Watch live TV on your PC (free and legal)

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Hi, if you watch TV whilst on your computer then this is good for you. Instead of having to look at another screen (if you do) then you can just use Zattoo.

Zattoo is currently available in Denmark, France, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, and the UK.

1. Go to and signup to Zattoo. Make sure you enter your correct details, you may need to activate your account.
2. Download the client.
Windows (XP, VISTA, WIN7)
Mac OS X
3. Load up Zattoo and it will ask you to login. You can now enter your details in which you used at the sign up.

That's it.

Enjoy the application.

Official website
nothing for us swedes =/
I prefer looking at another screen so I can do whatever I want on my pc :/ this is unhandy tbh :P
not if you have a 2nd monitor :( so not in NL avi?:( or just no dutch channels?
Just like any other piece of software, you will only use it if you need to use it. If you prefer looking at another screen then do it, I prefer not having to 180 to watch TV.
I just need to move my eyes a little to the left :P
older then old
oooolllldddd pfff
no interesting channels
You have been added to the Zattoo waitlist. We will let you know when Zattoo becomes available in your area.
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