Crossfire Intel Challenge 7

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Welcome to the Crossfire INTEL Challenge 7! Taking place in the WZZRD Gaming Café in Enschede on March 5-7 2010 featuring Enemy Territory, Call of Duty 4 & Quakelive with more tournaments to be announced in the upcoming weeks.

Signups are Closed!! - To signup for a tournament at CIC7 you need to do the two following things, firstly you need to create your clan profile and get all your members into that Clan on Crossfire. You can create your clan profile here and add new members into it on the Add Members button. Once complete mail your Clan Profile, Your primary contact email address and phone number and which tournament you want to play in to CIC7Signups AT googlemail DOT com. Once completed you need to pay for your entry ticket, each player must pay €50 to enter either the ET or CoD tournaments (QL Info later) – Managers & Spectators are free.

We urge teams to pay their whole entry fee in one payment, rather than individual player payments.
Bank Transfers & PayPal:
- Payments Made payable to: Crossfire
- IBAN: GB24MIDL 403913 21363751
- Swift/Bic Code MIDLGB2152H
- Sort Code 403913
- Bank: HSBC
- Bank Address: 65 High Street Ruislip Middlesex HA4 8JE (UK)

PAYPAL Address: stuart at quadv dot com – Paypal users must pay a 5 euro fee ontop which we get charged for receiving the money – so it would be 255 Euro per team

Once you have paid you can send an email to the signup address to let us know, though you dont have to. You will see your signup go bold on the signup list when we confirm receipt of your money.

All payments for ET and payments once the CoD tournament has been formally triggered are nonrefundable. Do not pay unless you're sure you are going to attend.[/hide]

Signups for ET are open until January 24th, For CoD4 initial signups are open until January 1st – If 10 teams for CoD4 have paid by then we will extend the signups to the 24th of January. In February, Crossfire will run a seeding tournament for all competitions, and results of this tournament will determine the seedings for the event. All teams who have completed their payments will be assured a spot in the tournament.

-Tournaments - The Crossfire INTEL Challenge 7 will initially feature the following 3 tournaments, however it is very likely that other games will be added prior to the event – the prizepurses are initial offerings and potentially subject to increases:

:: Enemy Territory[/b]] 5000 Euro Prize Purse (2500, 1500, 1000) Like a fine wine it gets better with age, Enemy Territory will take centre stage at the Crossfire Intel Challenge 7. THE game of choice for Crossfire users it has never disappointed in Enschede and wont again this time. The tournament will take place in a 5on5 format for the first time, to allow for better usage of the venue layout and computers whilst offering a new dynamic to the gameplay.
:: Call of Duty 4[/b]] Triggered PrizePurse (3000 for 10 teams, 4000 for 16 teams, 5000 for 20 teams, 6000 for 26 teams, 7000 for 30 teams, 8000 for 36 Teams, 9000 for 42 teams.). Back to where it all began, CDC4 saw the first large scale CoD4 LAN and it delivered an unforgettable final between Fnatic and TLR, that followed up by a marvellous final between Fatgames and ButtonBashers at CC5 can the CoD4 community unite to deliver enough teams to participate at CIC7? For CoD4 initial signups are open until January 1st – If 10 teams for CoD4 have paid by then we will extend the signups to the 24th of January and in doing so confirm the tournament.
:: QuakeLive Community Duel Challenge][/b] – 1st Place Intel Core i7 975 (RRP $1000) 2nd Place - Intel Core i7 870 (RRP $600) – The Quakelive Community Duel Challenge is reserved for Crossfire site users and will pit your favourite Crossfire ‘characters’ against one another for top notch Intel prizes. Signup details will be released in January for this tournament

