I ve concluded that without setpoint i seem to get less friction so il keep it that way :p

question is:

Mx518@ -1000 Hz
-250 Hz

mostly uses for ET
ask perfo
250 as it does 250hz stable all the time, while 500 and 1000 arent that consistent in ET.

I do use 1000hz for Q3 as its mostly point ant click, needing fast flicks. ET on the contrary has so much tracking that I prefer the stable 250 which helps while tracking over longer periods of time.

In the end a high mouserate will increase mouserespons time, but the biggest factor is still FPS wich is the only thing that actualy makes your xhair move.

Some Random example:
The delay your have
1 second / 100 fps = 10 ms

Then add the mousedelay
1 second / 100fps = 10ms
1 second / 500hzz = 1ms
= average 11ms

Average human respons is +- 200ms, so in the end fast reflexes > fast mouserate. Ofc people like VoO who are known for their amazing speed do have an advantage of using high mouserate as they will have very low respons times -150ms, so the advantage of high fps and high mouserate become more pronounced.

Notice that at 500hz (1s/500hz=2ms) the delay is either 0 or 1 ms. This is only true if your mouse is giving stable 500hz, but this only happens when you move the move very fast or you change directions on both x and y axis (hi2u mpitch 0 ET). This is why i recommend 250hz for ET as its much easier to reach 200-250 all the time, keeping your mouserate much more stable at all times.

Much like you want to keep FPS stable, you prefer to have a stable mouserate. If both fps and mouserate are stable, the amount of mouseinputs (hz) will be the same in every frame, giving you a more stable mousemovement. This is also why most ppl prefer to play with 100fps 500hz / 125fps 125hz / 125fps 500hz etc as it 'syncs' the amount of mouseinputs with the amount of frames.

Use the following program to read your mouserate, it much more reliable then the old mouserate or usbrate proggy most ppl use:
nice thats all what i've needed
Quoteabout mouserate
Sent by sMiravc on Sunday 18th February 2007, 22:51

im playing on G5 now with 500Hz default rate. How could i change it to 250?

dear sMiravc,

as Germany wipout pointed out to me, the G5 is a USB 2.0 device running 500hz by default. It is impossible to change the polling rate.

is allready possible.. new setpointo gives u the possibility of use 125 250 500 or 1000 hz @ g5... dunno about mx518 ;)
i use the proggy and get stable 125/7 with the mx518
shouldnt it be higher?
i mean at least at 250

set it to 250, reboot if you encounter any problems
Sorry for asking nub questions, but how come "1 second / 500hzz = 1ms " and not 2? :O
Its called synching. In a perfect world you have 125fps and 125mouserate, whenever the pc renders a frame a mouseinput is being provideds so you end up with 1/125fps delay.

Thats why 125fps 125-250-500hz feels so nice, whenever a frame is rendedered an input it provided. The lower the mouserate the harder it gets to 'synch' the fps with mouserate. Ofc the synching of fps with mouserate has to be nuanced. Your mouserate is never stable, the higher the mouserate the more unstable it gets when tracking.

Thats why most LAN players dont have much problems with playing 125hz, as it is perfectly synched with the FPS. Ofc higher mouserate still increase smoothness, prevent hardware neg accel issues and as I stated with my 'Plz-stick-to-250/500hz-rant', high mouserates are seldomly stable and give a lot of variety of mouserates depending on how fast you move the mouse. At least in ET.

Good question :P
I still dont get it, guess it's because I dont know to much at all about this subject.
But as you say the mouserate will never be 100% stable, which means it wont be 100% synced, which again will mean theres a delay that should avrage out at 500hz (2ms between each update) hitting 125FPS (8ms between each update) with 4 updates avraging 2 ms delay.. or am I way off track?
ps: And even if it was synced wouldnt the delay still be the same?

Edit: My bad, that would be an avrage of 1 ms :p and a maximum of 2ms :D Oops. It all makes sense now :p
maximum is 1 ms :D

QuoteIn a perfect world you have 125fps and 125mouserate, whenever the pc renders a frame a mouseinput is being provideds so you end up with 1/125fps delay.
lolol the new perfo!
From now on he is Harry Potter.
ask overdrive
I used 125... was the best!!!
dont change windows sens, use 6th notch in control panel
i have it on 7th, by default
side-effect of using nexus
:D just download setpoint v 3.3 :D.... 1000hz works fine (i mean i get like 1000hz) on win xp... on win vista i got only 650hz +/-
I've changed to 250 from 125, the difference is noticably better. CU@EC :P
Even though the human response time is "200ms" (its not this high when you act of instinct but nvm for now), the responsetime means "from you see a change till you've acted on it" so 3 stages; see, process, act. It's the two last that takes up most of the "200ms". Think of it as a loop, now when you've acted you will see your changes again and act from that. But if the delay is big you wont see the changes, and there will be alot of extra processing to do for the brain. Considdering the "seeing part" doesnt take up many percent of the 200ms.
Sorry for my bad explaining skills :p
I use 500 hz,didn't try 250 but 125 is to slow for me in changing targets .It's just better when it comes to precise 1on1 mid/long range shooting.Fast shooting and creazy move ---> 500 hz :D
I will try 250 :P

Greets to MIDNIGHT SPIKAGE Zidane |||
1000 feels really jerky, 500 feels a little jerky, and 125 feels really slow. 250 feels nice and smooth. Then again I'm a noob so it won't make much difference to me ^.^
As we can see, the MX518 has Perfect Control up to 2.03 m/s (80"/s). Like the Razer Diamondback I was unable to make this mouse skip even at the fastest speed I could test at, 4.5 m/s (177"/s). The resolution was measured accurately to be 1600 DPI as expected.

Overclocking the USB port had no effect on the maximum response rate.

The other mice comparable to the MX518 are the Razer Krait and Diamondback, since they also have 1600 DPI optical sensors. The MX518 slightly outperforms both Razer mice because the Linear Limit is slightly higher. Since the MX518 is a larger mouse some gamers may prefer the shape, and I personally like the button layout since you can hold the mouse without accidental clicks.

The Logitech MX518's claim of being gaming-grade is entirely justified. The sensor has enough DPI for the High Sens players, and enough linear response to work perfectly well for those with Low Sens. The mouse will never skip when gaming. There are enough buttons to customise all the controls you like. The only real problem is that left-handers will look at you enviously when you use this mouse.

from this article http://www.esreality.com/?a=longpost&id=1265679&page=14
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