Crossfire Devotii Challenge 3

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The Crossfire Devotii Challenge is split into two parts, which are two seperate events catering to the different users of Crossfire. The goal of Part 1 of the series is to encompass all of the aspects that have made the community and the previous challenges special. Not only will we feature prized tournaments, but we will also be hosting a Barbeque and a prized Poker Night and a quiz night ontop of more fun and games in between! Part 2 will be a massive 32 team Devotii Call of Duty tournament and 8 team RTCW tournament.
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Direct invites:

1. Europe Team <[o]>
2. United Kingdom Aim on Head
3. Finland iHERO
4. Germany HighBot.ET
5. Europe Team Dignitas
6. Europe Krest
7. Czech Republic NecroRaisers
8. Europe team-euler
9. Netherlands Hardgaming
10. Belgium Finest
11. Germany
13. Europe k1ck
14. Netherlands Kreaturen
15. France muse
16. Europe
17. Netherlands OVERLOAd*
18. Europe Superretardedplayers
19. Europe The Last Resort
20. Netherlands Mazzelaars
21. Europe Dark & Beyond
22. Netherlands brother.lan
23. Anonymous Space Available
24. Anonymous Space Available

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Direct invites:

1. Germany Mason
2. Netherlands beng
3. Germany BoBel
4. France Bracko
5. United Kingdom BRUNS
6. Ireland Chas
7. United Kingdom G0A
8. Belgium Ganon
9. Sweden jazz
10. Netherlands Jann1s
11. Netherlands marrk
12. Sweden Blaze
14. Switzerland Panzerfaust
15. United Kingdom nVc
16. Belgium Alka
18. Netherlands Rikku
19. Poland s4nd
20. Netherlands Scoobz0r
21. Scotland thelawenforcer
22. Poland Vic7iM
24. Netherlands Xhep

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To signup to the Call of Duty 2 tournament, you must complete your clan roster on Crossfire (here) and mail your application to - including a link to your Clan Profile on Crossfire and the primary email and phone number of the clan. Teams will first signup, and then an undefined amount of teams will be invited to the tournament with some remaining qualifiers. Invites will be based on players reliability at previous Challenge events as well as the rosters potential skill, proven by previous achievements of individual players and the team itself.

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To signup to the Return to Castle Wolfenstein tournament, you must complete your clan roster on Crossfire (here) and mail your application to - including a link to your Clan Profile on Crossfire and the primary email and phone number of the clan. Teams will first signup, and then an undefined amount of teams will be invited to the tournament with some remaining qualifiers. Invites will be based on players reliability at previous Challenge events as well as the rosters potential skill, proven by previous achievements of individual players and the team itself in both RTCW & ET.

Signups for Part 2 are open until September 26th.

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Netherlands Aevitas
Belgium TeK-9
Denmark Roskilde eSport
Belgium Dfiance
Netherlands #Team-Ephix
Czech Republic eSuba.HAL3000
Poland Ultra Frag
Netherlands ephix
United Kingdom Dignitas
Netherlands qbuzz
Poland FLS Gaming
Hungary Team Unique
Germany Junk52
Netherlands Serious Gaming
Hungary Drop2Trash
Netherlands Wave eSports
Germany Raptor Gaming
Netherlands Bathing Ape
Netherlands How High
Netherlands inFlux Gaming
Netherlands H2k.QPAD
Germany Team GUMMI
Netherlands Team GX
Belgium LowLandLions[/img]]
United Kingdom one.soldier
Netherlands Verdiend
Europe Professional Aimbot
Europe thesix

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London July 10, 2007 - Devotii and Crossfire are proud to host the third Challenge series at the WZZRD Enschede Gaming centre in the Netherlands.
Over 12,000 Euros in cash prizes have been provided by Crossfire and its partners for the first two hugely successful Challenges. The third event will see an increase on that figure.

Due to huge interest and the over subscribed nature of the event it will be spilt into two tournaments. The first taking place September 21st 22nd and 23rd and the second taking place November 16th 17th and 18th.

The September event will house prized tournaments for Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory 6vs6, Enemy Territory Quakewars, Warsow QCup 1vs1, Quake 3 CPM 1vs1 as well as the conclusion of the Fnatic Academy Call of Duty 2 tournament whilst November will be a dedicated devotii Call of Duty 2 event. More information on the format and prizes of these two tournaments will be announced in the coming week.

