = ET & 1.0 teams will sign up = more funfunfun
Sipperi is gay and so is Nizou. Just make the cup with rtcw default config, every small tweak forbidden. Bloodplash etc full.

Really i dont give a crap just make sure servers are working when the cup is about to start. That is ofc if the cup is still on.

Just keep r_ignorehwgamma 1. Nizou is just bad with configs. Damn etplayers =(

And ffs it took time to find my account on crossfire just to get post this here! Gief soem credit tyx.
and now youre just pointing out IN Public how retarded you are mate :(
very appreciated
any news about the mappool ?
beach, base, ice, frostbite and village are definitely in the pool - with perhaps one or two additions. hopefully by around Wednesday next week more things should be drawn up. This was mainly to spike peoples interest again, a point which some people are missing :D
PLS dont put stupid retard imba ET maps :p
yeah true, i mean c'mon who is so retarted to even convert those et maps to rtcw
i have no idea :( some homie noname i heard :<
Bring UFO back! Assault as well :)
tundra or chruch!
GL Sharky/Owzo \o/
more clans plsssssssss
LoL timen
Nice merl, and fuck sake stop the whine about cvars. We played it like this for long enough, if you still aren't able to spot your enemies, you're getting too old.
obviously getting old is really the case here!
merc avi:)
Why do you always try to change osp into 1.0? Just leave the damn cvar-restrictions as they are, worked the last few years without any problems.
hasnt worked for everyone :P

besides "it works" isnt a reason why something shouldnt be changed
yea remove the pb instead so raul can use his opengl32.dll !!!!!!!!!!
Looks like i got a fanboy
yes from the hackers fanclub :)
how could some settings not work its always about preference
majority is for ignorehwgamma 0 and i dont think anyone was excited about those the cvar restrictions when they came to place
try to come up with some real arguments
isnt this like your 2nd rtcw event? apart from the random 3o3 cups

edit: not trying to dis you, just wondering
3rd and thats like every event in last 1 and a half year
"Never change a running system" -- is this a good argument? =)

But just do whatever you like as long as RTCW stands active...
its not :x
Good point :)
Need a team , Med. skilled thx.
People should be really stop about this cvar shit :)
There are not enough players in this game to be trying to get it devided into 2 groups about something as stupid as this.
The settings we play with now have been so since +/- june 2004
Stop trying to make it more like 1.0 / ET, its not.
IMO settings should make playing for everyone as uniform as possible, some people will have beter monitors than others, but hey thats life.
Quote sharky on 01/02/09, 21:00:34 PM | Reply

A calm and well put argument. I agree.

same goes for you!

.....oh wait.


1. yes 1 cvar-change makes it juuuust like ET, well done mate
2. the change has already been made for every other server except reality...
3. I guess the 2 groups are quite even cuz it divides everyone else "vs" merl/sen/vix/raul
thought it was everyone vs sip/lettu/oranje :/

Im not just randomly gonna change cvars on my server to suit my personal needs. At the moment its running the last wl cfg. If this new cup will come with these new cvars ill change them untill then there is no need.
you were wrong :>

its not a random cvar-change.

just read some comments above...
Why are you being difficult? All servers have been made cdkey free and do not restrict mapoverbrightbits. Youre the only one not willing to change your server.
So i would suggest you read your comment again cos you make some good points. And then just accept reality.
There is nothing to accept, you chose to change your servers from the standard. There is no cup or anything using your adapted cfg, so why should i change mine?

About the free cdkey, i pay for the server i dont care about people who are not willing to pay a bit for there own game.
cuz everyone else are using that config ?

and about freecdkey, thats just mean :/
Well actually there have been several 3v3 cups and 1 week 6v6 cup will start on Sunday.
I thought we should do everything to get as many people playing as possible but apparently I was wrong.
no no knock yourself out by all means, just im not bothered
Quoteoranje on 02/02/09, 20:47:59
Why are you being difficult? All servers have been made cdkey free and do not restrict mapoverbrightbits. Youre the only one not willing to change your server.

