two cheaters, one bust?


I was playing on a public when this random guy connected:


When he started playing, he had some crazy looking binds:


Nobody can make binds with ALL the players before he connects to that server, right?


So, I wanted to be a sherlock and bust him but uh-ow:


So I couldn't bust him, but then there was a second one !


I thought he was just a wannabe, but i guess he wasn't joking:


So once again I wanted to be a sherlock and bust him:


Maybe this cheater was guidspoofing someone, but check this:

#1 Fox_renames
#2 Fox_renames_again
#3 Fox_advertise
#4 yawn

So this Fox guy is a cheater I think, He is from Netherlands and plays for Anticlimax.
Why do i think he plays for Anticlimax? i searched the guid on CB and i found this player: Darkcross
There is also a Fox in Anticlimax but he doesn't have a guid on CB: Fox

Guid spoofer, do you have his PB guid?
That Fox dude has red warnings, it couldn't be him? Cause the cheater had same config afaik.

Check the advertisement screenie
nice medi pack :P
I don't know how to get it back to normal :D
wtf @ code tags
I tried it in different ways, but it simply does not work =/

copy + past works fine to :)
funny commenting situations :D
Ye, normal busts are like old, boring, wannabe sherlock, ...


funny idd :P
skilled binds
Yep, that must be it ..
fat wihout lifes with skilleds binds
maby it is killerfox he was already busted.....
skilled sreenies
its usual
hehe nicely done

don't think it's fox, anticlimax members are being faked quite a lot lately
It's him tho :)
pretty nice digitalnick :D
nice screenshots
yep, busted, u can ask the admin/s of this server to check the logs for the banned ip: I checked in pbbans database and can u tell for sure that none spoofed his etpro guid. Hes a 100% cheater and in this one, yawn data is right:
Can you tell me more about the cheater that had [try to catch me] in his et pro guid ?
as a SGA (streaming game admin) i can see linked PB ! guids / IPs / Aliases. Just do pb_sv_banmask .You will see that he wont be able to connect the server with such command ;)

from :

IP address: (copy)
IP country: Netherlands
IP Address state: Zuid-Holland
IP Address city: Gorinchem
IP latitude: 51.833302
IP longitude: 4.966700
ISP: Koninklijke KPN N.V.
Organization: Planet Technologies

want a map? Just check this website ;)
The map sais he lives in Belgium.
But i don't think you understand what i mean, i was talking about 2 cheaters, the first one didn't even had a etpro guid.
Check the first link i think, there you can see i typed /guids and were his guid normally should stand, it sais [try to catch me]. How is this possible?
its here about 3 a.m so a bit late ;P and pls forgive me for some mistakes.

1st Q: Isn't it the same person?

2nd Q: typing /guids or /cheaters is giving you the ETPRO guids, which are shitty, crappy, unreliable, etc., BUT etpro guid should be in the hexadecimal: (from A to F and from 0 to 9), the same with cl_guid which SHOULD be your full PB guid...He used nexus (as u can notice from binds) to spoof the ETPRO guid, so heres the q, did u ever heard about pb_plist ? :P

3rd Q: If the answer of the 1st Q is yes then what i can do more for you ;P

btw :
Nobody can make binds with ALL the players before he connects to that server, right?

u can do this such things using non cheat software ;)
no problem for the mistakes, nobody is perfect.

1st Answer: No, the first cheater connected, and started owning, when i typed /guids i couldn't saw a guid with him so i couldn't yawn him aswell. Ofcourse i know about /pb_plist but .. i dunno, just didn't thought about it that moment i guess. Then the second cheater connected, and he said to me that he will put his hacks also on because he was anoyed by the first cheater '?'. But i could still see this guy's etpro guid so i guess it was an older version of the hack or he just was to stupid to use that feature.

2nd A: yes, I have heard about it, just didn't used it, i don't know why, i actually told another guy on the server though what did command does :S, maybe he tried it out, but then you have the question if he has a demo about it.

