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image: headernrx

After get lots of
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i just decided to make this old bug public.

What i am talking about is the old gammabug
i know this isnt anything new and undiscovered but you can say the same about cooking tutorials.
anyway, some of you might have gotten this bug accidentally before. and it wasnt anything that special.
But if you abuse this propperly, it can result in really bright (or black) opponents

Quote by this is very simple to accomplish by following these simple steps
  • r_ignorehwgamma 1
  • set r_gamma 3
  • vid_restart
  • change r_gamma to any value below 3 where every value results in a different effect
  • (dont do vid_restart)
  • change map
  • ...
  • profit

here some examples of what each gamma value can look like

¬ image: shot001
image: shot002
image: pb000021

¬ image: supply

You can also exploit this bug in the complete opposite way which will result in this:
image: inverted001

you can do this by filling in a low gamma of 0.1 at the second step
and filling in high gamma of 3 after the vidrestart (before changing map)

thanks for reading
#charism #dualinity
you should maybe add that it's not possible for vista users
isnt it obvious if u cant vid_restart?
well you didnt write that these commands have to be typed ingame and since vidrestart is possible in the game menu it perhaps isn't that obvious...
its obvious that u gotta do it ingame coz the bug works by changing map.
why wouldn't it work? I didn't do anything ingame, just added the r_settings listed in this tutorial..due to 'hardware failure' of crossfire, it seems that this tutorial lost the content..
nah, but this bug only works with vid_restart in-game and that's not possible with vista
hmm, I've never done a vid_restart ingame and that bug works for me. Just use sheep's r_settings and modify some of the brightness settings to find a good value. I only copied the r_settings and put them in my autoexec and went to an empty server. I didn't use that method shown above (the stages 1-7).

edit: I didn't start to use those settings though, since I don't think it's an advantage. It's only great for far range shooting, enemies become _really_ bright.
so far range isn't an advantage? so you say that you get the same result as the gammabug, but instead you use sheep's r_settings? I really doubt that you get the same effects. I would like to test it, so could you please send me sheep's r_settings?
I tried to get this working again, I didn't work first by replacing the r_settings,
I first backuped my old configs, then removed all the .cfg files with graphic settings I had in etpro folders. Then I played a demo and did /cvar_restart , then /exec gammabug.cfg and then /vid_restart. After that 1 vid_restart I didn't have to do anything, now when I connect servers I have that bug working.
So you can't do even one vid_restart (when replaying a demo for example), if that would be the only one required?

remember to change r_displayrefresh, I have a TFT and that's why I use 75.

seta r_ignorehwgamma "1"
seta r_gamma "3"
seta r_allowExtensions "1"
seta r_ati_fsaa_samples "0"
seta r_ati_truform_normalmode "GL_PN_TRIANGLES_NORMAL_MODE_LINEAR"
seta r_ati_truform_pointmode "GL_PN_TRIANGLES_POINT_MODE_LINEAR"
seta r_ati_truform_tess "0"
seta r_cacheshaders "1"
seta r_clampToEdge "1"
seta r_clear "0"
seta r_colorbits "16"
seta r_depthbits "24"
seta r_detailtextures "0"
seta r_displayRefresh "75"
seta r_dlightBacks "1"
seta r_drawfoliage "0"
seta r_drawSun "0"
seta r_dynamiclight "0"
seta r_ext_ATI_pntriangles "0"
seta r_ext_compiled_vertex_array "1"
seta r_ext_compressed_textures "1"
seta r_ext_gamma_control "1"
seta r_ext_multitexture "1"
seta r_ext_NV_fog_dist "0"
seta r_ext_texture_env_add "0"
seta r_ext_texture_filter_anisotropic "0"
seta r_facePlaneCull "1"
seta r_fastsky "1"
seta r_finish "0"
seta r_flares "0"
seta r_fullscreen "1"
seta r_glDriver "opengl32"
seta r_glIgnoreWicked3D "0"
seta r_highQualityVideo "0"
seta r_ignoreFastPath "0"
seta r_ignoreGLErrors "1"
seta r_inGameVideo "0"
seta r_lodbias "2"
seta r_lodCurveError "60"
seta r_lodscale "5"
seta r_mapoverbrightbits "1"
seta r_normallength "0.5"
seta r_nv_fogdist_mode "GL_EYE_RADIAL_NV"
seta r_oldmode ""
seta r_overBrightBits "1"
seta r_picmip "1"
seta r_primitives "0"
seta r_rmse "0.0"
seta r_roundImagesDown "1"
seta r_simpleMipMaps "0"
seta r_stereo "0"
seta r_subdivisions "20"
seta r_swapInterval "0"
seta r_textureAnisotropy "1.0"
seta r_texturebits "32"
seta r_textureMode "GL_NEAREST_MIPMAP_NEAREST"
seta r_trisColor "1.0 1.0 1.0 1.0"
seta r_uifullscreen "0"
seta r_wolffog "0"
seta cg_coronas "0"
seta cg_shadows "0"
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I would just like to add that I've been playing ET on Vista for a few months, and about two months on Windows 7. Both work great and I never get kicked by PB for anything (except bot sometimes :DS:D:D:F).

