Tune up your desktop

In this tutorial I gonna show you how to make your desktop look [cool].

At this moment I am using this theme:

image: deksktidud

On the left side you can see a thing that is called a Dock, it's like a taskbar where you can drop folders or anything else that would be useful for you.
I'm using Rocketdock, you can download it here.
So, when you dropped all your favorite folders and programs to the dock, right click on a symbol and select Icon settings, there should be a few Icons but not enough so what we gonna do now is download more icons ;p
The best source for dock icons is deviantart.

The next thing I use is Yahoo!Widget.

You can download it http://www.chip.de/downloads/Yahoo-Widgets_15184920.html
->Zum Download->Download-Server CHIP Online->Zum Download
The program will create a folder in MyDocuments, called MyWidgets.
To get rid of that annoying console or whatever it is called, do right click on the tray icon and select "close console".

My theme and all icons + widgets are in this file

image: blachwhite

(c)SHIVaO 2010
n1 but i don't think i gonna use it!
Damn really nice dude :)

What settings and icons do you use for @ rocketdock? and can you share the wallpaper please? :D
rocketdock -_-
yes you do, popup msn/xfire and irc sound will tell u
i dont think so
who is that girl?
adree desanti
How do i use those shell... .dll things?
what about XP users?
wtf man,never thought there is some way to do that to your desktop..
well,can you then recommend me how did you do that? programs used..?
ah,sorry,forget this was an tutorial o_O
but still I need help.
when I click on "show desktop" Rocketdock isnt there,ideas?
hehe,yeah,so I reply you.
I could use windows button+m, but I would prefer to click on "show desktop button" :o(
but I dont wanna it always on bottom :D e.g when I have internet browser I dont wanna see it :)
its just shit and it cant do what I wish it should. nvm. gotta learn use that shotcut
will be all the same :D
but thanks anyway :XD
now I just gotta find out how to get rid of bin and it will be cool.
I tried my best but couldnt do it :)
oh,looks drastic :D
anyway,when I install theme to windows,the only thing I have to do is copy files? cuz I found one nice and it doesnt work :|
nevermind,everything is done by now :)
thanks for help :P
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