Beginner's HoN Guide

Baggiez's Disclaimer: HoN / DotA has the steepest learning curve of any game I've played as so much of the game is knowledge. This is a pretty layman's guide to the basics of the game. If you want to start playing then read this.

*2nd Disclaimer: DotA/HoN undergo constant balance updates, so when you read this, not all of it will be entirely accurate. Also, certain item builds of mine are completely based on my play style or which heroes I am opposed to, so don't bash on them.

Table of Contents

* Introduction
* Basics
* Survivablity
* Creeps and Towers
* Items
* Hero Classifications (coming soon)


I thought I would write some of the information that I constantly say in games online to new players or via the in game comms.


* Don't assume you always have to be fighting to win the game.
* You get experience for being about 2/3 of the screen width away when something dies, you don't have to kill it yourself.
* You get gold from a kill if you make the final, killing blow on it.
* Early on, getting experience is more important than getting gold.
* Killing enemy heroes gets you roughly 200 gold and some experience.
* Dying costs you a %age of your gold, and means your opponents level ALOT faster than you.
* Someone will always get the axe
* Press the quote key ' (or you can remap this in the control's section) to show units health/mana bars above them.
* Heroes abilities decide games.

Therefore, if you don't recognise the hero you are against in your lane, ask your teammates what to watch out for. They will tell you the nastiest things you will face.


Early in game, stand nearby action but don't be involved all the time, don't make yourself a target for enemy heroes. Sit levelling up for a while and you gradually get a small amount of gold in the "background". If you make a few creep kills you get even more gold.

* When you have little health early on, creep hits on you hurt quite alot.
* If you don't have much health and you stick around near combat, the enemy will try to ambush you.
* Your skills are weak early on, and it takes many hits and spells to kill a hero. It is best to conserve your mana.
* Skills increase along with damage and combat later in the game can be brutally fast.
* If you conserve your mana it could be the difference between life and death either for yourself, allys or enemy heroes. (Stuns for example)
* Sometimes no matter how hard you try to play well, you will get beaten on.

If you are levels behind in your lane and getting hurt badly every time you go into combat, CALL IT EARLY and request a swap. Other people in your team doing better may be able to swap with you and stop the rot [op]. You could also ask team mates to come and "gank/ambush" the people in your lane.

Always try to be staying alive, don't go for the jugular until you are sure of your capabilities, and the enemies.

Safe Buys

I would suggest people who have a problem with survivablity take into consideration and perhaps buy these items to help.

Fortified Bracelet / Bracer: + 3 to Strength, +3 to All Attributes. (found in the Initiation Recipe shop)

I would try and get two of these to begin with, the reason for this is so that you have some extra stats and more importantly a lot of extra health which will help you survive, if you have picked a strength hero you will get extra damage.

Steam Boots / Power Treads: +75 Movement speed, 10+ chosen stat, and +5 other stats. Click to toggle stats. (found in the Initiation Recipe shop)

To make these you need to get [ Marchers / Boots of Speed: +50 Movement Speed - 500 gold ] - which are extremely important for most people as it helps you get into or out of fights a lot quicker (aswell as into Lanes to creep). The reason for this item is so that you can have improved movement speed, attack speed and gain some extra health again. Combined with the Bracelets you won't be extremely squishy and most likely the enemy will have a harder job killing you which is what we want to avoid to begin with.

Creeps & Towers

Your hero will automatically attack units that are close by to it such as creeps(term: Auto Attacking). Here is a run down of why this is a bad thing and hopefully teach new players the reasons why last hitting is something that all HoN/DotA players should aim to perfect.

* Creeps will give gold for getting the killing blow on them.
* Friendly creeps can be denied.
* You kill your own creep to deny your enemy experience and gold, and thus giving you an advantage.
* Creeps are only deniable when on 50% health or lower.
* To deny creeps you should press A and target the friendly creep
* The creep waves are ALWAYS equal to each other, so any interference from players will make the creep wave move down or up a lane.
* If you put equal amounts of damage into friendly and enemy creeps then when the creep waves meet again they should fight in exactly the same place you were just at or extremely close by.
* If you auto attack and push the creeps forward and continue to creep this means that you could become vunerable to being ambushed.


* Towers hurt alot early on.
* Towers target ANYTHING which is attacking a friendly hero (or should).
* You have to take towers down, but it is much easier late game than early.
* The final hit on a tower gets you hundreds of gold.
* You can attempt to deny a tower by last hitting it
* Towers can only be denied when they are on 10% or less health.
* Denying a tower grants you & your team mates 100/150gold each and non for the opposing team

It is never really a good idea to be pushing towers early on unless your team has decided you need to win the game early and you are a team that is based around early mid game wins. If you kill a tower early the likelyhood is that the creep wave will end up on the enemies side of the map for huge portions of the game until it is either pushed back by enemy heroes (which they should try and attempt not to do by last hitting and denying to keep the creep wave safe in a friendly area) or until they push and take down 1-2 towers to equal each side.

Later in the game you must group up as 3/4/5 players and push one lane, usually the middle to take barracks down. Once you have done this, go another lane. If your team starts grouping you should NOT be alone unless you know what you are doing and why and when. (hint : if you need to read this post, you are dozens of games away from knowing what, why and when.)


