RTCW 10 years anniversary cup


Cup webpage online - http://clanbase.ggl.com/news_league.php?lid=12100
Shifting from a 1 day cup to a multiweek cup.

On September 17, 2001 Return to Castle Wolfenstein mp test 1 came out with mp_beach as the very first map. This means the game is going hit the 10 year mark on Saturday 17 sept 2011. This demands an anniversary celebration.

I've saw some early plans on CrossFire.nu forums about people talking about an anniversary cup, however nothing really came out of that. I'm not expecting any miracles and also not expecting any wonders. But let's make something out of it. I need YOU, yes YOU to help me realising this. But let me come back on that a little later. Here below is the idea and what i've already done.

The idea:
Cup start on 25 september 2011.
Cup is just 1 evening/day.
However there is a slight posibility that it could start 1 week earlier.
Bring atleast 2 RtCW teams as a showmatch.
However, if there are many signups... a small tournament with 3 to a max of 8 teams.

The classic rules with classic maps:

6 players (max 1 panzerfaust)



Cup rules details, got to work that out later.

Even though it's still far away and there could be changes in the current crew; i've contacted these people personally and they all agreed.. however, It's deffo not a 100% promise yet. Atleast I know that they will try their best to keep this date clear and they are happy i'm so early with this. So people could actually plan things ahead. Remember, we are 10 years older as well! Some have kids, married.. work etc.

For Cupsupervising:

For Shoutcasting:
WarWitch ''The legend'' (Former TSN)
Deeay (Former TSN / ITG)

For Camera/WolfTV:

needs to be arranged.

needs to be arranged

Game Servers with OSP:
needs to be arranged

Players: (for now)
Ramzi (NL, GMPO)


All looks good Ins0mnia, but what do you require from me?
Well, obviously we need teams, teams of 6 players. SPAM THIS on community webpages, gaming news webpages.. etc etc, if you know RTCW players. Bring them! If you know how to find the OLD players, DO so! Inform them and tell them about the RTCW Cup.

You've got a wolf server?
Would you please contact me!

You've got streaming capabilities?
Yes? You have? Then talk to me please!

You want to play at the cup?
Post below your team name and setup!

You've made a Logo?
Feel free to contribute!

You've got comments?
Trash them here below! I'm counting on YOU!

Quote''Der wolf! EIN MORE TIME BITTE!'
''Salute the AXIS goat''
That's over 4 months away, but good luck nevertheless!
Yup, I know.. better start now then to late.
Gonna be available for this!
10 years.... fml
Thought the same :D
For Shoutcasting:
WarWitch ''The legend'' (Former TSN)
Deeay (Former TSN / ITG)

cool =o
if this is playable without a key
pmme on #seareal avi for team
I honestly don't know how the community looks against this these days.
well.... is it generally accepted to play without keys these days? do more tournies do that?

I honestly don't know what the general point of view is.
i played rtcw offline more then online,
1x allday rtcw & 1x rtcw and et 2003&2004

played online 1x few months ago without a key.

so i have no idea how its played thies days
american teams allowed?

WarWitch <3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Su9Q9lHq34k
Good Question, I'll come back to that.

If we get 2 usa teams, perhaps even a seperate tournament? I'm just throwing a ball here.
10 years! ;_; RTCW gave some awesome memories. Hope it all runs smoothly.
I would be interested in playing :)
Nice idea Insomnia, good luck getting it going :)
i would install RTCW again for this^^
fuck brink lets go back to RTCW! :O
avi for a team ! (:
avi for a team :)
I have a birthday on the 17th of September :/
idd it's wolfenstein! (The tourny is on 25th!)
Still got RtCW installed so, im gonna play some public soon...

will keep reading this topic ^^
If FDNL is playing, count me in!
avi for team
You crack me up, you're happy that RTCW nearly exists 10 years, on 17 sept to be exact, then you announce the date of the tournament and that's 25.. Lol, why not on 17th then? or even before and have the final played on that date or whatever.
Some changes in the world has a reason, I slightly hinted in the announcement the reasons why......... but let me get it clear in Sesame Street language....

We are a bit older now, heck we are adults (shocking), we do have scedules.. sometimes those scedules collide with things. As since I find it important to have people like WarWitch in our mids. He entertained us during BoB1/2, ClanBase EuroCups, QuakeCon 2002, CAL and mucho more....

I would say, an anniversary cup without WarWitch? Nein, herr commandant does not agree. I rather postpone something 1 week, then go without ''The legend''.

But anyway, do those 8 days really matter THAT much to you that you had to cry about it?
Oh nevermind can't be bothered to conversate with a minor, see a shrink for your problems, you obviously got some lol. Weirdo, being able to relate anything I said to 'crying'. You must've done well at school with such intuitive comprehensive behaviour.
I couldn't care less which date it is, simply pointed it out because it's the first thing one notices when reading this journal. But obviously the only thing that's pointed out is that this cup needs (an)other admin ;-]
Random insulting doesn't get you anywhere.
You're all grown up now, my job here is done.
You successfully made yourself look like an asshole :)
give me link with download and key etc and i will play
good luck might be avi :)
if you put enough effort in it you can pull out a proper cup instead of a 1 day cup thingy.

there should be +-5 teams able to play right as of now - for more teams you really have to be into it and motivate people.
servers and streams weren't much of a problem last cups i believe, also there are no-cd key servers around...
I completely agree with you there.

