57 seconds of predi

57 seconds of Germanypredi, edited by GermanyGemb

just a short clip, nothing too fancy, I just tried to test some stuff and I somehow liked the result, eventho its not perfect :>

http://www.speedyshare.com/files/27462389/Movie-muxed.mp4 (its 1920x1080, recommend to watch with VLC)

Vimeo Stream

Stream will still take about 20 mins, verifying process still running :<

If you have any questions, pm me here or /q wrp\Gemb in irc.

(yea I know, its only 55 seconds, but it seems like the polish megui version stole 2 seconds :<)

anyways, enjoy :)
gtfo from forums please -_-
where to then? :)
journal :D you are pushing my great topic down!
QuoteWaiting in line

This video will start converting in approximately 00:14:58. You can leave this page and we will email you when this video is ready for watching.

Vimeo Plus members are moved to the front of this line and never have to wait.
QuoteStream will still take about 20 mins, verifying process still running :<

if you dont want to wait, gimme a Vimeo + acc then :p
dont have any. thats why i have to wait i guess. just opened my beer anyway, will wait for it :)
I drank my beer already too, dling VLC coz in Media Player Classic it's laggin... Waiting tho
vimeo wtf is that shit waiting rofl.
One hour download limit reached. Wait 16:15 or Login to download instantly

quite nice, but its bugged @ ending, for me atleast.
what is bugged there? I experienced that the audio is sometimes bugged with MPC, replaying the clip fixed it then :/
great quality @ stream ! quite impressive for a stream... gj
not that bad Dominik M. :D
no :D It's more inspired by 57 seconds of jaN I made some months ago :)
55secs has the film and only 39secs are of predi the rest is intro and outro
quality wise I'd consider it as stunning
frags didn't impress me that much,simply coz it's delivery :>
Editing: I didn't like the fast switches etc,I think some camtrace and third person view is ok,don't speed up the frags or sth,ruins it for me

Would like to see a full movie of you tho!=)
Keep goin'!
ty for your opinion, the "problem" with the frags is just that I didnt add hitsounds.. Although its delivery, he made a lot of headshots there (3 colt hs vs fumble, about 13-15 vs sKo, and the supply action is headshot only ^^)

full movie coming soon, but "unfortunately" its a tj movie :p but prepare for even more stunsins quality :>
it's not hard to do 3hs with colt on fumble !
delivery, serious business
i like it
i watched the stream first and had no idea what was going on because it was soooo dark. but i saw all the nice comments so i decided to download and then i realized the map was delivery! :D good stuff
yea vimeo makes it very dark, looks like I have to make 2 seperat versions in the future ^_^
lol omg at 0.46-0.48 he killed a star
really? looked like a fucking random to me.
lol ur newsch00ler then
stop talking noname :_)
Awesome quality is insane, imo the player models are abit to bright :(
n1 quality
bugged all the way for me in vlc
works in mpc though
what do you mean with bugged? If its lagging like shit and just displaying pixels, then its a codec problem.. btw do you have any sound problems with MPC?
yes i do have sound in mpc, its perfect in mpc

it "pixelizes" in vlc, im pretty sure i have all the codecs needed
would be better with hitsounds imo
and the music wtffff :|

rest is cool
Fucking great. Never thought about that but vimeo is, by far, the best solution to upload and watch HD video.
great work Gemb! keep it up! :)
Any fragmovie or intro with delivery frags included is utter bullshit. So easy to make hs only there, preshoot on the doorway :D
I can send you 500 demos from delivery, cheats on and off. headshot and 90% acc, with elviss whine. (deli + grush) intrenstead???
just a joke man XD i dont care about ur demos i dont even care if u cheat or not ;)
Now that I really watched that clip properly: shit frags vs low.
prepare to get some "u mad" jokes from oxid and other german asslicking train

on a sidenote, i didnt see anything special in that clip, ex cheater and still that bad
maurice comes from kreaturen not oxid zLOL :X
yeah and i come from parodia

proplem offiser?
Quoteand other german asslicking train
well, its my fault that you dont see anything special in it.. These frags are quite good with a lot of headshots, but I didnt add hitsounds to it as it wouldnt sound good.. the clip on supply is headshots only, and he also made quite a lot on delivery :>
Excuse me?
Your Arguments are shit mongol
arent u the one who was busted aswell? nerds cheating in online game :D:D:D

sorry mAus if i hurt ur feelings
AHA :D you hurt my feelings cause you told me that i was busted?
Great job you did there Sherlock.
Pls stop flooding me with ur shit english and keep speaking ur Mongol Language
gonna be devastating to know that u suck in online game and had to use cheat to get better :((
nah i was just cheating in a 1on1 vs a mate he was cheating aswell.
But i dunno why i should explain you why i get busted ;)
"Pls stop flooding me with ur shit english and keep speaking ur Mongol Language"