I'm honored to announce our third event and delighted that it is proving to be such a popular event in the gaming calendar, offered Stuart - TosspoT - Saw, owner of We've learnt a lot from the previous events and are pleased to be partnering with devotii, WZZRD and QPAD for the third installment. Our ambition is to champion less well know games and raise their profile in the gaming community.

Michael Benson, Marketing Director of devotii, added: "We are proud to be working with Crossfire again. These great live tournaments and our new online games arena provide even more for opportunities for teams to compete against each other in great environments. Crossfire and devotii are both aligned in trying to bring the best to gamers and gaming."

devotii is a unique subscription based online gaming offering devoted to making gaming easy; with advanced yet simple-to-use functionality in a secure environment using next generation propriety anti-cheat software. devotii is building an active gaming community with sophisticated social networking tools integrated with one-click-to-play functionality. For more information about devotii please visit

Launched in 2003 Crossfire has been the home of competitive Wolfenstein and Call of Duty. In 2006 Crossfire launched its first live off-line event to great applaud and driven by its 12,000 members continues its pledge to champion the smaller games through exposure, events and original media. Crossfire continues to work towards the goal of offering a prestigious home for its community and the challenge events are the spearhead of its plan.

Starting in 2005, WZZRD Game cafés has rapidly grown in the Dutch gaming scene.
Over two years, WZZRD has been providing gamers with the best possible gaming experience offering the latest hardware, competitions and services in the their cafés.
Recently grown to three establishments, featuring the largest Game Café in the Netherlands, it accommodates the needs of gamers for casual playing time or competitive LAN tournaments. In addition, WZZRD Game cafes organizes any type of gaming related events varying from product releases to company days, at one of its locations or externally.

QPAD is the market leader in gaming mousepads, crowned for their quality products over the years. QPAD endeavour to champion the community atmosphere of gaming supporting players and competitions across the globe. The QCUP is a project that demonstrates QPAD's dedication to its community, by supporting gamers across many platforms. QPAD first presented Warsow to the competitive community at 2007 in Enschede. After a successful project, QPAD were compelled to run a QCUP and felt Crossfire was the best organisation to run it.

Should places become available after the invites and qualifiers have been made, Crossfire will invite replacement teams based on applications made. The decision will be made on both ability and likelihood of the teams attendance on short notice. This process will be done as quickly as possible, should you wish to be considered for a replacement spot you should make it known to Crossfire admins ASAP

Crossfire retains the right to refuse admission to the tournament to any player or team should it be in the best interest of the site and tournament, any refusal will be met with a publicated reasoning. There are some predefined reasons, such as;
- Players and teams who have dropped out at the last minute of either the previous two challenges will have this count against them when they signup.
-Players who's behaviour has endangered others, or could be considered reckless or violent will also have this count against them when they signup to the tournament.
- Players who are currently banned by Clanbase for cheating are not welcome to signup.

All players competing at Part 1 of the Crossfire Devotii Challenge will be charged 50 Euros entrance fee, which must be paid via international bank transfer by Friday August 24th (Later for Qualifer teams). Players can pay individually, or teams can pay in one lump sum, please indicate (using team and gamer tags) who the transfer is from.
Crossfire will NOT refund any payments, when making the payment please ensure you wish to attend with the team that was invited. Should your team fold, your invite will no longer be valid and you will have to apply for another one with another team, whilst payment status and previous invitations will be considered, they do not guarantee you a second invitation after your team folded and your payment was sent. Only make payment if you are sure that you and your team will be attending to save yourself any lost money. Crossfire is a volunteer organisation that does not have time to devote to administrative duties such as refunds

The Crossfire Devotii Challenge 3 will take place at the state of the art WZZRD gaming centre in Enschede, Holland. Widely considered to be the home of gaming in the Benelux, WZZRD offer brand new gaming machines in a relaxed environment with a bar located in the middle of the café. The venue offers onsite match viewing with widescreen televisions and projectors, combined with in house commentary provided by quadV. High profile matches will be screened in the cinestar cinema located on the floor above for the ultimate gaming experience.

The most convenient and cost effective option to get to Enschede for international travellers is to fly into Amsterdam Schipol Airport and take the intercity train from the airport, direct to Enschede. This journey takes approximately 2 hours (although it has been known to take 3 on a bad day). The airport is connected to the main national train service, and you can find alternative routes via train here. You want to travel to Enschede D not Enschede (Enschede D is the first stop, Enschede is after). Alternatively you can travel to Bremen airport in Germany and then travel to Holland.