The question is, do I get enough motivated people to be there for more then one day? If so, I'm willing to put more effort into that.
it's up to you and the admins but it shoud be possible to host another proper cup. using the cb system might also be an advantage but who knows...
I could ask for the CB system. I dont think my old friends would ingore that request.
no-cd key servers (1.0) got fucked up hitboxes :/
he is referring to no cdkey 1.4 servers
just don't give it a stupid name like RtCW b-day cup. give it a cool name like most leagues do for their cups :)
For just a one day cup not many teams will be motivated to play and pracc for it.

A normal groupstage cup from september to november would be awesome
2 months is way.. way to long, people would drop out. Especially the ones that hasn't been there for a long time.
well those teams would be eliminated in the groupstage allready ;)

It's your choice, but for anything less than 6 weeks I prolly wont be getting a team.
Wim give it up.
go make rtcw live !
Well mouly you always can come play with FDNL =]
nice, is there any osp pub server still alive ?
yes, checked it yesterday. They are a bit.. empty.
thats too bad. i hope it will get active again..
Will be avi, no lows q:
lol nice idea insomnia, long time that i saw u on here :D

good idea, I might be available... Any daily activity at RtCW pubs? :o
no, you need to gather a team and play scrims if you don't want to play against shrub bots
Check tutorial section soon.... all can play.....
Great! Available! :) I will spam some Rewind guys and the KiH svenska's. Kreaturen people will be hard to find but you never know.
I always loved you :-) thanks!
ssssssyL! Make it happen.
Get some Alban and Boogie etc plzzzzzzzzzzz :)))))
make a real cup, and plan finals on date that rtcw retail version was released :p

my team: ezbash is avi for the cup (or in any other form)
We'll see how much activity there will be after summer, probably loads more than now :)

Im sure youll get lots of help from rtcw people if theres enough interest, ambition and interest in the cup.

But of course, [flag=??;)] fixed will be in. ;)
Poland ToxicGirl is 100% confirmed, gonna make a player list very soon from who is Av. I want to transfer this to a dedicated webpage, organising an tournament via a message board is far from ideal.
Cool. Could be fun!
I will install rtcw once again , great idea Insomnia :)

Ramzi, Refuse, Jehuty, syL.. feels like 2003 all over again!
Great idea :)

but i doubt i can run up the beach and go get the docs at this age :p

Will try tho >_<
#Care! Just join old geezer!
I would be interested to participate in this thingy....
How does this RtCW work? Do I need legit key to paly paly?

pf-1man-specialist looking for clan!
O_o real darkie????
who is this fake darkie? Is it that Austrian wannabe?
Hes trolling... The real Peter "Darkie" Bacon dont have time anymore for anything.
Handing in my Bachelor thesis tomorrow at 12.

Darkie didn't have time for anything this spring [X]
Darkie has time for loads of paly paly hopefully now? [X]
Man, these are awesome news, were unexpected, RTCW is a great game and really deserves this, would be cool, if some old clans and players come back from this,
Ill try my best to contact any good "new school players 2006-2009" ;P
ofc im 100 percent avi for this, but if everybody helps in giving this message through, we can expect to have something better than a 1 day cup, (which i hate cuz u have to play whole day-.-) so i agree with Mly in making some weeks long.
AVIIIII on september 4 any team any class.

4 all ppl who dosent know wher to download here u have the all 1.4 pack.


just download it and start to play. no need pacthes or other shits.

4 cfg i ask better players to put here theyr cfgs or links 4 them.

rtcw had thousends of players and lots of ppl buyed the game wich means that cd keys still work. in my case i tryed the rtcw key generator (included in the pack) and after 5 or 6 key i got one wich worked. dunno if it was luck or not.

when u start the game it will be very hard to find servers with ppl and if thers ppl probably they will be scriming already.BUT stills very easy to find teams to play against. specially 3o3

join #rtcw.wars and ask or just say ur avi and prolly some one will contest u. of corse im talking about 20 21 and 22 cet.. mor or less then that will be very hard

if u just want to try the game without having this searching stuff i recommend 1.0 no cd key needed


wierdly this mode still have some few servers with ppl 24 hours per day but i need to advise you the game type is really different from1.4. mainly DM and really stupit game speeds. still its good to improve ur aim.

so if some one is making a new team PM me on irc or here. cya



The reasons behind this has been stated before and are rather obivious.

1. A lot of the retired players really dont know the map. Wouldn't be fair to them and would disencourage the oldies.
2. Our coverage people never casted on that map. Would be a rather dull shoutcast.

