Set Wolfenstein in english

image: wolf

For all user who dont have Wolfenstein in english and would like to. At instal, the game set up with the language of your windows keyboard.

Step 1: Change the files

  • First quit game and read on:
    Open "C:\Program Files\Activision\Wolfenstein\MP\base"
  • Delete the zpak_your.language000.pk4
  • Download the same files in english, and place it in the samefiles.

Step 2: Edit your config

  • Go to: "C:\Documents and Settings\USER\My documents\id Software\WolfMP\base"
  • Open wolfconfig.cfg
  • Use CTRL+F and search "set sys_lang" (it should have "your.language" as value)
  • change the value to set sys_lang "english"
  • Save it and you are done!

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