Mapping contest

LATEST INFO: All maps have been submitted now. After speaking with a few players, none agreed the maps were ready for competition yet. After SAGE, the ball will start rolling again. Mappers: feel free to upload your map to public servers to get testing done. I will announce another deadline after SAGE!

There are 5 entries in the mapping contest. To see the 5 maps, read this news post. You can play these maps on rotation here:

This thread is for the feedback. Please be as constructive with your feedback as much as you possibly can. Provide screenshots if you find a bug, or even a video. The mappers have spent a lot of spare time to make these maps for the better of ET. One of the mappers will win, but this doesn't mean the other maps cannot be used.
Download URL issues, may want to sort that ...
Cheers, fixed.
slac server?
pirates = best name
pirates map is the best, it's awesome actually
still need one more way at the first stage u can hold izi the first stage fullhold so if 2 teams with the same skill play on this map it will be instand double fullhold
Pirates won't work in competition right now.

1st stage is nearly impossible for allies with a good defence. 2nd stage is also quite hard to attack. I'm sure skilled snipers in the boat can totally destroy a 3 man attack from main (I think it's main).

Didn't really play the others a lot.

Tourine axis (I think 2nd spawn) is hard to get out of. Too easy spawnkill.
maybe we could disable Covert on this map ..
Isn't snipers restricted to 1 cover op per army after delivery was published?
Think so but 1 is still too much.
You really think 1 sniper can kill 3 medics?
Easily in pirates. When a "skilled" sniper is on the boat, hidden behind some pillars he can easily shoot 2 guys down without them able to get to cover.
When you keep in mind there are like 3 other medics behind him he can't do anything when allies revives each others. Imo sniper @ last stage is just useless but who knows without testing :)
Ofc it all depends on the situation, but it's just very easy to defend.
We will see :=)
problem is, the sniper has 4 teammates ;)
Pirates and Tounine only need some smaller adjustments to be fully playable imo :)
The others I don't know tbh, I just didn't get them. They looked quite bad and didn't play out nice on public.

I'll drop a more lenghty reply with better feedback tomorrow or so!
First off a great thanks to all mappers still out there!

Tounine was quite nice. I can except some nice docrushes but something needs to be done with the tank, imo put it a bit longer path imo. There is rly no problem with tank driving for allies cause of small path, also nice tjs. And nice to see a sand map again!

Rest ill update later when i played them
I enjoy Pirates. It's really pleasant to play it at least for the beauty.
But it should be hard to attack.

Tounine seems to be a good map. Last part should be hard to defend. Axis couldn't cross around the bunker.

Other suck. (if mappers want more info pmme)
Anyways, I can't make the quarter of the half you do
Pirates @ axis stage = total pwnage :D
remove the knickknack, a smaller size, less objectives
pirates has the potentiel to be really good
are there going to be videos that give a tour of the map, like previously? i dont play, but i want to be able to see the maps :)
At first I'd like to thank everyone involded, you guys did a good job so far.
Now my detailed feedback to every map. Please notice I only played the map @ Axis

Make the spawn ways (corridor) wider, otherwise Allies can easily spawnkill with spam nades and/or a panzerfaust. When you made delivery playable, you also made the ways wider to avoid spam shit. Same should be done here. I really enjoyed playing this map, it's my favourite at the moment. Thumbs up.

It surely needs more details. Also add some boxes and/or bushes at the 2nd strage for Allies to hide. Maybe a tower or a house would do the job aswell. The don't really get the first stage, but it still reminds me somehow of Oasis. Allies can easily invade, imo.

Seriously, which idiot set the spawntimes? Public heros will like it but for comp. it's just bullshit. Place the Axis spawn more backwards, otherwise the Axis can rape the Allies a bit to easy. Add also some walls, bushes all the time is annoying - at least for me.

Quite huge, isn't it? The Axis spawn at the 2nd stage is too perfect imo. Add another room they spawn in, otherwise it's kinda too easy to push out and kill the Allies. 1st stage also needs a edit. Boxes and stuff, you know? I'd also suggest to make the tower in the water accessible (with a ladder). There you can place 1 or 2 covis. Or make the beach like et_beach with more places to hide. And btw, why the hell there's an ammo cabinet at the flag? It should be activated when Allies took the flag, otherwise Axis can easily spam around. Not good. LoL

Also at this map you need more textures and details. Add more places to hide at _both_ stages. It feels so empty, but I really like the idea with the flags. And clip the roofs at the Axis spawn, that's so fucking annoying. There's also a bug you can stuck in, but I don't know really where it was. Will take a look later and talk back to you.

