Cleaning your devices

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Every soldier knows: Your performance on the battlefield depends on the condition of your equipment.
Not only the blood and brains of the fallen but also coke, beer,crisps, ashes, sweat and maybe even cum have a negative impact on your devices' operational capability. Keys start to stick, you lose grip and your mouse starts jerking. To put this to an end, here's the ultimate guide to clean your hardware!

Before proceeding make sure to pull the plugs to avoid damaging your devices (and/or yourself :P ) Reading this guide with a switched off monitor might turn out a little bit tricky though.

The monitor:
I guess all of you guys know how to clean a monitor. =) Just another hint: For CRTs use a window cleaner with ammonia (Ajax Glasrein for Germans). They are much better than those with alcohol and they remove even dried cum... I guess... Erm, - yes... *blush*
I have no idea how to clean an LCD, but if you use one you're probably a noob anyway.

The Keyboard:
Step 1: Remove all the keys by using something slim as a lever.
Step 2: Remove the upper part of the keyboard using a screwdriver or something similar:

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Step 3: Put all the stuff in your dishwasher. Alternatively you can clean the keys yourself, but this tutorial is for the lazy ones.
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For owners of cheap logitech keyboards with affixed letters this method is not recommended. Set your dishwasher to Bio-Mode, if supported.

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Step 4: Under the "Space" and the right "Shift" key, you'll probably find some metal brackets. Clean them and then grease them again. You can use vaseline for this step:

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Step 5: When the dishwasher is finished, mount everything and voila: Your keyboard is clean and looks like new.

The Mouse:
Step 1: Clean the case with a humid cloth.
Step 2: To remove the dirt in the gaps between buttons use a toothpic or a needle. Tilt your mouse so the dirt doesn't fall to the inside.
Step 3: Now the really important thing: To clean the sensor use a Qtip. Just breathe upon it (or wet it just a little bit with destilled water) and carefully clean the sensor by constantly rotating the Qtip. Do not use pressure. I can imagine that naphta or denaturated alcohol works too. But I wouldn't want to test it ;)
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Step 4 (Optional): After cleaning the mouse I like to polish the bottom with silicon spray. Unlike vaseline it doesn't grease, so don't worry about dust and stuff sticking to your mouse.It makes the surface quite slippery and gives it a shiny look.

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The Mousepad
If you use a clothpad, just put it in the washing mashine. No joke. I wouldn't set the temperature to more than 30°C, though. To remove dust, use a vacuum cleaner.
Glass, metal or plastic pads can be cleaned with simple water.

That's it! Now your gear is in a top condition and you can start owning again.
Happy fragging!
those can't be cleaned. really.
for metal pads (steelpad 4s/3s) u can also use windex. Don't use ethanol for that imo since it destroyed my former mousepad (different smoothness on different areas of the pad). Also i cleaned my sensor with a qtip + alcohol / windex and had no problems with that.
thx 4 the info!
nice ideas m8. would you plz tell me what you use instead of the mousefeet of your mx500? Because mine (mx518) were also always scratched and overused.
They're called Highend-Tapes. I just sticked them over the Logitech feet.

If you can afford them, get Hyperglides.
k thx. I guess they cant be far to expensive lol
Did you stick your everglide titan in the washing machine? If so, did it turn out ok?
Cheers, i'll try that when I get home.
Your post is old though im sure u will read this and probably help me out
Did u use any cleaning products? i heard it could fuck up the surface :o
If it's the Everglide Titan you're talking about then no, I didn't use any cleaning products, it's a waste of time. Cloth mats give great results however, I got so annoyed with trying to clean it, I went for a QPADCT instead. Sort of plasticy rather than cloth I guess.

Try the washing machine. It's probably the best way to try and get it clean to be honest. I would do it on it's own with no washing powder.
I meant: did u use washing powder? You didnt, understood
nice :)
Oh by the way, the bottom of the MX518 has those labels at the top and bottom of the mouse. Mine was starting to peel off a little, so I tore it off completely.

I was left with a sticky, label adhesive that was really really nasty. To remove it, you can get special "Label adhesive" remover from any hardware shop, which worked a charm. It completely removed the labels and also, got all the crap and past stuff picked up by the mouse as well. When I get home, I'll make some pictures and post them on here.
you didnt :D
What about cleaning G15 keyboard : <?
LCD can be cleaned with special wet wipes, can be bought from computer stores (mine cost 3euros)
My screen doesnt work anymore now that i putted it in the dishwasher. What now :[

Btw - you "UNPLUG" your equipment :)
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