eG|-Public ET Pro TZAC

Come and play on our new ET PRO server

Server IP:

Information: Czech Republic Server is hosted in the Czech Republic

Anti-Cheat: Server is running TZAC anti-cheat

Gametype: Stopwatch
pm Bozar
No the server is not running TZ-AC anti-cheat, the server is using the TZ-AC anti-cheat addon.
... shut the fuck up lol
public - 12 slots ? haha
16 but who cares, you are still tagged.
sry but everything about this public seems to be bad :(
Thanks you very much for your opinions. That is good so players say their ideas so we can do changes on server which will good for game and for players.

I hoppe so you will try our game server.

I enjoy for your ideas which will help us make eG|Blue ETPro better for all players.

Have fun :-)
Thanks for hosting :)
I want say thanks all which helped me with eG|BLUE ETPro CZ. This server is now 35 on gametracker :-).

I am fixed alot things on server and now server going good.

Who do not know eG|BLUE ETPro CZ visit us, you will welcomen. :-)

Have fun :-))))
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