Shoutcasts and You

I get alot of queries regarding various aspects of tuning into a shoutcast, here is a brief FAQ that might answer some questions. I wrote this for iTG about a year ago.

How do I tune in?

To connect to an iTG audio stream you will require the common application, Winamp available from – It is the same with all versions of winamp that you must take the address of the iTG stream, double click it and make sure you allow your :browser to open that file with winamp. Alternatively, open winamp first and hit CTRL + L then paste in the iTG stream, this will open it in a similar fashion.

Alternatively, (And use this as a method if you are not able to connect via winamp for some reason) - You can connect via Windows Media Player by changing the stream url ending from .pls to .asx - For example which connects with winamp, becomes to connect with windows media.

How can I make the Shoutcast go in time with xTV (ETTV)?

A shoutcast streams delay is usually 30-45 seconds behind live, a game's TV delay can be anything from 1 to 5 minutes. With this in mind, the shoutcast will broadcast events before you see them in your game. There are a number of ways to synchronize these two, this writers preferred method is start the match with the game in half screen so that you can easily access winamp and your game.

When the count down begins and the match is about to get underway the shoutcaster will often either countdown 3,2,1 FIGHT, or just FIGHT. As soon as you hear FIGHT, instantly hit pause on your winamp. When the TV server you are connected two catches up and you see FIGHT on your screen, unpause the winamp by pressing play and your two programs should be in sync with one another. Throughout the match the shoutcaster may give several “sync up's” aimed at helping the viewer to synchronize the two, utilise these as you would if it was the start of the match. The shoutcaster will perhaps say the time on the clock is 10 minutes, pause at this point, and again unpause when you see 10 minutes on your game TV.

Additionally, you can download a winamp plugin called pitchfork

This plugin, named Pitchfork is designed for sync'ing shoutcast and games, install this, and then load the plugin via winamp, to do so you need to go to preferences (ctrl + p) and then to Plugins followed by DSP/Effect and click on Pitchfork. Any errors relating to you not seeing the plugin can be avoided by using the classic winamp skin.

Pitchfork is designed to give you the option to speed up and slow down a shoutcast to bring it into synchronization, you have the option it is similar to above mentioned method in that you will need to be able to see what is going on in game to know when to bring the shoutcast back to normal speed.
If you are having problems with winamp try using vlcplayer. 'open network source' and copy paste the shoutcast link.
I had to switch to VLC when I upgraded WinAMP to v5.32 (don't remember which version I had before) because ITG shoutcasts stopped working. WinAMP still works for Headshot radio though, which I assume means they run different server versions.
I can't listen to iTG anymore in winamp either :x
this I did not know!
WinAMP works again. \o/
This must explain the problems i had with winamp lately and what made me switch to vlcplayer :P
I didn't know you could pause a stream... noobish me
how can shoutcaster be retarded 30-45 seconds if he is on the warserver, so he sees and speaks watching live match? or i didnt understand something?:D
software causes delay
sometimes i'm infront of the shoutcast @ ettv ?

how can i fix this ? :D
push fast-forward :D
nice TosspoT
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