SLAC Solution for Mac Users

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Since a version of SLAC will not be released in the near foreseeable future, an alternate solution has been found to address this issue.

Method 1. Notify [CB]Killerboy via IRC or PM him at crossfire with the date and time of your match at least three days in advance.

You can find him here: Killerboy.

He will give you validation and let you know if you are eligible to play.

Method 2. Open ET in windowed mode, open console, type /cheaters to show your GUID, your CB HID along with your in-game alias and take a screenshot. Make sure you are in windowed mode when you take this screenshot. You will have to press shift + Apple (Cmd) + 4 on your keyboard and after the ET window becomes light blue and highlighted, click on it and voilà.

Note: Said alias in the screenshot should not be different in the match.



Again, you will have to submit this screenshot to Killerboy three days in advance to receive confirmation prior to playing your match.

Method 3. If you are unable to somehow manage taking a screenshot of only ET, this is your final solution.

Click on your Apple button on the upper left corner of your screen and select "About This Mac". Click on your Version number until it brings you to your serial number. Put this window at the upper right corner of your screen or in a position that would make it visible when you open ET in window mode. Open ET in window mode. [Note: You can always press Apple (Cmd) + H to switch from fullscreen to windowed mode.] Now all you have to do is take a screenshot of your entire desktop with the serial number and ET windows open using shift + Apple (Cmd) + 3 and you should have a screenshot.

Once again you will have to submit the screenshot to Killerboy three days prior to your match in order to qualify.

If you have any other questions regarding this issue, please contact either azuKi or [CB]Killerboy via IRC or PM on Crossfire.

Good Luck!

UPDATED as of Sept. 10th, 2010:

1. You will now have to type /cheaters along with your HID and alias for Method #2.
2. You will have to contact [CB]Killerboy or submit a screenshot before EACH AND EVERY match you play.
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