I can /vid_restart no problem, I can alt-enter no problem, and my UAC is turned on. I run ET as user (not adminstrator) and I can't understand why it wouldn't work on others.
perhaps its depends on if you have 32-bit or 64-bit. I have 64
64-bit here..
xiter kick him
Shame doesnt work on vista. Not sure why, but even on non-pb servers where you can vidrestart without getting kicked doesnt seem to work.
it worked for my laptop which had vista
does this work with win 7?
If its not working on vista than is it not working on Win 7.
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i need to do it every time when i open et?
Try this.
Quoteseta r_CompressModels "1"
seta r_lowMemTextureThreshold "40.0"
seta r_detailtexture "1"
seta r_loadbias "2"
seta r_shownormals "0"
seta r_preloadTextures "1"
seta r_drawfoilage "0"
seta r_debugSurface "0"
seta r_inGameVideo "1"
seta r_uiFullScreen "0"
seta r_picmip "1"
seta r_roundImagesDown "1"
seta r_rmse "0.0"
seta r_colorMipLevels "0"
seta r_detailtextures "0"
seta r_overBrightBits "1"
seta r_ignorehwgamma "1"
seta r_oldMode ""
seta r_fullscreen "1"
seta r_customwidth "1024"
seta r_customheight "768"
seta r_customaspect "1"
seta r_simpleMipMaps "0"
seta r_subdivisions "12"
seta r_ignoreFastPath "0"
seta r_mapOverBrightBits "1.8"
seta r_intensity "1.5"
seta r_singleShader "0"
seta r_lodCurveError "250"
seta r_lodbias "0"
seta r_flares "0"
seta r_ignoreGLErrors "1"
seta r_fastsky "1"
seta r_drawSun "0"
seta r_dynamiclight "1"
seta r_dlightBacks "0"
seta r_finish "1"
seta r_textureMode "GL_LINEAR_MIPMAP_NEAREST"
seta r_textureAnisotropy "1.0"
seta r_swapInterval "0"
seta r_gamma "3.000000"
seta r_facePlaneCull "1"
seta r_railWidth "16"
seta r_railCoreWidth "1"
seta r_railSegmentLength "32"
seta r_primitives "0"
seta r_cache "1"
seta r_cacheShaders "1"
seta r_wolffog "0"
seta r_nocurves "0"
seta r_drawfoliage "1"
seta r_lightmap "0"
seta r_lodscale "5"
seta r_drawentities "1"
seta r_nocull "0"
seta r_showtris "0"
seta r_trisColor "1.0 1.0 1.0 1.0"
seta r_showsky "0"
seta r_normallength "0.5"
seta r_showmodelbounds "0"
seta r_clear "0"
seta r_highQualityVideo "0"
seta r_lastValidRenderer "ATI Radeon HD 2400 Series "
seta r_vertexLight "1"
seta r_lowMemTextureSize "512"
seta r_ext_compress_textures "1"
seta r_picmip2 "3"
seta r_shadows "0"
seta r_vortexlighting "1"
seta r_picmip8 "5"
seta r_mapobjectbright "4"
seta r_mapoverhtBits "3"
seta r_fullbright "0"
seta r_drawstrips "0.0000"
seta r_vertexLighting "1"
seta r_glDriver "opengl32" unsafe
seta r_allowExtensions "1" unsafe
seta r_ext_compressed_textures "1" unsafe
seta r_ext_gamma_control "1" unsafe
seta r_ext_multitexture "1" unsafe
seta r_ext_compiled_vertex_array "1" unsafe
seta r_glIgnoreWicked3D "0" unsafe
seta r_ext_ATI_pntriangles "0" unsafe
seta r_ati_truform_tess "0" unsafe
seta r_ati_truform_normalmode "GL_PN_TRIANGLES_NORMAL_MODE_NEAREST" unsafe
seta r_ati_truform_pointmode "GL_PN_TRIANGLES_POINT_MODE_NEAREST" unsafe
seta r_ati_fsaa_samples "0" unsafe
seta r_ext_texture_filter_anisotropic "0" unsafe
seta r_ext_NV_fog_dist "0" unsafe
seta r_nv_fogdist_mode "GL_EYE_RADIAL_NV" unsafe
seta r_ext_texture_env_add "1" unsafe
seta r_clampToEdge "1" unsafe
seta r_texturebits "32" unsafe
seta r_colorbits "16" unsafe
seta r_stereo "0" unsafe
seta r_stencilbits "0" unsafe
seta r_depthbits "24" unsafe
seta r_mode "6" unsafe
seta r_smp "0" unsafe
seta r_displayRefresh "100" unsafe
I was just about to install ET again. Smell hax in here!
can't do this anymore dunno why :S
still using this:)
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