More FPS

Hi ! i gonna show u how to get more fps first download 2 programs click and click

Step 1

Turn on hijackthis and go to config and uncheck i Ignore non-standard but sade domains in IE.. now press back and scan

fix all program which u dont using my hijack looks that :
image: 30_1257594286_thumb

Step 2

Turn on autoruns and go to options and check HIDE MICROSOFT ENTRIES and press refresh and now uncheck programs which u dont using my autoruns looks that image: 33_1257594286_thumb

Step 3

go to services.msc and select DISABLED or sth like that. Like on pic [ wylaczone = disabled ]

image: 18_1257594286_thumb

in en.
Auto Updates off
time service
print spooler
remote registry
java quick starter
uninterruptible power supply
tcp.ip helper
Security Center
QoS RSVP Service

Step 4


alt ctrl del and delete all which u dont using ( my screen ) image: 6_1257594286_thumb

Step 5


make in etpro autoexec_spectator ( cfg )
and write
pb_security 0
pb_sleep 500

next in ur config

r_mode 6
r_picmip "3"
seta r_simpleMipMaps "0"
seta r_lodbias -99999
seta com_zoneMegs "20"
seta com_hunkMegs "50"
seta com_soundMegs "32"

+ better is when ur profile for example etpro/profiles/promen/etconfig when is read only

+ if u have graphcard with good cooling u can overclock [ riva tuner ]

+if u got processor under 1.7 ghz u should overclock to min. 1.8

contact ( irc ) Poland #promen

and sorry for my english
A lot of basic stuff, but I suppose it gives a nice overview.

I'd love to be able to play at 1.87ghz, however, when I do so, my laptop shuts down after about 5minutes. 1.74ghz lasts 15minutes. 1.6ghz is stable, though of course I suffer great FPS losses on maps like goldrush and radar. I suppose I could get a laptopcooler, however I'm not sure it will be worth it. I'll probably just wait till August and buy a new one.

My graphiccard is epic fail.

Oh and picmip hardly makes a differnce nowadays, even on my system playing with 0 (or 1) gives the same FPS as 3 and it looks a lot cleaner.
Yes , rivatuner allowed.
it is, you just can't make the trees disappear : )
How these improve your fps?

seta com_zoneMegs "20"
seta com_hunkMegs "50"
It can if you have few RAM.
I have still to see any tweak which will improve your fps ... First lets get rid of some myths.
ET doesnt need a vid card, so to all those who keep referring to their vid card = you are doing it wrong.

Second remark I whish to make is that most of these tweaks do free up system resources (like disabling services using services.msc) but it will not give you more fps. I do believe most ppls pc's are pools of malware and virii but claiming any of the things you advice increases your fps is just ... wrong?

If you want more FPS in ET you need to do one of the following:
- lower r_mode, yes this one actually works
- overclock your CPU, by preference try to find an overclock which boosts the FSB, the part of your cpu which transfers LOTS of data.
- overclock your memory, it used to be way more effective in the oldsql day where you could push delays to 2-2-2-5. These days most memory chips run way faster but have a bit more delay. Anyway, if you have those new ram chips you will also have a new pc, so nvm :) I personally dont recommend oc'ing your ram chips (the timings) as it causes a lot of crashes and instabilities.

edit: and dont tell ppl to turn off their printer spooler, etc. the system resources + fps you gain are nonexistent and you are bound to screw over ppl who actually use their printer.
how the fuck did this make it into the tutorials section 0o
omg I still don't get it that people are able to get less then 125FPS, even my PC (which is 4yrs old) was running ET with 125 FPS(Quake4/Doom3 at 30-40FPS) even with my FX5200 which is now replaced for HD3850 AGP.

Running a clean system without trojans and other shit is the solution. Before I bought my own PC I tried almost everything at my parents PC to get more then the 30 FPS I got with the default settings. It resulted in max 40 FPS but the result of it was that on some places I would get less FPS then I did have before.

Quoteseta r_lodbias -99999
seta com_zoneMegs "20"
seta com_hunkMegs "50"
lobias can only be between -2 and 2, zonemegs shoudl be atleast 24, hunkmegs between 96 - 192 (for some pub maps). Everybody has atleast 512MB RAM so running 192 hunkmegs shouldn't be a problem at al
My pc is alot older, but I used to get 100fps stable. It has nothing to do with running a clean system, I had the same crap fps after a fresh install. Allthough pb has alot to do with my low fps and lag, on a non-pb server its still not above 55 in open terrain (goes up to 100 inside though). Mine is prolly wearing down, but still getting 15-20fps with pb and atleast three times as much without.
GameBooster helps more than this one!
I call you telephony oky?!
Using those com_memory related settings will only cause your pc lag more and make it load maptextures slower. You should never fool around with those values. Go and test tkbtimedemo with different settings and see my point being proven.
com_hunkmegs should be either 56 / 128 / 196
com_soundmegs 24 / 48
com_zoneMegs 24
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