For the first stage I'll be adding some more cover on the middle roof tops for Axis to help defend a bit better.

For the last stage, I'll be reducing the wasted space and adding more structures to provide some cover.

For both stages, I've got big plans for map details.
good stuff, keep it up!
Ppl could use wond3r's reply as example!

And i don't know why people whine about textures/colors etc? It's still in BETA, not the final version in which is everything pixel perfect. Check the layout etc!

Are stages balanced enough? yes/no, and explain which.

Do stages need more coverspots/more open? for which team and what stage/spot?

Do some paths need to be longer/wider?

Just focus your critism on the layout mostly, details are always nice eyecandy and mapmakers love to add them, tho some prefer first to have a good playable layout.

things like this are just useless:

Quote "it reminds me a lot of an already existing map"

Quote "Quitted Castle after some minutes, at least 1st stage looks kinda bad, floor, walls, all the same."
Maybe do a smaller map (less long ways). Just do the size like supply so the battle is central.
Only played 2 maps once so far, for Tounine, it reminds me a lot of an already existing map, I played on jaymod, can't remember the name + there are too many paths imo, but maybe it's just because I don't know where to go yet..Looks are nice.
Quitted Castle after some minutes, at least 1st stage looks kinda bad, floor, walls, all the same. The road then doesn't seem too playable in competition for me..
Need to play more though, to be able to judge it decently enough.
There is already a map called Castle_b1 :S
so this are the new pub IP's ?:XSAD
This is what I think after playing every map on Public and going through every corner on every map on my very own server.


1. There are 4 towers/rooms with windows at the start. You could try to remove the 2 middle rooms with windows and leave one tower on the right and one on the left.
Then it would be easier for allies to attack because 4 Axis players can't camp/hide/medpackwhore/lean at four towers.

----------->SCREENSHOT<-----------[/b]]image: 9q79X

2. Add a ladder or destroyable wall with dynamite
Start is too easy to defend. Arty @ the only way to get in -> Allies start boosting/tjing = fucked up stage.

----------->SCREENSHOT<-----------[/b]]image: B3Vbg

----------->SCREENSHOT<-----------[/b]]image: 0EuJg

3. Add second spawn for Allies opposite 1st spawn
Axis can spawnkill/arty Allies 1st spawn too easily.

4. Remove a couple of boxes near pirateship
There will be less camping behind boxes.

5. Remove ammo/health cabinet
ET is about teamplay, we got fieldops not 5 man Axis medic army defending the only entrance to the Old City.

6. Fix the spawntimes (20 Allies 30 Axis)
Current spawntimes (15 Allies 20 Axis) = Too much rambo medics. Besides it's hard to get the flag with those spawnratios.


1. Remove the roof/ladder next to tank barrier
When allies have taken objectives and all axis are unfortunately @ fulls. Objective guy going trough tunnel to the transmitter. If you are an axis there's no way to go through this

----------->SCREENSHOT<-----------[/b]]image: Tzqbu

This roof is just too dominating.


Nothing can be made to make it playable for competition, good for jaymod server tho.

edit. btw who did pirates and tounine?
full of win !
great ideas

about 4:
keep in mind its 5o5, cabs for allies only imo, this is it
for allies it's ok (but the ammo cabinet should be allowed only when the flag is capped and main blown up) but when we keep in mind that axis defend 1st stage and got plenty of ammo packs and defending with 5 medics there's no way to get the flag agaisnt an even team.
pirates -> FireFly
tounine -> eiM
Alright! :) Will there be some kind of showmatches or something, because it seems it's hard to choose between tounine and pirates without testing?
I think TLR/Seanza/Merlinator will organise some testcup the coming days/weeks to get more feedback. And in any way the winner will be decided after the second deadline, which is in a few weeks at which beta2 with gameplay updates has to be sent in.
Well you haven't received much feedback I guess (at least I haven't seen many serious posts at People just keep saying pirates is good, tounine is ok, others sucks. People MUST start talking not just saying it's good.
yea :D all that can help is cups or people playing it as without any playing experience noone can give good competetive feedback, only opinions
that's so true
well first of all big thanks to the guys who made this, i like them all
second in my opinion if et should move forward we should remove supply/gold and add the new maps to the maplist in cb/esl ,.... well it is obv teams wont realy play this maps aslong maps like supply and gold are there

we could try to remove gold/supply for 1 ec/oc season then everybody will play radar/adler and ofc the new maps all the time instead of this boring suply/gold ...

