FPS <<<<


I recently bought a new laptop & installed ET etc.

This laptop is more powerfull than the one I had before but I have less fps.

Way less, as I had 125 constantly on my old lap.

Now I only have 15-30..

No spyware etc
could it be because of vista?
1 core 4 et

and yes vista weaks your powerful laptop
Didn't say it was powerful, but it's at least more powerfull than the one I had before.

I downloaded the fifa 08 demo yesterday, and it runs smoother than ET..

When I start ET, everything runs smooth till I connect. (I mean, the intro vid etc)

My point being, if my laptop isn't powerful enough, the introvid would struggle and my mouse wouldn't go so smooth.
I had a shitty pc before and if it's not powerful enough, the introvid, menu's etc wouldn't run like they do now.

SO I think it's not the laptop, rather a setting or smth?
-run as admin
-compatibility mode: server 2003
-settings: disable visiual theme's..

All with rightclick on et.exe you can find it there
I just tried those things, doens't help.. thx anyway
if you think its a setting run et with the default cfg or with a tweaked config
not becuase of vista, but might be because of low gfx
et is almost only cpu based
everything is almost only based on cpu
you got a point there ;)
i got same fps @ vista ( 333 stable - all maps ). shouldnt be the problem.
cores dont divide mhz
pc > lap
cuz vista ..
Don't have enough money for a pc atm.

I'm surely gonna buy one again in the future - just not now.
vista did the same to me :<
/com_maxfps 125
only use 1 cpu and not 2 (taskmanager -> rightclock on ET -> showing permissions (?:o) -> CPU 0 (yes) CPU 1 (no)

Hope u understood it ;D
I'm with you till the 3rd step - showing permissions??

dual core T2080 1.73 mhz radeon xpress 1100 1536 ram
right click, and click on the alst menue. There u can see which CPUs u want to use... and only activate the first!
last menu = Go to proces here..
Sure it has to be done in taskmanager?

If you have too much time, could you make a screen of it? :)

Would be the easiest way..
dont got dual core here on my workstation@work :S
No but I mean.. A screen of the menu you mean? :)
image: taskmanagerlj9

sry that it camo to late but i dont got dual core@work and it only functions with dual core. The nexxt step is that u only activate the CPU0 and deactivate the CPU1
When I tried that, it says Access Denied?

I'm logged in as admin btw..

(Sorry that this came so late)
hmm, try to make a new account with admin or try to log in with the accoutn "Administrator" and none pw. If that also doesnt help i cant help u anymore imo :<
Specs please mate.
Nice nickfake.
install gfx drivers with openGL support.
Under Vista ET runs almost as smooth than under XP. And my notebook is 2 years old with Pentium M 1,86 and Mobility Radeon X700.
I installed the newest drivers wich do support OpenGL =)
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