ET - 34 Teams

1 Europe Team Even More Randoms

2 Germany reVeal

3 United Kingdom Team Validus

4 United Kingdom Team YoYoTech

5 Germany Lost Soldiers

6 France dESIRE

7 France Famas

8 Benelux PiF

9 Germany (e2)

10 Belgium Oceans 6

11 United Kingdom Infinitus

12 Germany aGu (2x infinitus = now aGu)

13 flag=eu] eXcess

14 Germany ePROX (highbot)

15 Europe RockIt

16 United Kingdom Trial & Error

17 Czech Republic inteRaction

18 Benelux nKn angeldust

19 Europe Phantom eSports

20 Benelux Plug & Pown

21 Europe Normality

22 Germany AoW

23 Europe Boondocks

24 Europe Section 9

25 Europe enLANced

26 Europe Blight Gaming

27 Netherlands pstarZ

28 Poland PolagZ

29 Benelux *EU*Outlaw

30 Greece Plasa

31 Belgium Nothing is Impossible

32 Europe nOu

33 Poland Perception


Call of Duty - 48 Teams

1 Netherlands DOK Gaming

2 Germany Team Thermalta


3 Europe Team Corgz

4 United Kingdom Sublime

5 Germany Speedlink

6 United Kingdom Team Infused

7 Europe fuZion

8 Czech Republic Power Gaming

9 Benelux Arm3d

10 Denmark Hostile Faction

11 United Kingdom Team-YoYoTech

12 Poland FearFactory

13 United Kingdom Reason Gaming

14 United Kingdom Auric eSports

15 Poland Universal Soldiers

16 United States of America Loaded

17 United Kingdom next.i3D

18 Poland D-Link PGS

19 United Kingdom Team Infinite

20 United Kingdom infinitus eSports

21 Hungary Infinity Skills

23 United Kingdom Team Empathy

24 EuropeScryed

25 Czech Republic eSuba

26 Germany mTw.mindfactory

27 Benelux Rodcad Gaming

28 Poland make odds even

29 United Kingdom Dignitas

30 Italy loving

31 United Kingdom Reclusion Gaming

32 Germany Playground

33 Turkey Hardware Arena Gaming

34 Sweden Fnatic

35 Netherlands New Cool Collective

36 Netherlands MCA

37 Netherlands Colours

38 Germany Ducks

39 Finland Infernal Gamers

40 Finland FAP

41 Czech Republic Insenia

42 Poland Team Result

43 Iceland df1ne

44 Europe H2k

45 Romania ManiaX

46 Italy Team Impact

47 United Kingdom Vital[/hide]

- Key – Bold = Paid
ET (17 Paid)

Netherlands Charism
Europe Team Even More Randoms
Germany reVeal
United Kingdom Team Validus
United Kingdom Team YoYoTech
Germany Lost Soldiers
Europe FIF
France dESIRE
Europe MyRevenge
France Famas
Benelux PiF
Europe European Elite
Europe Plasa
Netherlands Pistoleros
Europe gZcon
Benelux FUN
Belgium Oceans 6
United Kingdom Infinitus
Europe eXcess
Germany Highbot
Europe RockIt
United Kingdom Trial & Error
Europe aZtec
Czech Republic inteRaction
Europe VIP Gaming
Europe Nothing is Impossible
Benelux nKn angeldust
Portugal Valkyrie
Europe Phantom eSports (gengis,plyr,chry)
Benelux Plug & Pown
Europe Normality (adeto eujen eron)
Germany AoW
Poland Vae Victis
Europe Boondocks
Europe Section 9
Europe enLANced
Czech Republic nove lamy m
Europe Blight Gaming
Netherlands pstarZ
Poland PolagZ
Benelux *EU*Outlaw

COD4 (45 Paid)