WZZRD have partnered with the University of Twente to ensure that once again we are able to rent out university accommodation for CDC Part 1 & 2 - This accommodation is both very cheap but very social as all the gamers are centrally located together and most people stay up chatting, drinking and playing poker. We have centralised the booking so that you can book either a log cabin or a hotel room (the logica hotel, also on university campus) through WZZRD. This means that we can keep the low rate and make sure only players & specs can stay there, the two options available are:

Budget: &#8364;16 Per Person, Per Night - Log Cabin
The huts hold 15 people. The beds are without bedlinnen so a sleepingbag might come handy, aswell as a towel for the showers. The price also includes a breakfast of 2 Sanwiches, Orange Juice and a Candybar served at WZZRD from 9 until 12.

Comfort: &#8364;29 Per Person, Per Night - Logica University Hotel

Logica has 24 rooms, all of which can be used either as single or double rooms. Most rooms have a shower and a toilet. The rooms are divided over four apartments. Each apartment has a common lounge room, provided with telephone, TV, coffee and tea facilities and a minibar. The price also includes a breakfast of 2 Sanwiches, Orange Juice and a Candybar served at WZZRD from 9 until 12.
To make a reservation you can do so through WZZRD by emailing or through this website
Note you will not be able to reserve the university accomodation on your own this time, it must go through WZZRD
Alternatively, there are some other hotels in the local area which you can check out and book for yourself, they can be found below:

Bed & Breakfast

Boekelosestraat 415, Enschede
Price: 50 euros per night, including breakfast
Persons: 2
Distance: 5 km (perfectly doable by bike, which they offer you there)
Other: It cannot hold a team, but for those that are coming just to have fun, this might be an ideal solution.

Vacation Homes
If you have a car at your disposal you can consider taking a much cheaper vacation home of which are plenty in the vincinity of Enschede and Hengelo. There are even a few close to the venue, which are doable by bike, which you can rent at the Central Station of Enschede.

Buurserstraat 500, Enschede
Price: 210 euros ppl for the entire weekend. There are two of these identical houses very nearby.
Persons: 4-6
Distance: 10.9 km
Other: It might be just on the border to do it by bike, might take you 30 mins to get to the venue. 10 to get downtown. However, the house is very well priced for what you get.

Klein Gallie
Wachterstraat 36, Enschede
Price: 175 euros for entire weekend, including everything, no breakfast.
Persons: max. 6
Distance: 11.7 km (not very feasible for ppl without a car, 40 mins with public transportation)
Other: A cheap and decent place for any CoD2 or ET team.

Het Ruifje
Wilminkweg 6, Enschede
Price: &#8364; 150,- for entire weekend, including breakfast on the first night.
Persons: 4
Unconfirmed but likely to accommodate six people.
Distance: 7 km (doable by bike through the city)
Other: You can even take care of the horses that are also on the property :P

Villa Park Eureka
Beldhuismolenweg 8, Deurningen
Price: &#8364; 255,- for entire weekend
Persons: 1-6
Distance: 13.8 km
Other: Pretty luxurious, it has a sauna and stuff.

Bad Resort Boekelo
Oude Deldenerweg 203, Boekelo
Price: &#8364;159,- for entire weekend
Persons: 4
Distance: 7.3 km
Other: One of the closer vacation homes, however only limited to 4 ppl. Wether you book a 2 person one or sneak someone in to crash, is up to you ;)


Burgemeester Jansenplein 20, Hengelo
Price: 70 euros per night for 2 ppl
Distance : 6.6 km (7 Mins by public transportation, very nearby Hengelo Central station)
Other: More luxurious than the others. Very nearby venue, which is definitely a plus. Just a bit more expensive.

Hotel Jachtlust
Weerselosestraat 306, Borne
Distance: 13.8 km (24 mins with Public transportation
Price: 50 euros per night per room (inclduing breakfast, dinner if you stay 3+ nights)
Other: Cozy hotel, even though a bit further away from the venue, it is still easily accesible with public transportation.