Wrong, not all servers :)
'There are not enough players in this gam '

ofcourse as long as u wont use cd key free servers and relax cvars so et and 1.0 ppl can come play it too
no 1.0 players played the 4-5 cups recently that had no cd-key
too old comment to remember what i was talking about :D
mh just reading that, its not true.
please use that rtcwmod / server mod whatever where cdkey auth is disabled so u dont need one to play...
...buy the game 5$ and stfu!... thx...

if you want to play a cup with no cdkey servers then you are imo not interested, cause u are on the welfare and can't buy a game for around 5$. very sad...
20E on bol.com ;o
come on, need more participants :<
read what i said above if u want more partecipants...
we cant sign up yet since liquids and falx are trying to steal our players :/
1. If I was running the cup I probably would relax the cvar limits since such a fuss is being made about it, but the whole situation has made the people trying to boycott the cup look stupid. Fair enough your own teams not playing but don't go round trying to influence other teams as well. I don't think any cvar changes will encourage more teams to play, maybe a couple of extra players

However it may make it more enjoyable for those who are playing so then its a good thing.

The thing I'm most concerned with is maybe some unknown exploitations which have been forgotten. Example of this is many of the servers who have relaxed their mapoverbrightbits have also completely disregarded cvars which create wallhack effects as well, which is the main problem.

cvars based on the information here and current ET cvar checks. (not a definative list)

pb_sv_kicklen 1
pb_sv_cqc 1
pb_sv_specname ^7WTV
pb_sv_cvar cl_maxpackets in 60 100
pb_sv_cvar cl_timenudge in -20 0
pb_sv_cvar cl_pitchspeed in 140 140
pb_sv_cvar cl_yawspeed in 140 140
pb_sv_cvar rate in 25000 25000
pb_sv_cvar snaps in 40 40
pb_sv_cvar com_maxfps out 0.00001 40
pb_sv_cvar cg_bobup in 0 0.005 // eliminate bobup wallhack
pb_sv_cvar cg_fov IN 90 120
pb_sv_cvar cg_shadows in 0 1 // eliminate shadow wallhack
pb_sv_cvar m_pitch out -0.015 0.015
pb_sv_cvar cl_freelook in 1
pb_sv_cvar m_yaw in -0.022 0.022
pb_sv_cvar r_picmip in 0 3
pb_sv_cvar r_mapoverbrightbits in 0 3
pb_sv_cvar r_overbrightbits in 0 3
pb_sv_cvar r_intensity in 0 2
pb_sv_cvar r_colorbits in 32 // eliminate sniper wallhack

// Possibility of adding r_fullscreen 0 restrictions to eliminate zoomed in effects.

2. I'm unsure on the whole no cdkey server issue, from what ive seen on these forums is that most ET players who want to play have a key, and those who don't are individuals and will not bring a team with them. So other than maybe supporting the public servers its not that useful. And towards 1.0 players if they don't have keys then its their own fault to have been playing the game this long without purchasing a proper key.
well i doubt that the german/israelian/scottish teams will participate unless its cdkeyfree
agreed! .....except! _again_ who gets hurt if people make their servers cdkeyfree..
Simple question, what's the real problem with a nocdkey cup ?
imo we should be organising a new league and not a cup. the 1.0 league did pretty well and lots of teams are aching to have another season.

i'll elaborate. the success of the 1.0 league was due to 3 things.

- very short seasons
- 5vs5 (6vs6 if both teams agreed)
- 2 groups minimum

this made it possible for many teams to participate. we can do this for 1.4 as well. create a 1.4 league so to speak. forget about the warleagues concept. :p
i didnt see any probs last cups... so why dont u trust this new cup? :o
i do trust this cup. but there should be a league as well. maybe after this cup has finished.
no offense, but thats a bit of ridiculous
he has a point.

we all want more players so the CDkey free stuff have a reason to be... but with the old (2003/2004) WLcfg u can even see kris camping outside the north tunnel on ice (enough said asd)

I know a bit off topic but still...