cheers eujen
ill just gonna copypaste my comment here like u did:

are u nuts?
et = goldrush
We should play some old maps instead of making new maps all the time :) There won't be a perfect map by making new one continuously but goldrush is very close to it.
good job mappers :)
Ok, here comes my preview (played allies):

1. Frozen:

Strafemap <3 :D I also liked the idea with the ice on the ground, makes it special in some way (Fast rushes etc.) But its way toooooo big and very empty (also felt lost from time to time). Add more details like boxes, tress etc. and rework textures etc. However, i dont think that this map will be played on etpro mod. For me it looks like a funmap, so maybe it better fits into Jaymod etc.

2. Castle

Wayyyyyy too big and very empty (needs more details). Axis can push to the first allies spawn very fast and can do too much spawncamp (all this small tunnels etc. makes it just too perfect to spawn camp). Second stage is ok but whats that after CP? The whole areal around the objective place is just tooooo wide and the dark ground makes it pretty hard to see axis who are camping all over the field.

3. Jungle

Nothing against the guy who did that map but wtf? 5 and 10 secs spawntime, too long ways for the allies to attack and axis can camp or push all the time due to short spawntime.
Getting the first flag will be luck only so its not what we wanna see (teamplay and organnized rushes). Didnt had the time to look into further stages of this map (sorry).

4. Tounine

Hmmm, dont know what i should think about this map. It looks nice and i really liked the concept, that the map is contructed like a circle so that u can reach every point of the map within some short time. Will make it hard to work out defence-tactics and will force the teams to change their strategy all the time. On the other hand i think the map is too open and would need some more seperation into different stages.

5. Pirates

Really really liked this map (the textures are amazing and the dark and foggy look is fine). To get a nice stopwatch map out of it, it would still need some work. Firs stage need a second entrance (too easy to defend.) Further stages are ok from what i saw but didnt had the time to look into every corner :D All in all its maybe a lil bit too huge, but ok maybe it will work (remember radar).

At the end a want to give a rating in which order the maps could be used in stopwatch-mode:

1. Pirates
2. Tounine
3. Frozen
4. Castle
5. Jungle

Engi smg landminer in the tunnel is a must imo :=)
Have trickjumpers also test the maps, Pirates is ridiculous with the roofs not clipped.
Idk, Pirates very good map imo.

I like jungle too.Its difficult for allies, but 1 map still must be Axis sided.
Maybe do another ladder in the water where the ship is. It's annoying to get pushed or fall in water and swim around the ship...

Did you noticed the brush in the sky? (the red, blue, green thing).
It's above the river on the left of map.
That "brush" is the plane model. It works when the plane flies over and drops the dynamites.
Yeah, I'll be making more detailed plane route later on that doesn't involve a plane spawning in thin air :p
I like Junge, castle and pirates.

Pirates: add a 'sideroute' on the first attack and close the right tower window. Makes it more solid to defend but with an extra acces route for allied.
Also the middle stage(With cp etc) is abit like a maze or felt like it(maybe add a more forward spawn?)

Jungle: Good map, although IF the axis manage to push forward and put arties on the alllied first spawn it's pretty imposible to attack again, maybe add a cave way around the back or make it like Battery first stage with a side spawn on the other side and a side way there.

Castle: Good overall, some might say oversized. But some people also got used to Radar's open spaces so, just add abit more cover like little rocks around the dyno area so the allied can actually hide from bullets(maybe like on Beach, the little rock pillars and iron crosses). Make the dynamite plantable, to increase the excitement or make allied steal a gunshell from the gun and run that back. Running something towards the obj is very easy to camp for the axis..... just all camp at the gun and hold tight.

The ice map is fucking awful, its not a hard objective or anything but it just doesnt look well though about. Just square buildings popping out and it's all VERY basic mapping. Work it out more and pay more detailed attention to the looks and it could be a decent map.

The desert map, havent played it loads, but seems okay-ish. I don't like desert maps, except goldrush which is one of my favorites. I think we have enough desert like maps already to pick from(karsiah, oasis, the new one from that french mapper, battery etc).

Overall all maps are nice to play pub on! I would only select one/two out of the first three I gave feedback on. Hope my stuff is of any use (A).

GL definatly hoping to see some of these maps back in Ladders or atleast a testing cup(onedaycup or w/e with teams from different levels, dont care about highskillsuperstars cause they will just whine about not knowing all the trick on each map and loosing cause of it...)
Yeah I was bit pushed for time on the last stage of castle as I scrapped my original first stage 2 weeks ago and started again so didn't get to finish adding what I wanted to put there.