Hotel Drienenburght
Drienerlolaan 5
Distance: 0.2 km (on Campus)
Room 1 person (including breakfast): 72,50 per night
Room 2 persons (including breakfast): 81,00

Eden Hotel de Broeierd
Hengelosestraat 725, Enschede
Distance: 0.4 km
Rating: 8.3
Room 2 persons: 120 per 2 nights
Room 2 persons: 130

[/b]Hotel Restaurant Rodenbach[/b]
Parkweg 35-39, Enschede
Distance: 3.4 hm
Rating: 7.7
Room 1 person: 120 per 2 nights
Room 2 persons: 150

Eden Dish Hotel
Boulevard 1945 nr. 2, Enschede
Distance: 4.2 km
Rating: 7.2
Room 2 persons: 120 per 2 nights
Room 2 persons: 130

Eden Star Hotel
B.P. Hofstedestraat 50, Hengelo
Distance: 4.3 km
Rating: 8.5
Room 2 persons: 100 per 2 nights
Room 2 persons: 118

Hotel Amadeus
Oldenzaalsestraat 103, Enschede
Distance: 4.3 km
Rating: 6.7
Room 1 person: 110 per 2 nights
Room 2 persons: 130
Price money is for 2 nights, so it's not as expensive as it looks like.

There are of course more Hotels, but the others are 7 km or or further away.
The Distance is the amount of km the Hotel is away from train station Enschede Drienerlo (very close to the LAN).

If you want to be at the peak of your game then you'll need to get yourself in LAN shape! The only way to do this is to bootcamp yourself into shape and you can do this with WZZRD. WZZRD offer the following rates for bootcamping;

* 6 hours gaming
* 1 drink

&#8364;14,50 per person!

* 8 hours gaming
* 2 drinks
* hotdog/ tosti

&#8364;24,50 per person!

* 10 hours gaming
* 2 drinks
* hamburgermenu/ pizza

&#8364;29,50 per person!
1st event is kinda packed, move et:qw to novemeber!
yeah indeed otherwise the et player must split thereself up !
are you going there swani? :D
cu there
bad timing :l 2bad
ah i was 'wtf' for a sec here till i saw that this was posted a few mins ago
Get this news on eSreality to be honest!
OPAD ... really ? .... nice typo :D
can i just show up and not participate? cuz i got no team that likeZ xfire :C
you can be a spectator, I thought
NO NOT ALLOWED, r u crazy?
just wanted 2 be sad panda and u gays dont gimme attention i wante d :'[
u must rly like me post 2 reply now :>
i'll be there! =)
loekino SAVE up your money
rly nice!!!
can we kick out all the other games and just have ET
sereNity will be there, if we get/win a qualifier. ( Quite sucky that it is in the middle of my practical experience week :p )
ill be there .. so you guys can touch me and stuff
Talking bad about Tara Reid should result in a ban
mashed there? possibly
Impressive usage of the 3rd person
go TLR ! :þ
ga dood aub!
RTCW:ET will be invite-only?
its called W:ET but np4u i guess
Well, does it matter?
Yes RtCW isn't a newbgame.
host problem, used the wrong host :< its fixed now though :D
i still prefer the one foonr linked
thats not my problem
Function: Administrator

i have more tara reid's pics!
i dont have a fucking clue what youre talking about
im there!
Lol.. if they give you 20 qualifiers you still wont win!
are you talking about ur team ::D
TrixOr > pstarZ anyday
offcourse :D
cya friend's;)
oh noes, newsflash ..
Great, man! And nothing is cooler than to quote himself! :P
good news
cu @ lan:>D
i got key for you but what do i get back !!!
ofc his lifelong gratitude you fooly!
do i want that :P

btw Saaaskiaaa i am Mgr!!!!!!!!!! I passed my exam :P jejec:)
congratz madame!!
thank you my sweet! <3
I hope the fnatic cod2 cup shapes up their rules, cause it's not worth playing in it atm

I'll swallow those words now, gj tosspot :p
Nice one.
need players for the rtcw tourney !!!

lineup so far:
YuLaw and me
i can panz ;P
I can play @ cdc3 but dont got that much skills in rtcw:P
foonr someone deleted tara reid :(((
i got it as background now :PP!
cpc3 >cdc3 :P

nice deleting
Are you coming to cdc3 Mav ? xD
hell yeah m8, i hope you gonna be there too :DDDD Looking forward to it already!!!!