* Buying items suited to your heroes helps quite a bit.
* Buying the wrong items just plain sucks.

Therefore : if you are not sure what to buy, ask a team mate with more experience for a build order. Even among experience players there are disagreements and opinions, but they won't be significantly different. Remind them it is a build for a new player so they don't make it too ambitious for you.

Starting Items

(This is what I personally like to buy to start off with in 90% of games I play)

* Pretenders Crown / Circlet of Nobility: +2 All Attributes - 185 gold -
* I buy TWO of these to turn into Bracelets.
* Found in the Accessories section of the shop.
* These will give you extra health/mana/damage.

Now you need some regeneration or healing items so that you can stay in lane for a longer period of time, because its going to be 99% sure you will be taking some damage from creeps or heroes in the lane.

* Healing Potion / Healing Salve: Heals 400 HP over 10 seconds on a friendly unit. 1 Charge. Dispels on attack. - 100 gold.

I also buy TWO of these (found in the Supplies section of the shop). You need to make sure that you stay away from any incoming damage when you activate this heal potion on yourself as any damage will stop the regen effect.

Alternativly you can buy

* Runes of the Blight / Ancient Tango of Essifation: Allows the bearer to consume a tree, restoring 115 hit points over 16 seconds. 3 charges. - 90 gold.

Usually people buy TWO sets of these runes. The good thing about the Runes of Blight over the Healing Potions are that they don't stop the regen effect should you take damage.

Overall it is best that what ever items you decide to go for at the start you should always look to take some health regen items in the form of items or consumables. If you turn up to a lane with no health regen items the likelyhood is that you will get pushed out of lane quickly by enemy heroes that have noticed this and get some attacks in on you trying to force you out of lane.

Hero Classifications

So this section is to explain to people what class or role each hero is/plays within Heroes of Newerth. A lot of the heroes are good at several things and not just one - I will try and give a little run down of what they are good at.

Heroes which specialize at killing other heroes through physical damage. Most heroes that have windwalk, an invsisibility skill, or blink can fall into this catergory. Often these heroes need to get more gold than other classes.

Heroes who possess the ability to disable other characters, basically forcing them into a disadvantage while they attempt to fight or flee. Disables include any spells that move the enemy without his or her consent, stun an enemy, reduce movement speed, disallow movement, reduce damage, reduce attack speed, reduce armor, prevent physical attack or prevent spell casting. Though many spells fall under these catergories, the general rule of an effect disable spell is a spell that can extend and enemy's precence in combat against his or her will, which therefor only includes the first four of the listed effects. Also, passive abilities are often ignored as disables. Pollywog Priest and Puppeter are examples as they both have two skills that are classed as Disable.

Heroes whose skills are meant to directly aid the rest of the team. Heroes with healing or protective skills fall into this catergory. Pushers can be counted as support, although somtimes they can be used individually instead of working together with the team.

Heroes which possess the ability to cause an significant amount of damage in a single instant via use of an activated spell in lieu of a physical attack. E.g. Pyromancer.

Heroes which can quickly destroy enemy towers and creep generators due to their ability to summon additional units or deal damage to an area of enemy creeps.

Heroes who posses the ability to stun other characters. Certain heroes have passive skills enabling their attacks to have a chance of stunning. When such heroes are able to keep an enemy constantly stunned it is known informally as permastun or stunlock.

Heroes who can absorb huge amounts of damage with either high health or armor count. Typically used to tank towers or enemies.

Personal Help

If you want to enquire about specific hero item/skill builds, send me a pm.
60% of the time someone will get the axe everytime.
arent stunners in the disablers class? :x
what about Linux users?
you can paly paly it :O
Since you get 600 coins at the start, I'd go for marchers and 3x runes. With that setup you'd most likely get killed or run back to spawn to heal up , which sucks.
With what setup would you most likely 'get killed or run back to spawn to heal up' ?
Your suggestion.
not really.
i must agree with you, buying 2x pretenders crown is just stupid, unless you are, or you have a healing babysitter hero with you. When you're playing against at least mid skill guys they'll just check your EQ and nuke till you die/get back to fountain. My starting items would be 3/4 x runes of blight, 2/1 x mana pots, and those str/int/agi items for 150 :>

to BaggieZ

U should mention about creeps blocking too, wich is the most important thing at start
Agroo creeps and getting em closer to your tower would help too.

but with marchers not so much :d

with those "useless" items you get + points at the other skills, and so you get a little more dmg, reg, attack speed, etc, but very little, while with boots like you said you still have low hp. if you have 2 stunners at your lane, the boots wont save you...
and it is a different play style aswell, you buy what you want but those rune will get useless a few lvls later so why would you buy so many? for that you just buy a trinket, same hp reg and has no limited usage...
you will never know who will be your enemy thats why i buy so many, altough i almost never use them all + you can always share some with your lane partner if hes low on hp :)
that is always the case, if you knew who would be in your lane you would buy other items, those i said usually are good cause they give you hp, not only the reg... but it depends on your play style and heroe, if you are blood seeke. for example, you dont need any runes nor mana portions
Boots first item is probably the only thing worse than a bottle first item unless you're doing some cheesy swiftblade fb attempt.
well done mate
Babysitters would be good as for Hero Classifications :)
how do i get this game without paying :D?
its beta, you dont have to pay for it -_-
lol ur shit XD
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