ETpack 1.2

ETpack 1.2

Get-Liga mirror
VAE mirror
SFX mirror off-line

This pack contains everything you need to start playing ET. If you want to introduce people to the game or just need a reinstall: this is the file you are looking for.

Extract the "Wolfenstein_Enemy_Territory" Folder on your Hard disk and you are ready to play. You just need to change the settings, they are all on default. If you are too lazy to do this on your own just use the "CFG Maker v3" which you can find in the "# Tools" Folder.

If you have problems or ideas for future version feel free to msg me in #get-liga

Greetings swine

--- Version ---
ET 2.60b Version
ET Pro 3.2.6
Punkbuster Version 26.12.2006

--- Tools ---
Quake3 Engine Minimizer
USB Rate
CFG Maker v3
The all seeing Eye

--- Maps ---
Adlernest final

--- Mirrors ---
Get-Liga mirror
VAE mirror
SFX mirror offline

--- Changelog ---

version 1.1
*Added descriptions for USB and accelprogram
*Added second USB program for people having USB problems.
*Fixed pbkey problem.

version 1.2
*Updated Punkbuster ( 25.02.2007 )
*Added frost_comp_b2
*Added Country Hack for ASE
* The first version of the ETpack contained an ETkey. As the first version got downloaded by +50 persons a lot of people used the same ETkey.

This ETkey received a cheater warning on the 5th of February and it has been banned by PBbans. As this incident was treated as a leaked key case, the ban cannot be appealed and the warning will remain. The problem was solved in the first update of the ETpack

I wish to apologize for the problems we caused.

<3 goes out to SFX, VAE and GET-LIGA for hosting!
Feel free to mirror this file.


Last updated February 28th 2007
Just what some guys need, a user-friendly installation package!

Nice contribution Swine!
Thx posting this Over
is er nog ergens zon pack te vinden voor de et van nu? :)
Put in ET Server Viewer if u have that u dont need Quake3 Engine Minimizer or The all seeing Eye [ ]
You should include some other server browser instead of ASE, because it isn't updated anymore and it has a big problem assigning a country to a server, which means lots of servers are marked as unknown location and do not enter the filters.

Qtracker is probably the best option right now (outside of HLSW, but it is more complex to search servers in it), as it's still being developed.

Also, apart from CFG maker, some tailored configs (FPS, high detail, etc) would help newbs a lot. That and spawntimer cfgs for every map.

Still, good job.
Good points! HLSW > ASE - gr8 work swine!
Testing Qtracker at the moment and might add it as another serverbrowser.
i will keep ASE for the moment.
if you would make those 3 configs with screenshots and a little readme file i would be very happy :)
I haven't played ET in ages (that's why I didn't even noticed your reply), but I will try to do something :P
very nice for beginners !

I'm gonna have to check the rules, but I'm not sure we allow those here.
compliment i mean :D

austrian english, you know? :p
no no i meant ure not allowed to be nice :P
<-- nice guy :)
Rly good idea, thx guys
Include mystic's cfg and everyone will be dl'ing this
you should include the latest nexus bot!
upcoming changes:
*add wolfcam
*maybe remove some programs for legal issues
*make an installer
*make a linux version, maybe linux test cd with ET installed
*add ETTV config for ppl who first install
*make default config rmode 6 or 8 to make the game look nicer for noobs
*add profiles, default profile being ETTV
*add more mods like JAYmod
The packet is only for windows =c
Add mac & linux versions too!

programs recommendations for linux packet:
linux version of the minimiser
i dont have the time yet, but be sure i will do my best to release a linux version aswell
very useful good job
hhhmmm downloaded for a friend....but just got an 87 kb big file.....

can anyone help?
tried a redownload?
maybe from another mirror?
allready got it, friend has inet explorer maybe of this.

Thx anyway gj
links only work in firefox for me.
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