I'm getting mixed views about the dynamite objectives, I personally would like to keep the original idea but maybe expand on it a little so it just isn't a case of running in and touching the trigger to blow the gun:

I'm currently making my own explosive model that resembles this. So was thinking once you have delivered it, you have to press button on the charger end which would be outside somewhere in order to blow the gun up.
nice idea

maybe make it that u need engineer to build the 'explosive' and then run back with the charger to spawn or something to safely blow it up. this way ull have the teamplay for going towards the obj, and the docrun back with the charger. Bit of both

keep the idea of the C4 like explosive tho its really nice :P would like to see pics of the 3D modelling ;)
QuoteI don't like desert maps, except goldrush which is one of my favorites. I think we have enough desert like maps already to pick from(karsiah, oasis, the new one from that french mapper, battery etc).

Yes we do have enough desert maps but people rarely plays those maps. That's why we need a new desert map to the mappool and in my opinion tounine has much potential to be added on the mappool (tho needs a couple of fixes and much testing). I like tounine myself because there aren't much walls which of course makes it more even for both allies and axis (less camping)
well i didnt play tounine alot yet and i just finished a 3on3 on the map and it was alot of fun. Only downer was that allied ran all the way to cp on the first rush and we got sandwiched from 3 sides :/ quite annoying and in 5on5 its way to easy for allied with 3 acces points
played 3on3 on pirates and tounine, and imo the best is tounine :) but the last axis spaw has problems, it's too easy to spawnkill :/

Pirates needs cp spawn, and the last axis spawn is really too far from the truck...
I think the rough CP location on pirates and the truck location should be swapped around - with the new CP location bringing a forward spawn for allies.

this would make the new truck location better placed to defend against, as generally if axis has a 6-7 second fullspawn when allies get docs, they will win no matter what because of the current truck location.

Would be great to see some show matches on it.
It's the worst one. The ice ground is shit idea, please. Axis can camp @ underground cave so easily. Objectives are not hard. Basic mapping.

Haha, it might be good, but for jaymod. I played something like this 3 years ago @ nq, alot of fun. But seriously, spawntimes - kidding? Objectives, hmm, there are only two or three ones. Took the flag, steal documents, bring them to pontoon(?). Same like Frozen, basic mapping.

First stage is, hmm, trickjumping stage? It's not hard to take the flag when allies got decent trickjumpers. Second stage is similar to radar. Side underground way is fucked up tbh. One axis can camp @ cp and it wouldn't got build. I don't really like those objectives standing behind main gate. They should be in some house imo. Yeah, it's better than two ones above, but it doesn't suit into competition.

Decent map. First, remove windows @ 2 middle towers or like /adeto said/ remove right tower's window and make a 'sideroute'. Add forward spawn for allies. And the streets are very narrow, easy to camp. Hmm, nothing else to add. Decent map.

Best map. BEEEEEESTESTESTEST. I didn't see the controls/transmitter where i bring those documents @ minimap/map. Nothing else to add. Best map for competition.

I hope my feedback will help you @ editing maps.

Okay so yesterday we played a real 5v5 agaisnt someone on irc and this is what i have to say.

Pirates first part is way 2 hard took us 6 mins to get flag and we had a sick lineup.
And spawntimes are way to short it was really mission impossible for both teams. The rest is perfect i love that map.

Tounine is the kind of map wich is really good already and doesnt need much more.

Frozen doesnt really need that first part i think or should change it a bit cause it will be chaotic at flags.
how would you think about the spawntimes on tounine. I've put axis 25 for a reason (so spwan-intervals arent as repetetive as with 20/30 and 10s difference [see supply]). Or is it too easy to defend with "just" 25seconds of spawn. Also I think the last spawn for axis might be too easy to spawnkill. There could either be a second small spawn (forward hut style, just backward hut in this case) in another lower bunker complex behind the objective-bunker OR I had to rework the spawnexits so it is not that easy to spawnkill anymore. I think the latter is the better idea. Two exits downstairs and probably a bit of rework of the upper one so it is not so easy to camp it.
yep, rework the 2nd spawnarea!
sorry for late reply i was bit off. I replayed it and i think u should put doors at the upstair entrance that only axis can open (the entrance to go to obj room) so no allies would come by there + a small hut or 2nd spawn behind that big obj thingy in the corner would be fine also
at jungle there needs to be a side way that can be destroyed and constructed. something like braundorf side. and some of the grass has to be removed, cant see shit through it.
pirates is nice.
Anyone tried midnight_b2 yet?
havent played it with people yet but the last stage still looks a bit plain, could use some more line of sight blocking in my opinion. The contrast between the first (city) and the second (castle) stage is a bit too much. Then again scaling it down and creating trenches would make it feel too much like radar. Maybe some inner castle walls?