PS: Just registered exclusively to write that =)

hi L. tbh

btw too much info, both. asd.
shy old guy :p
is it realy so hard to purchase a game? i mean 10 or 15 bucks aren't that much and if you pay 20 on steam you also get games like q3 and so on....
skilled without a team o/ pm


first of all, a little comparison ;)

IF antilag would be coded for RtCW, would you reject it because You dont need it and "rtcw doesnt need change" etc? alltho it would help like 20% of the playerbase. basicly the same thing, just a bit different scale! :D think about that ;)

when the cvarboys first came up with this thing "hey lets relax the cvars just a little bit meights!" I was like "fuck off with your ET & 1.0 shit, this is rtcw", but then I REALISED that it doesnt really harm anyone if you relax the cvars just a bit to make it easier for those people to play who havent got used to the dark look of rtcw, Or worse, have a shitty display/gfxcard than I do, so I thought why Not help those noobs to get to know and play rtcw when its possible with just a little change which doesnt really make any difference to the gameplay/idea of the game. besides every new player is a bonus or any little help to the new ones is a bonus.

seriously, does it really hurt THAT much to make the change ? why cant you make a compromise like move the restriction to 3, its already lots of help...
like this: http://users.kymp.net/cable1814/picx/

if you think its somehow unfair or gives advantage to some of the players, just tell me HOW does it and ill back off immidiately. besides I know some players who change their display settings A LOT always before they start playing rtcw.... is that fair then ?

mmkay SO a suggestion:

change r_mapoverbrightbits to 1 to 3 - so the cvarboys win a bit
leave everything else as it is, picmip etc. - so the hmmm... "other than cvarboys" win a bit

Thank you.

PS. Im still using mapoverbrightbits 2 and picmip 1.
PSS. Ive never wrote this much content in my whole life 8).
you do realise ET is shit because of antilag, i'd quit instantly!
easy to say when you ping 10 to liek every rtcw server ;=]
Surprisingly it's always the Dutch who're bitching about antilag! :p
i agree with that. :o personally i'm in favour of mapoverbrightbits 2 as well. but a lot of my teammates in fdnl use 3. to get them to play 3 would help a lot.

and since everybody uses (noob) vertexlight 1 the game looks like shit anyway. try to set it to 0 and you know what i mean. so dropping down to mapoverbrightbits 3 is no biggy for me.
nice cup. the cvar stuff wont make a difference in the end - it's not like changing a setting or two is going to open the flood gates with countless teams flowing into the game. maybe one or two if we're lucky. But there's always got to be something to complain about.
Conker knows the score :)
no Belgium Jin @ noPressure? :(

how do you wanna win even a single game without him?!
who's talking bout winning??
noone i guess 8)

still, where's Jin? !!

gl & hf to you guys <3 anyway :)
My life is officially over. No time for gaming :(
new girlfriend? :(
way worse :(
violent boyfriend? :O)
EVEN worse :(
omg...a JOB!!? :O)))))
gl Netherlands vis :o
With all respect but seriously... you can't require a valid cdkey since every server apart of the reality server runs the patch.
Please explain your issue with cdkey-free servers.

Asuming your point is that people should buy the game in order to 'refund' the companys involved in coding it that of course is comprehensible, no discussion about that.

But realisticly if someone would want to buy the game, most likely that would be over ebay or something simular, as well as involving lots of efforts for people to get it as it so to say 'very rare'.

The effort to make servers cdkey-free is only contributing to having a few new faces in the community, noone is getting abused or whatever, unless you happen to have an ebay shop selling rtcwkeys or something.
hes just a bitter old retarded piece of shit. thats pretty much the thing here x)

case closed!
don't be harsh :(
He isnt being harsh, thats just how Slipperi is, thanks for the comment though :)
QuoteSipperi on 08/02/09
hes just a bitter old retarded piece of shit. thats pretty much the thing here

I maybe 46 years old but I am certainly not retarded.