Netherlands DOK Gaming
Germany Team Thermaltake
Europe Team Corgz
United Kingdom Sublime
Germany Speedlink
United Kingdom Team Infused
Netherlands TLR
France burning!
Europe fuZion
Czech Republic Power Gaming
Benelux Arm3d
Denmark Hostile Faction
United Kingdom Team-YoYoTech
Poland FearFactory
Ireland Team Energy
Poland SAYCOM Gamer
United Kingdom Reason Gaming
United Kingdom Auric eSports
Poland Universal Soldiers
United States of America Loaded
United Kingdom next.i3D
Poland D-Link PGS
United Kingdom Team Infinite
Hungary Confis eSports
United Kingdom infinitus eSports
Netherlands Bathing Ape
Poland Grom
Hungary Infinity Skills (50% received)
Poland GAMMA
United Kingdom Watch & Learn
United Kingdom Team Empathy
Netherlands GameCloud
Europe Scryed
Czech Republic eSuba
Germany mTw.mindfactory
Benelux Rodcad Gaming
Italy oX Gaming
Poland make odds even
Czech Republic Necroraisers
Europe Heroes eSports Club
United Kingdom Dignitas
Italy loving
Netherlands Team Visualise
United Kingdom Reclusion Gaming
Germany Playground
Turkey Hardware Arena Gaming
Sweden Fnatic
Netherlands New Cool Collective
Netherlands MCA
United Kingdom Vital Gaming
Netherlands Colours
Germany Ducks
Netherlands Verify Gaming
Hungary Digestive Gaming
Finland Infernal Gamers
Finland FAP
Czech Republic Insenia
Poland Team Result
Iceland df1ne
Europe H2k
Netherlands aFuture
France dreamRAR
Germany DiamondZ
Netherlands NWA
Romania ManiaX
France iGamerz
Italy Team Impact


Need to know how to get there or where to stay when you arrive in Enschede? Below we've compiled an extensive couple of guides for all budgets and all nationalities compiled through our 6 events of experience in this venue. Feel free to ask any question about travel of accomodation in the comments below, rest assured someone will have the answer!

- The most convenient and cost effective option to get to the WZZRD Gaming center in Enschede for international travelers is to fly into Amsterdam Schipol Airport and take the intercity train from the airport, direct to Enschede. This journey takes approximately 2 hours (although it has been known to take 3 on a bad day). The airport is connected to the main national train service, and you can find alternative routes via train here. You want to travel to Enschede D not Enschede (Enschede D is the first stop, Enschede is after). Alternatively you can travel to Bremen airport in Germany and then across the border to Holland, this route has been known to be cheaper for Scandinavian travellers. Other airports you can consider travelling to are Eindhoven & Berlin. Its street address for your GPS is WZZRD Cinestar Colosseum 60 7521 PT Enschede[/hide]
- Crossfire do not provide accommodation, but through our partners at WZZRD you can book a range of Hotels local to the venue. Check them out at

Alternatively you can try some of these places:

Bed & Breakfast

Boekelosestraat 415, Enschede
Price: 50 euros per night, including breakfast
Persons: 2
Distance: 5 km (perfectly doable by bike, which they offer you there)
Other: It cannot hold a team, but for those that are coming just to have fun, this might be an ideal solution.

Vacation Homes
If you have a car at your disposal you can consider taking a much cheaper vacation home of which are plenty in the vincinity of Enschede and Hengelo. There are even a few close to the venue, which are doable by bike, which you can rent at the Central Station of Enschede.

Buurserstraat 500, Enschede
Price: 210 euros ppl for the entire weekend. There are two of these identical houses very nearby.
Persons: 4-6
Distance: 10.9 km
Other: It might be just on the border to do it by bike, might take you 30 mins to get to the venue. 10 to get downtown. However, the house is very well priced for what you get.

Klein Gallie
Wachterstraat 36, Enschede
Price: 175 euros for entire weekend, including everything, no breakfast.
Persons: max. 6
Distance: 11.7 km (not very feasible for ppl without a car, 40 mins with public transportation)
Other: A cheap and decent place for any CoD2 or ET team.


Burgemeester Jansenplein 20, Hengelo
Price: 70 euros per night for 2 ppl
Distance : 6.6 km (7 Mins by public transportation, very nearby Hengelo Central station)
Other: More luxurious than the others. Very nearby venue, which is definitely a plus. Just a bit more expensive.

Hotel Jachtlust
Weerselosestraat 306, Borne
Distance: 13.8 km (24 mins with Public transportation
Price: 50 euros per night per room (inclduing breakfast, dinner if you stay 3+ nights)
Other: Cozy hotel, even though a bit further away from the venue, it is still easily accesible with public transportation.