What you been doing lately btw? havent seen you in ages :P
Take care m8
English please.
spectators always allowed
I mean cheaters allowed? Banned players allowed? Cheaters in past allowed? Non-banned cheaters allowed? Cheaters who've done their ban allowed? Allowed allowed allowed?
no no no!!! afaik... i heard the ppl there will spite at them who cheated in the past or actually are cheating...
English please.
read the sentence again maybe u will get it
Winghaven is asking if you are coming to cdc3 :P
he knows the answer allrdy.. ;)
:p shhh!!1 what r u thinking eh?
the same like i am :DDDDD
pls. me just came back home- and well im off. <3 kiss to ya
you cant be offlain because your onlain opfa
haha. bibuy my dear <3
tschau klaane saschia <3
if you said YES he would be happy, if NO, he wont come :) Maybe you got fanboys this time instead of him :P
lol, he knows that me is coming. ;) so cu there2?
nice, im there!
how much cheaper compared to coffee shops?
hmm.. gotta think about it, was fun trip with schnee to the coffee shop though.
Can be but you buy at us you get more quality less prising, and its not kidding
will see if I even come, no team yet.
i want you to be my personal weed deliverer @ cdc :-P
oh didnt they tell ya? no germans allowed. :(
hehe ^^, will arrange some good stuff for you ;)

so whats wrong with just getting shit wasted on alcohol...:<<

all those drugabusers!!!!

My vote goes to:

CDC: A weed (or stronger drugs) free event!

well alcohol is a hard drug and weed is a soft drug.

I know it's throu that you will get addicted to weed alot faster, but if you're addicted to weed it's all between ur ears.

And you can't die directly from smoking weed, because you will go KO when you smoke to much so you can't destroy your whole body at once.

But the worst combination is when you use both, you gotta chose imo.
nice pot for cod2,
thank you!!

cu there
nice update :D
tosspot like i mentioned in a post of cpc2, dont follow only cb, do it yourself, there are a lott people with evidence but not banned yet, you know how clanbase works. would be pitty to see one of them playing anyway:< checking every player that signs up isnt that much of a work.
I know that bulld0g does the clanbase bans and I know that he works tirelessly to make sure he gets the right people. Thats enough for me, I have other things to worry about :)
those are random people being banned, im talking about the final teams that are going to scheck them out, it would take like 2 hours to get all info and maybe 1 hour to scheck the people that have suspicions warnings on cb, well if you say so:D
50 € sign-up fee :o
They should ban you for that.
Lun4t1C comming ;o
ye, and immoo probably too :P
dont come.

näh just joking, come and jackie will give you some mushrooms 8D
yeah,.. :D thats the only reason why should i come =DD
Loekino you better get 1st and pay my bills
mAx pwn them in Quake 3!
50 euro's entry fee lOL ... since when is participating a lan the same as buying yourself in on a pokertable :)
then dont come?
was same at SGH, pathetic indeed
keeps the polish ppl out
50€ isnt even much really, trust me. and if you don't have money then dont come fucktards!
50euro OMFG THATS UNPAYABLE :[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[
to bad, that WZZRD uses a layout wich isn't payed, hurenkinder das.
Budget € 16,-
There are 6 huts walking distance from WZZRD. The huts hold 15 people. The beds are without bedlinnen so a sleepingbag might come handy! The price includes:
Breakfast (2 sandwiches, orange juice & candybar)
The breakfast is served in WZZRD from 09:00 till 12:00.

what's that price supposed to mean? is it per people per night or what? can't find any more information from the page atleast
QuoteBudget: 16 Per Person, Per Night - Log Cabin

The huts hold 15 people. The beds are without bedlinnen so a sleepingbag might come handy, aswell as a towel for the showers. The price also includes a breakfast of 2 Sanwiches, Orange Juice and a Candybar served at WZZRD from 9 until 12.
oh, thanks. didn't notice that maybe because there was no € sign behind that 16 :p
The warsow tournament will be great, hoping that warsowTV is released by then
It really looks very cool!
If only some more decent teams signed up instead of those wannabe's.
idd true :<
Hosting a poker tournament with money is actually considered illegal :P
"Not if it's less than 1000 euros"
Amount of money is not relevant. Only poker at home with friends is legal, but as soon as you host a tournament, advertise for it etc it's not considered as playing "at home" and therefore illegal.
This is why pokertournaments in cafe's are also illegal.
They've checked it out ^^
If there's a problem just blame the lead organiser, Tosspot :P
dignitas in both ET and ET:QW, how come?
different teams
Anyone travelling from UK? If so, how are you getting there?
Flying from birmingham airport and then getting the train to the event.
How much is that costing?
Flights are £77 return. The train is about €30 each way i think.
not each way, iirc its 30€ retour...
but im not completely sure :<
Same as above, but from PL , /q :)
need more etqw team for cdc3 :x
Gl image: be Mr Gelin ;-)
Twaty Gazon will need it! ;)
Go belgians and xet, fuck them :d
<3 btw u know what beer costs in netherlands? :X
no id ;(
I guess it will be around 1.5 euros for 33 cl. (tip, dont buy heiniken)
will u be there too my hero? =D
2 euro's for a glas of beer useually , sometimes their your price or 2.50-3 euros
Ye don't buy heiniken, but Heineken!
or that one ;C
depends on where you buy it....1,50 euro at CDC3....2,00 in bars/clubs, and 8,99 euro in a supermarket, but then you get 24 bottles/cans
Quake 3 CPM v0o vs loekino.....lmao spanked
Kreaturen :o