Look, this cup is to satisfy the old feelings, not what has been done last 2/3 years. But rather as the start of the first 2/3 years.
man i could give u some demos of ppl playing frostbite on 2003... kinda weirdo the oldies dont know that map.

but kk
I've introduced it AFTER Quakecon 2003 and EuroCup/OpenCup season 8 at ClanBase. By then most of the clans disbanded. Yes, during EuroCup 10 it was added to the map pool. This was at start of 2004, most of the hot oldies such as mysod/amnesia, 4kings, iNfensus etc etc etc have quit RtCW by then.

However, we did already allow it on the ladders tho. But most top teams weren't interested in a new map because QuakeCon 2003 didn't support it.
If I remember right, most of the "oldies", as you love to call them, just joined a different clan later on, no ?!
nope, most of the topperds went to ET, CoD1 or stopped completely.
I have to disagree .. dignitas and emaho were basicly a mix of "topperds", KiH too, unique.nl had some amnesia/mysod members, unique.de was basicly former a-Losers, I think scelesto recruited some 4K guys this year, the move team had top german players aswell, + KoD guys etc etc. 2005, ok rtcw was completely dead, but not 2004 ... you and zeni seem to have a particular hate towards this year, I've always wondered why ... :-(
and you forgot one game that swallowed many players :-D fucking shitty WoW ^^

please correct me if I'm wrong ;c!!
Some part.. you are right. But I dont know what you mean with most amnesia members..

...most of mysod/amnesia split to CoD (Blaze, Zemme & Darv) (Mysod.cod) The other part went to ET (mysod.et), Dolt, Vas and Me. After the .et dev got kicked, we started to play in the first EuroCup in ET under the name Amnesia / .@:.

Source; check group d: - we dropped out shamefully: http://clanbase.ggl.com/news_league.php?lid=1365 - this was the most regretable thing we ever did as a clan.

RTCW lost his EuroCup status back in spring 2004, because to many teams disbanded and players quiting the game. Everyone has their own story for it.

However after a few months some people gave up on CoD and ET and rejoined the RTCW scene. That was also the reason to return with an EC to RTCW in 2004 fall. However, non of the original RTCW amnesia players returned.

But ill be honest I dont know what happend to the twins Titan & Maximus, Panzer Psycho Grandpa dissapeared from earth, Krekc quit and frog I cannot remember.

Ofcourse there could be some former members such as Ramzi, Apache, Jehuty.. however I have no direct traces what happend after they got kicked/left the clan.

This is just one example of a team, yes ofcourse in spring 2004 there where still some players around. But it wasn't as strong as in 2002 and 2003.

fuck wow indeed, it was the final blow to RTCW. (but it also ripped CS 1.6 apart)
I should not have talked about amnesia because you actually had so many members ... ^^

Anyway, titan still continued to play for average clans till 2005/2006, maximus no ideas, I think the last time I heard of him, it was christmas 2004. "Panzer psycho grandpa" ? you meant PsychO ? ;o I didn't personally know the others !
- Working on a partnership for hosting the tournament. This is rather important for me, makes it much easier to communicate and to deligate then a website forum.
- Working on a sponsorship as we speak (prices motivate people!), i'm not allowed to reveal any detailed info about that yet.

IRC Channel?
End of june live.

Update: 2
Request for Cup has been accepted. We are going to ClanBase.

Admins, could i get a sticky? Want to keep this page for comments and references.
awesome mate
CupRequest accepted, we have an url. Work in Progress.

Using ClanBase script:
stepping away from the 1 day cup idea - by request.. a few weeks. Starting from 17 sept till somewhere in oct.
Have you already speaked with WarWitch and DeeAy?

logo done! :)
Indeed I have spoken with them.
ok man if u get a sticky put the links i gave u in the main message. it gets rly easy to start play
Summel might play.
RTCW ftw!!!

Now where did I put that Wolfenstein-install CD...

I wouldn't mind playing with Verdiend (V!) a match or two..
Hopefully the boys are still alive.. ;)
Make sure it's clean. There's quite few images out on net containing hacks so you'll get booted.

P.S. Hey osi, been a while :)

1.4 still requires cd key, there are few out there that may work but generally most are busted.

1.0 doesn't require unique serial so we also patched 1.4 and works without problem. Only downfall of it was, while you could run PB without any problems, PB had to have disabled banned master list. Otherwise all public serials where banned by PB so anyone using public serial passed initial key check but got booted by PB. So basically side effect is, that anyone that had a busted cd key could still play, but of course if he was cheating and hack was recognized by PB he would still get booted out as patch didn't interfere with actual PB checks.

Generally 1.4 community didn't accept it (reasonably) but since this is a rear occasion and it's reasonable that some may lost their serials over time, it's an alternative. That way anyone can play regardless of serial. Of course that's really up to you, and if you're willing to accept the trade.

If you're up for it send me a PM and I'll see if I still have patch laying here or if others have it, alternatively we can crack it once more as it doesn't take long really, just disabling few checks... :)

If any other questions shout here.

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