Hotel Drienenburght
Drienerlolaan 5
Distance: 0.2 km (on Campus)
Room 1 person (including breakfast): 72,50 per night
Room 2 persons (including breakfast): 81,00

Eden Hotel de Broeierd
Hengelosestraat 725, Enschede
Distance: 0.4 km
Rating: 8.3
Room 2 persons: 120 per 2 nights
Room 2 persons: 130

Hotel Restaurant Rodenbach
Parkweg 35-39, Enschede
Distance: 3.4 hm
Rating: 7.7
Room 1 person: 120 per 2 nights
Room 2 persons: 150

Eden Dish Hotel
Boulevard 1945 nr. 2, Enschede
Distance: 4.2 km
Rating: 7.2
Room 2 persons: 120 per 2 nights
Room 2 persons: 130

Eden Star Hotel
B.P. Hofstedestraat 50, Hengelo
Distance: 4.3 km
Rating: 8.5
Room 2 persons: 100 per 2 nights
Room 2 persons: 118

Hotel Amadeus
Oldenzaalsestraat 103, Enschede
Distance: 4.3 km
Rating: 6.7
Room 1 person: 110 per 2 nights
Room 2 persons: 130
Price money is for 2 nights, so it's not as expensive as it looks like.

There are of course more Hotels, but the others are 7 km or or further away.
The Distance is the amount of km the Hotel is away from train station Enschede Drienerlo (very close to the LAN).[/url].[/hide]
- TEK9 CIC7 Travel Guide
- Your team can book a bootcamp at the WZZRD Gaming center on the same PC's that will be used during the tournament. These must be booked through WZZRD who are currently offering the following deal:

10 hour bootcamp on Thursday including 2 drinks and a candybar for only 24,50 euro p.p.

WZZRD gamecenter Enschede is open from 15:00 - 01:00. Reservations can be made by sending an email to[/hide]
- Frequently Asked Questions about Crossfire Events
Can I bring my own PC?
No - Courtesy of the WZZRD Gaming Cafe & Intel the PC's are provided for you, we like to ensure that everyone is playing on provided PC's to ensure a controlled environment for competitive legitimacy

Should I bring my own mouse & keyboard?
Yes - Its recommended that all players bring their mice, keyboard & headset with them with their respective drivers on a USB Stick (Not CD)

Can I bring my own food & drink?
No we ask that people do not bring their own food and drink inside of the venue as a courtesy to our hosts.

Is there an age limit?
No we do not employ an age limit at the Crossfire Challenge, we've had gamers as young as 14 attending and gamers as old as Ronner...(we're not sure how he is, but its very old)

Is it free to spectate?
Yes it is![/hide]
- Facebook Group
- Going out in Enschede Guide
Keep this on topic please!
Will there be ET 3v3 tourney?
Would someone please update the SIGNEDUP list. It hasn't been updated for 5 days... COD teams have doubled since then.
Your super awesome then
nice :)

hf with that and do much much much interviews :))
so for you who have been at lan before, how much does it cost to stay there over the weekend and play et and drink? just want to know so i can start to save.
"is reserved for Crossfire site users" what does that mean? does that mean only noobs will play or are others free to sign up?
It basically means no Quake pros, we'll vet the signups to make sure its only real CF people
all quake pros will be at the IEM Global Finals anyway
Don't see myself ever going to a lan but gl to the others going. I would if it was closer to home.
tosspot best admin in the world of gaming at the moments :)) best hero !!
Team-CUBE Signed up! (Prize for first signup? :P )
I will sponsor the event by donating my glasses for the BIGGEST NERD PRIZE!
Sweet i won somethign finally!
Poker tournament confirm / deny?

asks mark.
There will 100% be poker there! But you dont signup online so i presume thats why there isnt any news here about it.
Klein Gallie
Wachterstraat 36, Enschede
Price: 175 euros for entire weekend, including everything, no breakfast.
Persons: max. 6
Distance: 11.7 km (not very feasible for ppl without a car, 40 mins with public transportation)
Other: A cheap and decent place for any CoD4 or ET team.