I Sincerely hope that Merli asks me again soon for wolf-tv just for the pure pleaure of banning 1/2 (half) wits like yourself.
Even your shitty WTV servers lag like hell... and besides we already got another REAL WTV-server (which you can actually call a server) available so you can just shove your laggy piece of shits back to your huge fisted hairy vagina . aaaaand I can always get WTV demos from someone else if I want to watch the game :)

I just really dont get the point why you always just whine and whine and whine and cry about pretty much everything, first on wl forum and now here, even tho Ive NEVER seen you play the game? You just whine about pretty much everything concerning the scene alltho it has nothin to do with you ? WTF x:x::D......

Dont you have any friends or any other places where you can talk to people about your problems ?

Oh well I guess the problem is that youre just a incredibly bitter old fart whos life is over already a now your biggest hobby is to watch pbbans.com, whine here about random stuff concerning either your pathetic life or RtCW to get some pitty...

Seriously, get some help dude. Cya in WTV.
dont go on his servers and then you wont get any problems will you... you fucking faggot

and theres no reason to flame someone who is helping out :<
sorry if You got offended :p

its just that this guy has been so annoying for the past 3 years, bitching to everyone about his problems... so pathetic :x

life is hard to everyone at some point, get used to it ;=)
My point is that the game is cheap as chips to buy these days as you probably well know your self.
Making servers cd-key free will attract what? 1,2,3 maybe a couple more players that wont form a team anyway.
does it matter if players are banned from crossfire?
just put them in the achievements under a heading 'RtCW-Cup III Lineup' if you need to.
Awsome I hope my clan wants to play!
I'm Avi!
liquids might need some players
but skilled only

when interested talk to me at #liquids on qaukenet
dont u have like 2 teams as lineup?:p
no, all those guys are backup or more likely inactive. we keep them as fanboys tho <3
Are you mistaking liquids for sna :p? Where the fook is nicky/swedey ect ?
nicky is lost on wow with andy afaik :o
nicky andy are on wow

swedey is well...(top secret)
make a post on the forum mate

im sure theres some ET players wanting to play rtcw in a clan :)

now that its pretty much cdkeyfree
idk yet, we still ve a few weeks..et players are useless, you need a cdkey for they cup.
and we need some skilled players, i dont wanna get raped every game.
you dont need a cdkey, almost all servers are cdkey free...
tho its needed for this cup somehow, i dont know how they wanna check if ppl ve it or not
if you recruit a player into your team without a valid CDkey that is your choice, but if it turns out he cannot play on a Cup server then we cannot be blamed.
avi for this cup
\o/ I has key \o/
This looks like something for [se] SeMaPi! starring artan and brooby!
wheres gone the best rapper of sweden???
He has a life im afraid. Hes busy pimping and smoking every weekend!
In-civ just texted me saying that him and the rest of infensus won't play in this cup until that random cvar which hasn't bothered anyone for 10 years gets changed
avi for this cup
join #liquids on irc m8, might need u <3
i will thx
need a team, drop me a pm here at cf.
gl Malmen
why do I smell sarcasm :D
I 'm off irc for a few days and the world turns upside down!
YoYo im back again as the best rapper of sweden, thats true/ Commin trough as a legend and lookin to play this cup with a new crew/ shoutout to my boys gayzor and virus for still pimpin rtcw/


I tought rtcw was dead, and now its commin up cups and things like that. intressting, if anyone one is intressted to invite a member in their team, make a pm.
It would be fun to play once again.
do you wanna win a gfx card ?
I need a team !
So how is it possible to sign up?
think merl just wants you to pm your lineup for now, and start sorting out your crossfire team profile, then the crossfire cup system is just used to add clan profiles to the bracket system. (I think)
indeed. There will be an announcement shortly I hope, waiting on other stuffs ;]

follow the main thread, make a team on crossfire as shown and get all/as many of your team added to that lineup (they have to be a member on crossfire) at the very least put your lineup in the achievements box if you havent got everyone signed up.
I found my bought rtcw from 2003 :>
gl all ! Let´s hope for some nice wtvmatches :) / need Toxicgirl as Camgirl :>
we need an engineer!
all clear!
Need a team! pm me! :DDD
i am available for NON-german teams!
+ none german servers ;)
burak ? stfu :D

Burak bezeichnet außerdem:

* ein weißes pferdähnliches Reittier mit Flügeln und Menschenantlitz im Islam

schau mal lieber nach was Yeniceri bedeutet xD

jaja der burak der kleine geschichten fanatiker haha 8]
"Die Janitscharen (Einzahl der Janitschar, türkisch Yeniçeri, „neue Truppe“) waren im Osmanischen Reich die Elitetruppen der Infanterie. Sie stellten auch die Leibwache des Sultans und erreichten oft höchste Positionen im osmanischen Staatswesen."