tried clicking on their name???......pffff
well as far as i know half of those guys havent been active for about half year, some even longer and i was just wondering and wanted to ask.
ah ok...maybe its a 2 week clan :P
like.. lanonly
whats the lineup Azzor honey?

isnt lunatic like... banned?! :D
that's ok mate! You don't have to apologise!
he has too, you are the almighty Kreaturen, you are BuLL, he should be kissing your feet atm as well, he doesn't deserve to live now
ur the first one who understands, nice thinking!
i feel special now!

You are special!
gl hf @ the lan bulli!
thanks 8D
only 1 signup for rtcw :-o
the tournament is a long way away. mopst teams will have to check all the players if they can go once they come back off holidays etc.

I mean look at CoD2, there are only 2/32, but Im sure quite a few more will signup before the deadline.
gl Netherlands Krea fucks !!!!
still waiting for SRP,cadre and vae to signup :<
SRP planning to sign even if Dignitas is going or what?
i guess it :L
Strange, If Night goes he goes with Dignitas i suppose or is that over now :P
well, dont think srp will go, since toxic wont
was thinking that to i think the team is only for Summercup or do they want to continue
see, SRP signed up :)
yo I am stalking you :D
Cadre isn't going I heard, VAE has difficulties as well now Iron can't make it due to exams. Gifty is looking for a team for CDC 3 I believe, but I don't know if he fits in well with them.
he'll play for krea !
he will :>
arick you have to keep in mind that et and etqw teams are 6 people. but like bruns i hope warsow will get 16 instead of 8 slots :)
vae wont signup
looks like rtcw @ CDC3 shouldnt take too long :P
I know CDAP is coming but how about Vanhaomena
Let's hope !
Yeah I hope so
Line-up for FF and Finest?
Last I heard

FF - mesq / wiesiek / wrobel / blaze / snot / r1co
Finest - vila / lio / acid / SneeK / abort / aphesia
Any idea why lio left FF?
To play with friends @ finest
in italy 50 euros are like 25 euros if u compare the prices of 2000 with the prices of 2007. so it's paper for ass :)

gl all
warsow now has 28 signups, and i wouldn't be too surprised to see it break the 40 mark by the time signups close.
take notice- up the number of warsow slots to 16! :)
since ET and ETQW dont have that many signups that could happen :)! hope u qualify (aswell as pbx ofc :p) for the event and in that case see you there ;)!
hope i get an invite! >:)
didnt know there were invites for wsw :D so yea definatly see you there :P
the point to remember is

vic7im will 99% lan dodge since he is only going if sand is going... and sand isnt signed up... which kindof means that vic7im isn't which makes me wonder why he signed up?

just one example :)
was that reply meant for me ? :O)
why not a quake 4 tournament?
Quake 4 has enough tournaments already, and I believe the point is to give lesser known or supported games a LAN.
you have to keep in mind that et and etqw teams each have 6 players. + i hope warsow will get 16 slots instead of 8 :)
Surely you cant keep the prize pool as it is with the current amount of signups in games like cod and rtcw.
2 months to go till end of signups, and just over 3 till the tourny, alot of players from both games will not be definate they will be able to go yet. Its also during uni and school time for alot of ppl !
Ah ye the cod-tournament isnt on the first lan
Are you coming?
hopefully not, only bad poker tips :-(
update! UPDATE! :)
done done :D
lol lol smOke = retard dont refreshing images sorry :)
finally u got it!
the point to remember is

vic7im will 99% lan dodge since he is only going if sand is going... and sand isnt signed up... which kindof means that vic7im isn't which makes me wonder why he signed up?

just one example :)
1. it doesn't depend on sand
2. he is on holiday and will back tomorrow (or on saturday)
how r u getting there if sand doesnt take you?
lol :D when i was signing up, sand even didn't know about this LAN :D

going ONLY with sand is the least likely option tbh...