Really cool place in the woods, you can do nearly anything you want there, it's a standalone house! Get it before it's gone!
avi for thursday and sunday night also?:B
Ye, just chat with the owners, you'll work something out :)
haha yeah :D
oh hoi, ure registered here :D
what counts as a crossfire member
People who arent associated with competitive deathmatch gaming, you're alright Tim
arent some of those competive players registered in crossfire aswell?
very few if any, but I'll be monitoring those signups like a HAWK!
Shit, no QL for me then (eighth league CB) :D
I trust I am too ?
A question: Will there be any air in the air?
Which of those hotels is the "best" by price/location/ambiente? dont want ubercheap shithole but also i dont want to play 100000trillion euros for uberluxuspresident suite
Google > Hotels > Enschede > list >
campingplatz in hengelo 7 minuten zu fusweg zum lancenter, hat uns bei der cc6 gute dienste erwiesen
ich nehme mal an dass campen ziemlich kalt wird im märz :d
es gibt kein kalt, es gibt nur schlecht angezogen ;)

ausserdem, wenn sergej sein vodka auspackt wird ein warm ;P
das stimmt :P
mal schauen wo wir bleiben wenn wir hinfahren, nen haus wäre gut
kostet aber soviel, fährst du hin?
mhja zu 99%, naja wir ham 95 € pro person von do-so ausgerechnet :)
das geht ja noch, aber ich sag dir gleich da auf de rlan ist es teilweise übelst langweilig :D
wir sind einfach in die stadt gefahren shoppen :D und da liefen auch NUR hübschen mädels/frauen rum aber ercht die schlimmsten schwedinnen, so sahen sie jhedenfalls aus^^
lol :)
mhjoa wieso langweilig? mit joeyy wirds immer lustig! :P
ja, wenn die ganzen nerds(fuinnen :D) da rumsitzen, dann naja halt manchmal nicht so toll aber umso später der abend desto lustiger die lan ;D
wenn ihr hinkommt, dann kann man ja vielleicht mal ein trinken ;)
mhja ok des stimmt, mal schaun was man nach den matches dann etc macht ;>
joa des wird schon spassig, und jo wenn du gehst mach ma das ;)
alles klar ;) ich werde wahrscheinlich mit razzah hinkommen
jo nice wir labern dann nochma kurz vor der lan ob und wann ihr geht und wann man sich sieht ;]
Parent Team könnte es etwas weniger langweilig werden!
mit sicherheit

anything to do with JZak? :D
5v5, those were the good times!
prizepot for ET shud be bigger IMO !!!!!!!
Seems to be fine.
you always want MOOOAAAAR don't u?
of course :D
Sorry to dissapoint you lads, I'm not coming :-)
Sorry to disappoint you lads, I'm not coming :-)
Sorry to disappoint you lads, I'm coming :-)
Quoteso for you who have been at lan before, how much does it cost to stay there over the weekend and play et and drink? just want to know so i can start to save.

Since you didn´t answer to previous guy then I need to ask that again!
hotel: 50-100 depends on where youre staying(for 2 nights)
if you want to play: 50 for ET, 5 for poker or so
drinks: depends on how much you drink so cant really tell but maybe around 40 a night or so
food: normal person can live with 10ish for a evening meal
So, around 200 euros when I wanna stay there and play ET?
no food or anything in that 200
really depends on your hotel and if you book it alone or with 2 persons, alone you would probably pay something up to 140-180 just to play ET and book the hotel for two nights add another 40-70 if you plan on spending another night.

Tho if you book together with someone its about 100-130
Might come, if tosspot allows cheaters in there! used 5 mins nexus and got busted @ public xDD
How many times you need to tell that ? : ) Obviously noone really cares :p so, nothing is stopping ya to go LANs.
Like you would get a team, Whoever you are...
:D:D ihan spekkii, vitun newbie ole hiljaa vaan.
The rules say: banned players are not allowed to play.