"Es wurde anfänglich nach dem Vorbild der Mamluken gebildet, überwiegend aus Christen, die meistens nicht freiwillig dem Korps beitraten, sondern durch die Knabenlese im kindlichen Alter aus dem Kaukasus und dem Balkan verschleppt und zum Islam zwangskonvertiert wurden."

"Janitscharen wurden unter strikter Disziplin und harter Arbeit in acemi-oglan-Schulen ausgebildet, wo sie dem Zölibat unterworfen waren und islamisiert wurden. "

"Religiös orientierten sich die Janitscharen an den Lehren des Mystikers Hadschi Bekta&#351;, der im 14. Jahrhundert die ersten Truppen gesegnet hatte, und an dem nach ihm benannten Orden der Bekta&#351;i-Derwische. Die spezielle weiße Kopfbedeckung der Janitscharen (die "Keçe") symbolisiert den Ärmel des Hadschi Bekta&#351; und zeigt die Verbundenheit zu dessen Lehren."

"Das Osmanische Reich setzte die Janitscharen in allen größeren Feldzügen ein, so 1453 bei der Eroberung Konstantinopels, dem Sieg über die ägyptischen Mamluken und den Kriegen gegen Österreich. Dabei erwarben sie sich bald den Ruf, außerordentlich grausam gegen ihre Feinde zu sein. Die Janitscharentruppen wurden immer vom Sultan selbst in die Schlacht geführt "
+1 to what he said
+2 to the 2 above your +1
geh sterben mit deinem osmanischen reich
Wolftv again? :D
alright gentlemen lets get into business
Hell Yeah mother fuckers :D
Alice's Restaurant low- max team will rape you
hmmm, im gonna find my rtcw and install it, anyone still need someone to fill up a gap in their team ? :) pm me ! im oldskool fool
Team's look nice. We should have WTV or something, I atleast wanna see the matches ^^
Give us a rap yo.

Still looking for a team :)
avi for this
Am I the only one who thinks it sounds strange when people post:

'' im available ''

just sounds a bit egoISH, proud and like NOT-SO-ENTHUSIASTIC or NOT-I-REALLY-WANTS-TO-PLAYish :D

:( yea soz bored, start the cup already xd
True, every et wanker makes the nicest clanless-posts 2, 3 times in a row but the guys here only say; avi 4 this cup.
yea everyones just waiting for clanleaders to contact them, sad.
how im not in fixed lineup?

pfft.. im available btw

dont need more players soWWy :'[

ask muuris
stop lieing! you weren't 6 yesterday!
let all the ones that are 'avi' make better posts from now on. xD
im avi, can i join fixed?
I'm no longer available btw xD
nice return of the gods! 118, np, fixed, raw gl!
gl Verdiend <3
So far I've seen no reason to not ease up on the cvars. I've only seen grumpy old men with a lot of e-power saying "if it ain't broken, don't fix it". Well it is broken, so please fix it. I for one have been annoyed with the current cvars ever since Quakecon made them the standard. They were only ever imposed because of that lan - why are we still using them? What harm can it do to rethink these settings?

I think the visibility is bad, at least on my setup. And I'm not blind, or need glasses, contact lenses, laser surgery or any other condescending funny comment you might think up. If you don't think visibility is bad now, then what do you have to lose if you change the cvar rules? You can keep your settings and let the ones of us who are fucking annoyed with the look of the game change ours.

NB. I think the argument that more players will come running to play rtcw if visibility gets better is idiotic, but I do think this change would please some of the current players...like me :)
I'm not having trouble spotting opponents at all, you can tweak your config bright enough already.

