Mouse files

Hey, this is a useful bit of information and links to software which might help you all.
image: mouserate
This is a pack I put together for mice settings, keyboard fixes and random bonus files.
All the files in this pack are virus, spyware and adware free.

//Mouse Rate Forcer
//Mouse Rate Checker
//Apple Keyboard - Windows Keys Replacement
//USBPORT.sys Replacer
//Acceleration Remover
//Mouse Rate Changer WINDOWS XP SP3

//Executable Fixer
... MORE

Download 3.2MB

Shoutout to Ethr, Ironic and adeto
nice gonna test it =)
warez isnt allowed on xfire, some admin will delete :(
No warez?:o
so fucking old ...
I faill to see where I said it was new. Please, enlighten me.
now tell us how to use it
There is information in the folders.
nice effort

but can someone please enlighten me what all that mouse programs and stuff is about?
i dunno if i m kinda special but i bought my deathadder, plugged it in and used it without any problems and without anything to criticize..

what advantage can i get from forcing my mouserate, using rinput or those usb tools?
mouserate: your mouse react faster -> more kills avg.
rinput: on high dpi 900-1800 you wont get negative accel
lol at explanation.
got told mx518 can't go on a higher rate then 500 or it fucks up.. is it true?
The MX518 will only go to about 610hz, just like Diamondback 3G. I guess it will mess your mouse up quicker with a higher rate (but what doesn't the more you get out of it)
il sert a quoi ce tuto ?
This doesnt work for win7 :X
after rebooting i cant move my mouse anymore
same problem and when i reinstall the mouse it goes back to 100hz
on my pc the ratechanger does not work. tried another one as well i got one from some clanmate and the files that it needs apparently don't excist...does anyone know any workaround for this?
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