P.S. Did it really make you feel more of a man saying so rude things to me?
boondocks! ( profile )
love that series niggaaaaaaa
if you can get more teams than expected does the prizepurse raise too then?
there's a limited amount of pc's and time. 128 teams would be awesome, but you'd need a week or smth :E
powner farmerboy
thats me toxic, thats me
ohja, didnt think of that
youre going?
might be, nothing sure yet
dont think it is possible to have more than 30 teams

-> no place
Sublime paid.
Would be najs to come, make it a little closer or something : D
Like you would go, lol.
u would fail without warp :D
lies, pwned at lan
estonian lan :D
hotel booked! im coming! ;P
update it!
hmmmm :x

would be fun again tbh :x
Argh tosspott
Cancel. Gaming is srs bzniz
woow naiz :)))))))))))))) i play waterpolo to :)))
cant wait
Netherlands 0E.dNan will be there y0
ati hayaa modus + ?
spho joop
if you are praccing you can actually go end up on top
sure, shit team! only modus g00d !!
hayaa will also outaim you easy mr.10 fps + landodger ;-(
wtf are you talking about?
general nonsense
had to smile @ FAQs, the thing about rooner :D
I got owned :(
5,6,7 = 3 Days?
but 3 days for quakelive , ET , cod4 , and maybe more isntthat much
yeah but its always been like that so i guess it will also work out the 7th time :P
+1 , but more days wont b bad :p
yeah true ;)
hahahahhahaha FAIL FAIL FAIL!
Well Europe Titanz will be going again to CIC 7

So far Line up is kinda unknown but i am working on a line up.

More infos will follow.

Keep the lans comming Toss ;)
You can add dESIRE.
France dESIRE Bruceh / Sinus / kARn4J / Rizk / k2kh
cu there mates
Xt6 will go also !!!
cu there, suckers.
and for the first time the date is perfect and i have time and maybe money too to go.

but now i have no intentions to go, CA looks a bit out of sight this time
looking forward to get traffic jammed
image: 09-12-04-10
gotta love LA
quite a long trip y0
care, it's nice out there.
wrong! you obviously don't understand how bad traffic is there (or you do) :)
that's why "gotta love LA" was sarcasm when it comes to traffic.
but u said it nice out there, nvm :>
prolly meant besides the traffic, in a way "its worth it" or so
drienerburght 0.2 km and broeierd 0.4 km ? Drienerburght is not closer to the wzzrd or the train station imo.
i was just going to say that. the drainburger is further than the cabins or the logica!
remove ET and add HoN tournament.
nice nice :)
adult reaction
what's the cheapest/easiest way to get there from Belgium Brussels?
why are you going there?
where exactly do you study ?
Vrije Universiteit Brussels
n1 I do patrol in that zone :D
haha, awesome :)
I'm not yet there, but hopefully I'm in February :)
Gifty coming?!
How many teams will go to the LAN (from ET) you think?
Enough, as usual : p
20+ denk ik deze keer.
HoN tournament plz :]
So who in crossfire is good in quake live? You think i have a chance to win ? :) I beat mAus. ah butchji is really good :s. I almost beat him sometimes.
you own everyone in 1on1, so obviously you..
Would someone please update the SIGNEDUP list. It hasn't been updated for 5 days... COD teams have doubled since then.
plz the german flag for Lost Soldiers, thx ;) :X
TEMR has paid i think.. do it bold :)
+1 or ana stole my money! :D
yea he stole iit, my money is gone to :(
go go France Burning !
When will the paid list be updated?
Even more CoD4 teams now to be honest :P UPDATE DAMMIT!! T_T
Can some tell those Wzzrd guys to answer on my email and shizzle?
+update list!
I second this post >_<!!
Signup list updated
Thank you :D
german flag for myrevenge! :P
PiF has signed up.
PiF will rage
PiF will humiliate!
PiF has a nigel in the team that is still in his bed :D
PiF will be strong like MM.
heard im comming loel

Team Infused paid, can you please Bold us as confirmed.
Thank you very much!
You can delete TvLan.Gossip (folded) and add gZcon.CiC7

France gZcon.CiC7 :[/b]]

France b3ck (c)
France Dr4g
France demat
France mille
France VidocQ

pistoleros pwn all :D
MAMUT should be changed to Hostile Faction - And we have payed our tickets
Did Hostile Faction actually recruit your team or you just decided to use the name?
I see. Thought HF quit the cod4 scene after their first team quit playing. BDMATT was carrying it nbd.
Done. Now pay up! ;)
We already payed, that's what i wrote before..