3rd A: I would liek to talk more about these bans & cheaters because i want to learn more about it and about busting cheaters.
ok :), join AntiCheat community, i would suggest u, but to do that u have to be clean and run server with latest punkbuster and settings to stream to pbbans,

now im going to bed :P, will answer 2morrow

p.s hes from Netherlands , but when u entered the site u had seen your IP ! :P

heres a link to big map:
Oke good night, pm me here asap please :D
But your link that showed me my ip

IP country: Belgium
IP Address state: Antwerpen
IP Address city: Herenthout

One problem, I don't live in Herenthout :D I live in Mol, next to Geel.
The guy u busted is in and not in real aclmx

This is teh real 1337 foxy

oke, I apoligise.

i never cheated and dont want to be named like one <3

a: i play as foXy not as fox
b: i live in the netherlands, overijssel, oldenzaal
c: look chino's post
d: i shoot way too few hs for a cheater tbh :)

got questions:, irc:

greetzz foXy
nP man, spijtig dat jullie ongeveer dezelfde naam hebben ;(
bust of the year :D
If you say so !
LOL that is the funiest bust rofl nice diagrams :>
Thanks Jizzle ;D
nice paint skills
Thank you WOLFE
'ye sure'
it's again anticlimax..
ga lessen volgen bij sherlock holmes wnb
Ga je zeggen dat ik ongelijk heb misschien?

Fox die deze nexuscheat gebruikte op de public waar ik ook aan het spelen was, zit in anticlimax-hosting op CB. Bekijk de links nog eens en reply dan nog eens.

Als je me dan nog niet geloofd, pech voor jou, die gast heeft zelfs al bekend dusja ..

zijn gebruikersnaam op xfire 'firefoxnl'

Dit is wat hij zei tegen me:

NiCk: hey
NiCk: jij was toch diegene die de cheater ownde met je cheats op arena he?
NiCk: 2 dagen geleden denk ik
#Flexi-Host[Fox]: ja :P
NiCk: nice
#Flexi-Host[Fox]: was zo kwaad heb ze toen aangetzet:p
#Flexi-Host[Fox]: wil je nog TS server?
NiCk: ik heb al een ventrilo server
NiCk: dus hoeft niet denk ik
NiCk: speel jij niet bij anticlimax hosting ofzo?
#Flexi-Host[Fox]: jawel naam is veranderd
NiCk: Darkcross?
#Flexi-Host[Fox]: lol nee
NiCk: wat is je naam dan op CB?
#Flexi-Host[Fox]: uhm
#Flexi-Host[Fox]: fox
NiCk: de guid waarmee je toen op die server speelde komt overeen met die van Darkcross die op CB staat
NiCk: is dat je broer ofzo?
#Flexi-Host[Fox]: nope
NiCk: hoe komt dat dan? :D
#Flexi-Host[Fox]: mijn zoon
NiCk: excuzeerN
NiCk: ?
#Flexi-Host[Fox]: lol
NiCk: hoe oud zijt gij?
#Flexi-Host[Fox]: ...............watte?
#Flexi-Host[Fox]: 16
NiCk: hoe kan dat dan : D
#Flexi-Host[Fox]: nee is een vriend van me :p
NiCk: waarom speelde je dan met zijn guid? ;(
#Flexi-Host[Fox]: maar als je TS channels wil zeg maar
NiCk: nee, hoeft niet
#Flexi-Host[Fox]: speelde met zijn guild?
NiCk: ik typte /guids op de server, slaagde jouw guid op, zocht hem op op clanbase en kwam uit bij Darkcross, en niet bij jou .. hoe kan dat?
NiCk: : D
#Flexi-Host[Fox]: lol weert niet
#Flexi-Host[Fox]: is mischien wel verkeerd neergezet
NiCk: door Darkcross dan?
NiCk: of dooor jou in je cheats?
<firefoxnl speelt momenteel Flyff>
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