Windows 7 Ventrilo Lagging Audio Issues

You can get good quality communications by choosing SFX settings .There are settings in Ventrilo that can fix this problem . The idea is to use a compression sound effect.
1. Go to Setup under the Voice tab, and check "Use DirectSound," which activates the "SFX" button
2.Click on SFX that lets you add and remove effects from Ventrilo.Select Compressor and then click on Add.
You will get 6 settings for the compression sound effect.
Gain 0
This is generally be left at 0, unless you are experiencing problem hearing most of the people on the channel. Increase it to 10 or 15 can help, but increasing it up a lot can cause significant sound degradation.
Attack 0.01
Attack settings determine how quickly compression is applied in milliseconds. The default is 10.
Release 200 - 500
Release setting determines the length of time the compressor takes to return after the sound has stopped. The default is 200 milliseconds.
Threshold -30
The compressor threshold sets the level at or above where compression starts. This setting is measured in decibels. Zero means very loud and 60 means very quiet.
Ratio 100
Ratio sets the variation in volume after the compressor has completed its job. Many people keep this right up to 100 so there is as little variation in volume as possible.
Pre delay 4.0
This determines the delay compensation or how far your system "looks ahead" for sounds that needs adjustment. It is measured in milliseconds. It works fine at the maximum of 4.
Quote// bAnga' Config Pro - Autoexec General
// version: 1.2F
// ©2012 bAnga-Gaming. All Google's rights reserved.

//TJ Script
set loleast "com_maxfps 76; +movedown;wait 20; +back; wait 20; -back;-movedown; wait 20; +sprint; +forward; wait 5; +moveup; wait 5; -moveup; +movedown; wait 100; -movedown; -sprint; -forward;com_maxfps 125"
set lolcrane "com_maxfps 125;pmove_fixed 1;wait 10;+forward; +sprint; wait 10; +moveup; -sprint; wait 30; -moveup; wait 100; -forward;pmove_fixed 0;com_maxfps 125"
bind n "vstr lolcrane"
bind m "vstr loleast"
if this actually works then its graet
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