1. fly from Cracow to Amsterdam and then use train to Enschede
2. go by car with my older brother and/or with my parent(s)
3. go with another Poles attending this LAN by rented bus (at least there will some ppl from Poland, two ET teams should go + ET players from another teams, like kot and doktor + 5-6 wSw/CPMA players + few redactors)

in the beggining i was thinking about this first option but i would have to book tickets enough early (to get low value) and i can't do it before first week of september (something can collide with my school stuff). 3rd option is the most convenient ;]
What about unite POL and CZE crews in one bus? ;)
Dunno :P I am waiting for one guy from FF who is currently on holiday (I am to young to organise bigger things on my own :D )
I know that was only crazy idea but anyway if anybody from PL can give me some information about traveling to CDC3 I would be happy :)
Its not such a crazy idea, it has even been done before. The defusekids bus who drove most of the Dutch and Belgian CS / CoD2 teams to the SHG Open '07 for example.
Hi man :) I tried to check this out and found that if I wanna hire abus its about 17,- Kc / Km - so to Enschede its 729*2*17,- = cca 25 000,- => 885 Euro all and with 16 people on board its cca 55 Euro for travel = wondefull! BUT the biggest problem is THE DRIVER - because traveling in this way will be cheap but 2days wayiting and eating = much more money coz of driver :( So I realized that cheapest way is to go by car (5people including driver), anybody have experiences with hiring bus etc? Thx :)
well, we have 5 guys in the car and there are 7 places. we will drive from szczecin (north-west of poland) on friday 21st late midday

Bms gonna come with 5ppl probably, so make sure zissou has 4 players and we can get a showmtach on!

+ I heard some LANFIGHT-Rumors.
SRP ftw :D feruS returns, let's hope this sticks
I pm them every day to make sure whether its a real signup. So far it is!
That's awesome to hear, weird though that they didnt fix sponsoring. Should be easy with such a line-up.
I might wanna spec now, fanboi as I am :p
oh no... why? I believed in mashed potter and co. :,(
believed is the good word :D
Lol, MAZZ. Good luck guys ;)
HELIX BACK! YES YES YES! Riddla rifle <3
Thought nearly the same :D
evolve isnt playing omg!
I wonder how many of the 37 teams signed for the ET event won't even have a team together. 50%?
yeh 50% arent even alive / fake

50% of the rest will drop out
I cant stand this w8ing! :)
when will be the maplist and prize money info be released for the warsow tourny
What are the provisions for general spectators?

As I'm tempted to go over to Holland for a bit of a Holiday :)
None, if i got the question right :p
From what TossPot said Spectators are welcome in the bar area where matches are broadcast on TV.
From last time there was indeed an area where you could see the game on a big screen close to the bar.

Also you could spec certain players if you wanted, aslong as there was room and you didn't bother the player :p

So if you want to go there to spec it shouldn't be a problem.
Ahh very cool :)

Sounds like it's worth a visit then...
if you can handle the heat :D
Quoteaslong as there was room and you didn't bother the player

The space is/was quite crampy at the far end of the bar, opposite of the entrance and "spectator area".
VIP for managers pls! :P
GL dignitas, SRP and helix..
Good thing i live 10 min from there in 1 month :)

<3 to be a student :)
anyone "good" wanna form a rtcw team?
Hmm nice :)

Also nice pricemoney. Would love to compete in a tournament like this, but am not trained well enough to be a serious opponent.

Maybe a other time if UT3 is on the list.
cu there =)
I know its a little early to ask such questions , but will the rtcw tournament be starting on Friday and if so at what time.
im in the hospital at that time :(
Gl mtm and duke
may i ask on which street/road the WZZRD Gaming café is situated?
will be busy on sunday with FC Twente playing a homematch
why is there no cdc3-wars scheduled on gamestv???
i want pics :/(
XYlos > CDC3 and mAus...and teKoa and all x)))))))))))) need pict. too
i have 2 questions:
1) will there be a poker tourney at the second part of cdc3?
2) is RtCW still going to be played at cdc3 part 2?

thanks in advance!
I have a 3rd question.
What day is the rtcw tournament going to start?
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