Pirates : the first stage looks horrid now, shouldve kept the old spawn location and maybe placed the ramp west of the main entrance. Could keep the current eastmost path. I like the new truck location, gives the axis a chance of preventing the secure (bit like adler). And there are less crates there now than in tc_base, cheers :)

Tounine : expected a few changes to the layout of the bunker area. Havent played it though, the spawns still at all the same places?
Yeah, the last stage is still a work in progress, there will be some more variance that will make it feel less empty.

looks like its now very hard to defend (not attack anymore) as the allies spawn is directly in front of the main battle area

...more critizism to come...
Yup, Placing the Allied beach spawn right at front of the entrance was a bad decision. I'm working on the final - beta3- version of the pirates map and I've already moved the allied spawn to the east side.
I hope u rise the spawntimes from 10/20 to 15/25, 20/30 or something
its 20/25 afaik
i think pirates is awesome if allies can blow some wall at the beginning and spawntimes 20/30 and fix the bug where you can see thru the wall :P
Any idea how mappers shall upload map as Seanza account seems disabled ?

"host[] said: 550
Unknown user (in reply to RCPT TO command) "

I want to thanks all of You who gave valuable suggestions to improve my TM_JUNGLE map:
+ fixed spawntime (it was 5sec as i used during developing, then forgot to fix it in Beta1 :(
+ rebuild all spawns
+ add side corridor to let axis easier return stolen document
MD5: 90c9fe904186b58c79f276945ced5754 *tm_jungle_b2.pk3
Received the maps, will be releasing a post tomorrow about them.
what a pity
with all due respect, some maps are probably ready for competition, but noone has even tried to play them. It's a shame that the interest in them is that low and a later deadline especially after LAN will not change that (imo)
except ofc LAN preperation is taking up the time of most of the community atm :) especially Seanza.

I _might_ attempt another cup or something, this time with a small prize maybe to attract some teams in.
when the first deadline approached I contacted every top 10 ET team to find one , which is willing to test a map against the TLR lineup. Yet everyone stated that there is not interest in seriously testing a map.
Some individual players ofcourse wanted to, but there was no whole team (skilled) that cared about it.
Obviously LAN preparation "now" takes their time, but it does not change the fact that most people dont give a fuck ;)
yup as we talked about before, this is indeed quite obvious - sadly. :(
QuoteAfter speaking with a few players, none agreed the maps were ready for competition yet. After SAGE, the ball will start rolling again.Mappers: feel free to upload your map to public servers to get testing done.

Who are those players and where can I find their feedback to make my Pirates map ready for competition? Like Eim said; Some of the maps are definitely ready for competition. You can move the deadline over and over again, but the maps will remain the same without any proper feedback.... Uploading the maps to public servers is - in my opinion - pointless, Because then we get feedback from players that played the maps on servers with 32 or even more players, while the maps are designed for 6vs6.
You are aware that the maps should have been designed for 5v5, right? :P
Pirates map was created with 5vs5, still on behalf of the other 4 mappers I'd like to know who these "few players" are that made you decide to change the deadline.I would love to hear some feedback from them. Without their feedback we cannot improve our maps, regardless of any new deadline...
If this thing doesn't go ahead I will organise an exhibition match between two top Australian teams with view to include it in our ladder's map pool.
die haben kein interesse weil sie kein bock haben neue maps zu trainieren und befürchten von underdogs geowned zu werden. man bräuchte wie die nevo challenge einen cup mit geld mit den neuen maps im mappool, anders wirds meiner meinung nach nie änderungen geben in diesem spiel
moving the deadline changes everything :p. now the maps will only be played at a onedaycup in the best case, with random teams. hooray for feedback
Maybe people just don't want/feel the need for a new map?
They're just fucking lazy.
just play railgun, fueldump and oasis
shit map is shit
Nice how the mappers put all that effort in for those attending the LAN only to have the majority of those players not bother testing the maps and then have the audacity to turn around and say we don't want to play any of them come the final deadline.
nice, will add it to our map pool
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