need skilled 6v6 players

helping a friend build a team (names are all secret lololoL!)

if anyone is cless or wants to leave their team or w/e, requirements are:

skilled (ec/nc level)
english speaking
available for cc6 (past lan experience will be prioritised)

contact me in
woh secret info O.O
ross, tyyrd? ;P
too many secrets nowadays
y0w baggiez
if its baggiez then this doesnt compete:D

skilled (ec/nc level)
It's not baggiez!
On what grounds do you repeatedly keep deleting my comments, I just want to make a shoutout to my buddy baggiez
Nice leaving SNB in the dark.
ugh i dont feel so good, brb gonna puke in a bag, ease bro laters
Have the same all day, annoying like hell.
only thing is that im not ec/nc skilled:<
but aren't they like the same....
ah well we can all be friends anywayz ;-))))
gl ross!
baggiez is making a high skilled team
it was the first thing that came to mind.
take olbaa
whats up with SNB?
nc = netcoders?
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