Editing ET Source Code

I'm hoping this is somewhere else on Crossfire but I couldn't find it in a quick search and its quite simple so I thought I'd put it on here anyway.

Youi'll need...
- Visual Studio 6 or higher (I recommend Visual Studio 8 C++ Express as its free !)
- ET SDK from splash damage
- Working installation of ET

- Know a bit of C
- Be able to use Visual Studio
- Install ET source code

Step 1
Ok first step is to go to where the source code has been installed/unpacked to.

From there go to the 'src' folder and double click on the 'wolf.dsw' file to load the source code in visual studio. You'll have to convert the project if you're using any other version than 6 but thats ok. Basically keep clicking yes :p

From there you should see 3 projects on the left as part of the solution:

- cgame
- game
- ui

You can probably guess what they stand for.

Step 2 - An obvious change
I'm going to assume you know C programming, if not theres plenty of tutorials on the internet for it and as long as you're not stupid even not knowing C you can edit a few things for a noticable change.

For this change to to the 'game' project and find a file called 'bg_pmove.c'

On line 52 you'll find a variable called 'pm_friction' which by default is 3. Change this to 0, hit save and move to the next step.

Step 3 - Compiling
To compile go to Build->Rebuild Solution

This will produce 3 .dll files

Step 4 - Testing
Create a new folder where ET is installed for your mod, then move the .dll files you created into there and the 'ui' folder incase you made any changes in there.
You'll find the .dll's in 'WET_Source\src\Debug\' folder there should be 3
and the ui folder in 'WET_Source\etmain\'

Next create a new shortcut for ET on your desktop, in 'target' line add extensions as you would for launching other mods i.e.

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory\ET.exe" +set sv_pure 0 +set fs_game <yourmodfolder>

And well done you've made a very basic mod

Step 4 - Making something
Thats up to you ;-). Firstly I'd suggest putting the friction value back to 3, then just explore the code see what there is. Simplest thing is to create new menus.

This site contains some bug fixes for the code you could have a look at.

If you can, have a look at the sourcecode for other existing mods see what there is.

quite fine, thats what you need to setup... though creating a mod is another step.
yeh true, just was supprised this wasnt on Crossfire and its a start for people looking to get into it
sure :) It's fine in the end. Just making a coding tutorial on CF wouldnt make much sense anyway ;)
well where would be the best place ? :p i tried googling 'et source code tutorials' and stuff like that and i couldnt find anything, closest i got was a quake3 engine tutorial which i just adapted for cf coz it was easy :p
ye just meant that we don't host many coders here :p its fine as it is now.
well as far as i can tell theres no tutorials hosted anywhere

so if you know of any sites could you tell us :p
time to make my own undetected HAX :o
brb coding hax
more likely coding a mod :D

Reverse engineering is another thing.
welll actually if someone combined this with the ioquake3 engine we could have an opensource version of et although we'd need permisson to use any skins etc...
or..... we can spamm id/activision to give us the source :P

but like i said before: etpro(with some fixs and anti cheat system) + xreal engine (http://xreal-project.net/)+ image code for moviemakers + new maps + et game play code = Epic game :)
hehe yeh xreal does look good :p im sure something can be made either with this or ioquake3 just takes time and effort which i doubt anyone in this community is willing to put in :(
How many people would you need to realise this?
I have no idea tbh... Developing a game needs a big team... But since we already have the gameplay code and renderer code, if bani support "us" with his code, i guess we wouldn't need much people.
Ofc it would be nice if someone develops new maps (with more light infos for hdr effect), someone creates new models, menus, account system....

It's a hard work, but it can be done as you can see ;P
you have no idea what you talking about, yet again :((

Even with a released engine code, all assets etc are still copyrighted. You are not allowed to use them in any other game.
well yes i know we can't just copycat and sell the game. Was just a random chat. No one would be avi to do such things apart from the law problems :X
I'd be willing to get involved with that :)

although there might be some issues with copyrighted material such as skins and gun models but i guess we can make our own
anything would need to be recreated from scratch (modelwise) since you want them to look good aswell :p
Ye but the important is the fire rate and dmg... not how the gun look.. and "we" can create a better looking one :P
well it needs to be a well rounded game but as it is we can get betting looking models for the game anyway
there is tech3 source code for free

why edit et engine?
You have missed the whole idea i see.
first you wanted to edit ET source code, some lines after you want to use xreal and make a team with 5 persons (ahahahaha...)

i missed the whole idea?

This sounds so useless and kiddish to me :)

mark my words. read again this thread in some months and ask yourself who started this project.

i bet 1000 euros that answer will be noone
Learn some stuff before then. Even if you have idtech3 engine source code (aka q3) what can you do with it? :) You would need alot of work to re-create ET which is pointless since the final result would have been the same.

This tutorial is about editing et _game play_ source code (the source available u know -.- ), so stick with intelligent ideas, because saying "why edit et engine?" isn't a smart one. You can't edit et engine BUT you can edit the gameplay n stuff (as you can see) and that's what it is about.
and an intelligent idea is use xreal instead tech3 cause you have less work?

and you need mappers/skinners/coders to recreate everything?

u make no sense...

before answer, read at least your own comments...
xreal engine is a idtech3 updated version.... makes more sense that re-create a game that will exactly look the same.. nor good nor better :x
and you dont have to start anyways from zero?

lol go ahead
this is ET source code, which is not the tech3 (q3) source code, also this is meant to get ppl into modding.
This is game logic, Game engine will (hopefully) be released soon
show this to foxdie, we're like waiting for antipro for few years
anyone knows how to do it the other way around.

From 3 dll files to dsw ? So you can edit and then back to 3 dll's ?
you mean de-compile them :S

why do that when u have the source code :S
to make extra changes to already changed files ;)
its alot tougher thats for sure :p
you will never be able to go from machine code (exe dll etc) to a source code file.

All you can do is understand the machine code and hook into the "jumps"
okai, good thing
what about make rtcw? LOL

so we would have rtcw with et maps and the mp free :D
Can't you just use antipro on xreal?
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