need 3rd!!

Hi,since gengis is not active anymore and swani is playing 3on3 with re-play,me & zwei are in need of a skilled 3rd to play with us ESL,OC & ECC.

What we expect from you:

-Damage whore but also teamplayer.
-Active & friendly
-No (ex)cheaters or new accounts
-Avi to play the 3 tournaments(not interested if you can only play ESL)

Pmme here or /q me on IRC

die in carfire:DDDDDD

17:49 magico • wish us gl man :
17:49 magico • :<
my life is complete now :)
take SpainznArkii oh w8,gl
rakji is ur man!
avi /q me
if u want take me for 3o3 :p
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