"Pls stop flooding me with ur shit english and keep speaking ur Mongol Language"

no offence since you seem to just wanna play ET and progress but you will never make it anywhere when you a) steal one of the most well known clannames in ET and b) embarrass yourself with every sentence :D you guys are stable for a while now just stop making yourself look like idiots and move up in the game =D
I cant stop it if anyone in this fucked up CF community flames us what should i do?
Get out of KREATUREN.de cause everyone of you guys say get a own clanname?
Ive changed the name allready to our old one
yes, leave them :) speak to MerlinatoR about getting a Project-Phoenix clan template and you can find a rly nice german org that isn't stealing a clanname :) there are like 500 german orgs who would happily take an ET team.
i dont wanna leave there cause my brother is there too and he helped us a lot only caue of him we got a server & ts3..
server and ts3 is basic from every org in gaming lol :d
we wrote to many MGC's.. and no one was ready to sponsor us what else should i do i just taked them ...
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Gonna Watch it if im at Home :)
1 Week then im finished with fucking Army :)))
E: good quali nice syn i want a clip too.. ;D
predi fucking pwner <3

quality wise very good and the idea and everything was great aswell.

but the syncing was off, it's hard to totally master it but i can't watch a video where it's just not synced perfectly without it being an annoying factor.
I guess you are using MPC, same as I do, there sometimes is a "bug" that somehow changes the audio track (audio tracks starts before the video, breakes up for some seconds etc.), I dunno why it is like that, but I think VLC plays it perfectly..
nah, it's just the fact it's really hard to sync perfectly to dubstep and this is sometimes nicely synced but not perfectly and that kind of bothers me when the video moves too fast/too slow.

but overall it's a good job so, gl.
nice :P mach halt mal full movie
zu sehr mit meinen anderen 2 projekten + schule beschäftigt :)
was sind deine andern 2 projekte?:P
community movie , gute sache :P
shit music
nice quality
edit the music then it would be better and do a full movie :)
Nice. I really love the editing.
Good job.
too dark:)
great movie but low frags
for example crane, all alliezz 10hp max (1 bullet 1 kill ( not hs ) )
im mad
frags (against low+ enemies in delivery&supply) 2/10
quality 9+/10

predi is a decent player, expected better frags
he dont look out for frags the demos are very old ..
Beginning is kinda strange
Colors are definately improveable
No hitsounds
Not really well-synced

gl for your next "project"
digga machs besser ohne witz kackst jeden an aber hast es selber nich drauf
Wo kack ich denn jeden an?
n1 quality bro
I saw the map was delivery and insta closed :Z
dude he plays on the same IP like me, it was him cheating ... not me -_-
Cant hear any hitsounds => Noobfrags.

E: Only Headshots, I see. Gj, Julia-Lover.
hmm.. try activating the second soundchannel throughout VLC, and put up the sampling high as well, maybe your settings are weird :/
no my "settings" are working quite fine for me "hehehe".
Nice quality. I do miss hitsounds though.
Keep it up.

Predi pwner!
lkkr predi
U killed ironic.

You would've backstabbed him.

who the fuck are you anyway? :D
who are you papi? do you think you're known to more than a little couple of people?
He keeps replying to me saying i'm a backstabber while i don't even know who he is.
Im Gemb :D
sup papi? saw that you had a nice christmas :>
Why are you speaking about christmas?
I saw some pics from you on christmas, partying hard with gf(?)
Not my gf, and didn't party hard, it was with familly, and it was awesome.
fail like jaN's testclip
fuckin' nice
sweet, quality wise. I really liked that dubstep :D waiting for full movie ;)
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