Doesn't change the fact that you 're absolutely making sense tho!
some people do have really old monitors, like i did have ~7 years ago.

without any external program to increase gamma or w/e brightness settings, i could hardly see only the muzzleflashes of opponents.
also note that some can tweak their graphic cards, which renders tight cvar rules pretty useless.
I didn't disagree with ankel!
if there is ppl, who 'd need these cvar changes in order to play better or have more fun playing the game, I think it would be perfectly fine changing em.
I just pointed out that, for myself, it wouldnt make a difference.

(same goes for rokkeri)
the problem here is, both sides are not wrong.

there's a lot to be said to leave visibility as it is now. if your used to it that is.
yesterday i played a scrim on 1.0, and my config is the same as on 1.4 with mapoverbrightbits 2, because i'm used to it.

but if your not used to these settings, playing on et or 1.0 you will get the feeling of 'yuck' and 'dark'. saying that they should get used to it is not that simple. having these cvars is a main reason why 1.0 is more popular than 1.4.

if mapoverbrightbits would drop to 3, i would still prefer to play with 2. except for maps like frost and infamy which are a bit dark. but like i said, there are ways around that as well. :p

bottom line is, i reallly can't be bothered if others play 2 or 3. if you can't win with 2, you can't win a game with 3 either.
and also 1.0 is more popular because CHEAP ASS NEGROS WONT BUY AN CD KEY
nah, that isn't it. the majority on 1.0 has bought the game.
but i believe the public scene on 1.0 is just better suited for beginners then on 1.4.
s4ndmod has some nice features (and some bad ones as well, i might add).
for instance, if your used to dropreload and short spawntimes, you don't want to use anything else. players just see no reason to move to 1.4 because they like it on 1.0.
plus add the stories about dark screens and players with bad attitude.
even tho youre a BÖGJAVEL DANSK like Vaf...

..._AMEN_[/u] to that!
nicely said.
Hear, hear!
need a team for the cup pmme here on crossfire
avi for this cup. can play pracs, speaking french, dutch and english
just get the cvar rules from the golden ages. and forget the destruction that incompetent admins made afterwards ><
:O) poor admins!
I need a team, pm me. Or if some1 would be so kind to create a new team (there are persons enough here who search a team).
rofl fdnl, long time since I saw those names :)
gl Verdiend !!
FDNL could use some Dutch speaking players.
Apparently some of us have a life. Plz pm. ;)
hi there
people know me i guess...
been in sdi,cky,reality,tcg,mc,dfw,wongz
im avi for this cup
try fdnl :)
rtcw 1.0 ftw ;(
keep playing 1.0 then ;)
i do, but i know only pub servers in 1.0 and i dont like pub so much :<
so i have to play et xD
tbh i play 1.0 next to 1.4 cause last few seasons werent such a succes
i like 1.4 more ofc
fdnl! ik zit er ook :O
Avi to play if someone needs! Skill low :(
grab your superskilled ET friends and switch over
q muuris

or make your own team with chmpp + other ET... players 8)!
fdnl :o 1.0 ? ;)
whoever has mirage wins easy as that ;)
elimination doesnt really work with 6 maps ;)
with even maps.. not just 6 ;)
thats what i meant ye :d
It puts the advantage in favor of the team that picks first. In this case the "weaker" team.
eliminate 2 each, how doesn't that work?
if there are 6 maps, that means 1 team will be able to eliminate 3 maps and the other team 2
no, they both eliminate 2 each - and the remaining two maps are the two maps played for the match.
its the decider that was meant..
decider is 4 maps, lower seed eliminates first, and eliminates 2 maps overall, rewarding them for taking it to overtime vs. higher seeded team.
well ye the 'eliminate' 2 maps, however they also eliminate when there are 2 maps left, so they basicly get to chose from 3 maps, while the higher seed only eliminates one. That is quite unbalanced, doesnt make too much of a diffrence tho. Suggestion: one team eliminates half of the maps and the other team the other 'half'.
should put in an extra map, escape2 or te_ufo or something
they would just always be eliminated pretty much, few teams would want to play one of them let alone getting two =)
we picked escape2 twice last cup and there might be other teams now that would pick escape2
best map going
escape is the only map where clans have some real theoretic chances to beat 118 since its not so much spam related... so ofc its not in the map-pool :p

