SERVER BUGFIX for wwwdl bug

This server patch fixes the wwwdl based exploit that causes all players to disconnect from all patches (including ettv). The fix is available here


Windows: (linked by Norway Dinius)

Further information about how to apply the fix yourself can be found here:
Thanks go to ReyalP

p.s. YCN-Hosting has already updated all servers, you will need to restart the server for the fix to apply
Thanks john your awesome! See you next weekend :)
what error was that?
in the log it appears something like

SV_WWWDownload: unexpected wwwdl SOMETHING for client EYJohn

(the SOMETHING changes based on the attack command)

This bug normally causes all players to disconnect when the the command is run by an attacker.

After the fix, it still shows up in the log, but only the attacker gets kicked
what file do I put and where?

yes I know, i'm a nub :P
If you're on a linux host, then you need to put this file in the root directory , replacing the old etded.x86 , or ettv.x86 depending on what your server runs.

Please note these files are only for linux atm
its a linux host but cant find that file :o
Ask your host about it, some hosts dont let users upload their own executable files and us stock installs, notify them about this fix and if they are good then they'll deal with it for you.
Evgeny does it again! :°)
has anyone tested the ettv.x86 yet - stable?

anything changed except for the bug (since last inofficial release?)
I tested that for some one to connect only but i see no reason for it the changes to cause any stability problems:

The only thing changed was one byte around this region:
SV_WWWDownload: unexpected wwwdl %s
SV_WWWDownload: unexpected wwwdl %x

I dont have the exact byte reference since i did this the lazy way

Apart from that it is the same file.
this is the source file md5 if you want to check:
5591409e64efe82b58cd2223f1fd5ffb /gsadmin/usr/games/et/base/et-2.60/ettv.x86.old
okay, thanks for the infos, but gtvd is currently on this version:

72ba81727034d7688d7e3119a481d196 ettv.x86

which has the following version sting:

ETTV 1.0 linux-i386 Apr 10 2007

that version was never officially released, but contains a few bugfixes (i guess) - just want to make sure, that this fix is based on what we had before and not the lastest official release
I've an YCN server and it says ETTV 1.0 linux-i386 Aug 15 2006
It should be safe to apply the fix described at to any version of etded or ettv, all it does is prevent an over long string being put in a client kick message.
sigh.. them guys gotta learn how to sprintf, basically same bug as RtCW crashing if you have a too fancy graphics adapter
is it automatically installed on all YCN servers?
You need to restart your server for it to apply but its already installed
To koniec zabawy panie "xxx" z kikowaniem ludzi :DDD
Is this the same exploit pale was selling? l0L
I guess he was supposed to sell it but it leaked before that... It was leaked by the Cybergames admin who figured out how to reproduce it when he (pale) tried it on cyber
this is only for et pro servers or works as well for the jaymod ones?
Works for all mods, this is a patch to the game, and not to the mod
Engine*, both the engine and the "mod" makes up the "game" :PP
Yea thats what i meant... , funny enough i'm normally the person making that correction ^^
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