Make an avi from wolfenstein engine

Ok this is my first tutorial and sorry for my english (i learned it online)

Ok now, before you start,set up your hardware (To know how, read hannes' tutorial HERE )

Put your movie cfg** in C:\Documents and Settings\yourid\Documents\id Software\wolfenstein\base

Clean "Screenshots" folder

Open game and exec your movie's cfg**. Probably some commands aren't taken (id engines' bug..) Write them manually.

First thing you should know
how to record: f12 or RecordNetDemo <name> and PlayNetDemo <name> and
render renderNetDemo <demoName>

The render:

You are supposed to know the exact minute of the action you want to render

To prevent the rendering of the whole demo, then we need the right command. First you have to calculate the right time of your highlight in milliseconds.

So you have to moltiplicate x 1000 cause 1000 ms = 1 sec

Example:Action is at minute

5:00 = (5min x 60seconds) + 0 seconds) x 1000miliseconds= 300000
3:45 = (3min x 60seconds) + 45 seconds) x 1000miliseconds= 225000
0:12 = (0min x 60seconds) + 12 seconds) x 1000miliseconds = 12000

THEN if i want to extract an action that starts at 10:45 & ends at 9:21, the command is

renderNetDemo <demoName> <FPS> <645000> <561000>

Complicated but not hard at all

You can also cut the piece of the demo that u need to render in this way

Watch the demo, before the highlight starts, pause the game and
placeDemoCutStartMarker,ok go on and at the end of the highlight pause the game again and placeDemoCutEndMarker.Now stop the demo and write cutNetDemo <demoName> <newDemoName>

It's buggy so write the last command a second time after it's done.
You should have created a new demo focused on the highlight only.
Now render the whole new demo.

At this point, in your screenshots' folder you should have the famous *.tga images
Many words were spent in 1000000 tutorials to go forward from this point.
Don't need to repeat how to pass to the next step :)

** If you render and the demo is inside a little box, then don't waste your time and check your cfg settings.

I explain better

I have 1280x1024 (R_mode 9)
to render at same height and width write in your cfg

seta com_avidemoheight “1280”
seta com_avidemowidth “1024"

Don't forget to write the right measures.

Another thing. This game can allow only 30 fps X sec
Don't unlock more fps or you will have bad graphic and blinking shits.
My suggestion is seta com_unlockfps “0”
Are you sure about the 60 fps?

And why unlockfps 0?

Also renderNetDemo <demoName> <FPS> <645000> <561000>

Starts at 645000 seconds and ends after 561000 seconds? Makes no sense :P
think again, its the remaining time to complete the objective
about the fps u were right. It's max 30
com_unlockfps 0 makes them 30 fps max (it's default)

but the math thingy makes sense to me

minute 10:45 = 10min*60+45sec*1000ms= 654000
minute 9:21 = 9min*60+21sec*1000ms= 561000

plus it's a countdown ... so it's normal the timer goes backward.

It's not that hard...
I don't think it's a countdown, it works as how many seconds from the time..

i.e. frag from 9:00 to 8:30 =

rendernetdemo [demo] [fps] 60000 90000

QuoterenderNetDemo <demoName> <FPS> <StartTime in msec> <EndTime in msec>
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