but tbh I dont care that much about the map-pool either :D

just have one favour, no frostbite in final... almost liek everyone else think its like one of the worst map ever except *erhm* a certain clan :>
and yet it seems to be in the final every god damn time :p

edit: oh yea nvm if the whole thing is elimination
the spam argument is becoming so pointless ;/

some teams do have more than realistic chances to beat 118 if they would pull out some proper tacs and maybe prac a bit more instead of always whining and going 'auuoooh 118 make spam we will make lost gg frostbite'
how come ? im not saying its not skilled spamming. i myself respect skilled spamming cuz i know what it is ;>

i mean REALLY _skilled_ ,not just random-do-it-everywhere-every-place-every-time-spam, skilled spamming is one of the most demanding things you can do as a team in rtcw imo.

and when its effective as yours theres not much you can do about it than just trying to become as good.

dont take it as whine ;>

you can take the frostbite-is-a-shit-map as whine if you want whine dear!
spamming when u do it good is skilled.. i just think it ruins the game though, i'd rather have a kill with mp40 then with an airstrike or nade.. but its just to bad nades/ffe/airstrikes are alot more powerfull :( but ofc my opinion isnt really valid since i'm a spammer myself i.e. as panzer :D
escape? not so much spam related? where the hell you did pull that out?

imo this map is as spammy as frostbite nor beach, but still it's enjoyable map to play.

alltho i do enjoy beach and frostbite also... well, frosty _will_ be a pain in the ass when you totally lose control 8(
well tell me how is escape spammy ?

the only place where you spam is on main(courtyard/bridge), and you can easilly dodge that spam by just going another way or waiting or getting their spawn or the courtyard to control which is quite easy compared to frost or beach. unlike on frostbite or beach theres just one way (frost:and the useless back/side route, beach: trenches).

? 8/

ps. as i said earlier i still respect effective spamming etc. dont take as whine thnx.
Totally agree. Escape is a fun map and fun to watch for spectators but....

- its far too limited in terms of tactics on attack and defence. The routes are all narrow and once you choose one there is no chance in changing the direction of your attack.

-The first stage is a waste of time with the joke lotto forward spawns "will i wont i spawn forward".

- No matter how you set out your defence it pretty much always ends up with a docs camp or transmitter camp. (No much fun being the docs carrier :< )

Save the map for scrims and mixes but its not suitable for competition for now.
I like escape, and think its probably one of our strongest maps atm, as we only ever play ice, beach, frost and escape.

It can get a bit too campy 3o3 i think, but i guess people like it for the random docs returns.

I think you should just try a few more things with fixed, to improve, youve done a few more unusual attacks on ice and stuff which seemed to work better than just running up north like lemmings, so dnt blame spam all the time, we lost loads of scrims the other week on these so called spam maps.
yea exactly, I myself like it when you have to think of ways how to break the camp-defence or how to transmit the docs, which you both get on escape. its much more fun attacking that way.

and Im not blaming the spam ONLY of course, but it is a major factor on most defences as you know :P
Escape is a horrible map.

Even UFO is better.
listen to this man, he makes sense
+ for esacpe :) start a poll :P
so no 3v3 cup?
not this sunday, I had hoped it would all come through intime but it didn't. It will happen though.
apologies for the small delay on the cup, we will announce dates as soon as possible - again sorry.
no worries :D start after the 18th plz :D
When, Merli, When!!!! :O
For practice you can also use these osp servers:

WolfMP L1 [nokey],
WolfMP L2 [nokey],

password: 'wolf'
yeah, cheers !!
Version 1.5-MP-Windows xD

looks like fun :>
Fixed will take this home.
I should be listed in the fdnl line up :(
you suck too much ;<
hf updating this shit merl lololol
I have it saved in a text file somewhere, if I can ever find it!;)
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