Fixing the MX518 Cable Problem

Disclaimer: I nor crossfire are held responsible for your mistakes or misplacement during this simple procedure. Opening up Logitech’s product DOES void your warranty, so proceed with caution.

Overall this tutorial will be written purely to promote confidence, I do recommend, if you already have a replacement or different mouse, to try this. A free mouse is always a plus side. The change of the cable is extremely simple; you’re literally a few screws away from it working again.

You will only need a few items to change the fate of your mouse; no soldering iron is needed, unless you want to use the same cable. Needed is:

A medium sized crosshead screwdriver (Philips Screwdriver.

A replacement mouse cable (wire). I will talk about this in a moment.

And last but not least, of course, a Logitech MX518.

image: hwh9uq

The mouse cable will need to be five pinned. Most USB mice will use this cable, unless they are extremely cheap and they are wired into the sensor itself.

Generally if you can unscrew it and open it, it will have a cable compatible. There is some dispute about how genuine the whole gold-plated USB performance claim is; apparently it doesn’t make that much difference whatsoever. Bear in mind the thickness of the cables; you need to make sure it will fit.

OK, let’s get started.

First, you will obviously need to open up your 518, to do that, there are 3 screws on the bottom. They will be covered with the sticker, and you will need to puncture the sticker to locate these screws. I would recommend jotting down your model number and product number (for future free mouse feet free from Logitech) and then completely removing the sticker, using a solvent to remove the majority of the sticky substance left, otherwise it will simply cause friction.

image: 263zzhc

Once you’re in, watch your mouse wheel, it has a metal bit that easily falls out – be weary when opening it up. Don’t be too scared of the amount of green in there, it’s a circuit board. You now need to remove yet another screw, with an even smaller screwdriver.

image: 2nh3nk3

Removing this screw will enable you to life the mounting point of the buttons and scroll wheel. Obviously you will need to keep these screws safe. You will need to take the wire out on the mounting piece too, just simply wiggle it out. Try not to pull on the cable.
After removing that, you will now have easy access to your mouse cable. Again, it is a five pinned adapter, so you will need to wiggle it out and simply discard of it.

image: x0v288

You will notice that the mouse cable is bent into a certain shape. You will need to obviously wire your mouse cable through this. Remove it, replace it with your spare, and then close everything back up carefully. Remember the scroll wheel is fragile.

With that put your mouse back together.

image: 10gzrpw

I have proof read this, nor will be doing. However I am open to you giving me advice on Improving this tutorial. Any questions, /q Scarzy @ quakenet.

Greetings and thanks to: h8m3, Shuki, Uteoz, Banaan, Noodle and Meez.
good job again, since it was lost with the cf crash I can just say again I did it just as this tutorial explained after CC5 (without knowing it ;>) and mine is working since then =)
some mice have different wire sequence tho, check before replacing
hey mister... since you are geeking in a lot of mouse related journals etc...

i got Diamondback , Diamondback 3G , Deathadder , MX518 , IME 4.0 , IME 3.0

take a pick ... iam pending between IME 3.0 and Deathadder.. gief geeks advice.
just pick the shape you like more
and don't use microsoft mice if you have very low sens
do you know if the ime 3.0 got prediction when you dont install the drivers ? :x
prediction is the sensor "feature" and doesnt depend if you have drivers installed or not
and it has no prediction no matter what you do
ye nice ... was curious coz you need to flash your firmware (to 1.28) to disable prediction on the deathadder :x
Is there anything else I could add to this?
Yes, tell me how to mount the spring of mouse wheel :/ the rest im pro :)
Need more info :3
What kind of info? i wan't to know the position of spring, because when i have open mouse, i didn't saw where spring was installed. because now i have 2 mx518 to fix lol.
Does your scroll wheel not work at all or just feel weird?

I will be glad to help :)
Everything ok with the wheel, i open the mouse to fix the cable, now i dont know how to mount the mouse because i don't know the position of spring.
i just sent my mouse back to amazon due to broken cable!
but there's another one lying around, so i might give it a try!
So yesterday i bought a deathadder because ive gone through two 518s in the past 7-8 months. Found this and decided to take a chance replacing my 518 cable with my old 310 cable and its working really solid. thanks a lot! time to takeback/sell this clunky deathadder.
:) Glad to help
the wire of the Mx510 works on this mouse?????????????
OMG thx for the answer :DDDDD
Sorry it took so long. :)!
np im so happy now, i fix my 518 wire but now i can change it for a good one :DDD
my mouse is saying that Windows doesnt recognize the program anymore when I changed the cables... any clue what that would mean? (mouses: mx518 and logitech ultraX)

the ultraX mouse was working fine before the change. :o
Hmm im not exactly sure.

After i wrote this i had to change my IME3 cable, however I tried one without a resistor near the USB, and alas it would not power the mouse.

Im not sure if the MX518 has a cable with or without as stock. This is the only variation in the cable that i know is common.

yeah... dunno im going to buy some new mouse some time soon then. i think its totally broken now
there's no need of a new cable, just a soldering iron and some tin"?"
The cable is always "broken" near the end of the mouse:
1> remove the cable as scarzy described.
2> cut it of ~10 centimeters after the hole of the mouse (should make 15-20 cm less)
3> remove plastic part of the adaptator on the mouse, revealing the connecting pins.
4> solder the shortened cable to pins, in the right order (be careful !)
5> you can put some pieces of paper between the pins in order to keep them properly separated while soldering (it's very unlikely that your soldering iron will be small enough do to it in a clean way)
6> put everything back together, and enjoy !

it's easier to do together with some friend since it needs to be precise and 4 hands arent too much :)
this way you can use the same cable a few more time, with unsoldering and shortening it regulary.
I saved a copperhead and a diamondback this way.

I also heard there was a way to re use the previous plug/adaptator but didn't manage.
hey do you have any clue about this:

Quotemy mouse is saying that Windows doesnt recognize the program anymore when I changed the cables... any clue what that would mean? (mouses: mx518 and logitech ultraX)

the ultraX mouse was working fine before the change. :o
could only be a problem in the wire order ...
oh god =( gotta try some other wires then.. thanks anyway
you can try soldering it in the right order (after cutting) or search how to re-use the male connector so you can actually put the wires in the good order. (I heard it could be possible but I have no idea how)
I have a strange problem, left/right buttons work, but cursor doesnt move, any solutions? :(
I think the problem is because of usb ports, to fix the problem of mx518 just shutdown computer, unplug the power supply of your motherboard and leave it for some hours, when you turn it on, motherboard will restart all controllers, and voilá problem is fixed :) and it's not a cable problem!
i am not, do a search in google, i try it myself and mx518 working like it was before, it is hardware problems of usb ports.

Never say other person is wrong and you don't have anything to prove it.
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