Will you please edit our flag back to Danish ( Denmark ). We are 4 from Denmark and Gevers is ½ Danish as well. :)
remove myRevenge.
myRev ET closed down.
looking for a new ET team. prefer LAN attending.
pm me on irc, u can find me in myRev channel or #el-pistoleros
wil do that when im home from the USA (7th January)
ok, dont forget it ;)
reminder, so that you dont forget it!
no kaaskop no win
need a how to get there help from rotterdam airport - reply me or pm
go from rotterdam to amsterdam by train and then follow the guide.
thats stupid why would i go twice long ?
It's pretty easy if you can get from Rotterdam airport to the station, iirc. Takes about 2.5 - 3 hours, just use to work out the best trains for the time you're arriving.
because then u would know how to get there obviously.
LOL ok, i am looking for wise advises like this
just trying to help you :x
Sorry, I wanted to say Eindhoven :|

This is why i wrote twice long.
When is the list getting updated?
check the mail and add us please:)
Can u make QL ZTN/DM6 only :]
I have screenshots of Heroes, validus, ox-gaming, Universal Soldiers and reclusions payment if needed stuart.
It's nkNn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just a heads up but afaik its the Validus cod4 team have paid, not the ET team.
WCTNCTCPI will sign up at the end of the week!

please add Normality to the list of teams attending
lovin have payed entry fee for cic7 cod4 tournament ( paypal 255€ @ tosspot mail )

please add team to list of team signed

link team :
some et teams still left^^
this post needs more quakelive info!
et: 35
cod: 45
not bad :)

cod signups are closed already and et not? why that?

yea, but i hope 11 more et teams will signup :)
afaik CoD signups are still open - we hit the trigger, so the signups were extended to the 24th.
Correct, currently got 36 unconfirmed fully paid teams. Should be an awesome event :)
enlanced will be there.
u can remove charism
Could you add this dESIRE team instead of the other one wich has been hacked.

yo guys

i need an admin to give me admin of my clan because one of our ex members still got admin of it, i tried to leave it and creating an other one but i cant set the same name.

our line up: raigeki, hckrz, qriz , dogz, zabuza.

we gonna pay for CoD tournament.
I promoted qriz
enlanced paid
refresh sign ups pls
Universal Soldiers paid 8 January ! plz bold us
Another team buildin for lan, i'd just want to if signup fee comes few days later that there wont be probz?
tosspot wanted to show us at tuesda who paid allready ... thx. -.-
update the payments please
Payment list is updated as of 5 minutes ago
I only count 37 bolded CoD teams btw...
same here

cu in Holland btw :D
11 Paid teams @ ET
38 paid teams @ COD

its coming more COD lan than ET :D
CoD4 had to start paying early to get extended sign ups and bigger prizepool, where as ET teams have always delayed their payments until last minute :p

I guess CoD4 tournament will get full (48 teams) and ET should get 20+ teams (maybe even 30+ according to ). I'd guess that something like 24 teams should be realistic though. so CoD4 tourney will be bigger indeed, but ET should have a great tournament aswell :)
It's Infernal Gamers not Infernal Gaming :( Would appreciate it if someone was kind enough to fix it.
any news bout Quakelive?
Tosspot can u give me your xfire ? If u have it. ?
Post your problem here and someone can help. If it's the same question as you were asking on tek9 you've been given the answer. Wait for Saturday!
It's nkNn - angeldust, and I sent a screenshot proving we paid today.
cu there!
Any team with a spare bed and a nice location? Please PM.
Killerboy and ethr also paid for Normality?!

you can add dESIRE as team who payed. Atleast 3 of 5 players (rizk+Bruce+Sinus) The rest is paying tonight.
That candybar really makes the bootcamp a sweet deal.
Would be nice if you updated this :P
Someone sleep in a different hotel than those that are listed in the "travel guide"? If so, please contact us, possibly a link to the page.
Eey when will the seeding tournament for COD4 take place?
update ?
imma beat all yall up if u go there, this is a real threatning thread , u better be taking me serious mothercuckers
still no signup info for the QL tourney ?
lol 255 euro per team nice cf!
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