3D tracking by Nonix

Today we are going to make this:

You need following programs:
EnemyTerritory + image.exe

(1) Make a camera with camtrace3d

1) follow the screenshot:
image: snap2d

(2) Saving the screenshots

1) Open ET with the newest image.exe (use highest vid card settings that you want to use for the fragmovie)
2) Open a demo with your scene (I used supply)
3) set img_captureFps 50 (or what you use for your movie / how you saved your camera)
4) go to freecam (or you can set it in your camera file, up to you), and set cg_fov 90 for this tutorial
5) set img_blur_samples 0 (we dont want to use blured screenshots now)
6) make a bind: "bind x cl_avidemo 1; timescale 1; exec test" ("test" is the camera file that I saved with Create button)
7) Now press x and image start to recording your pictures
8) When you see its finished you have to use cl_avidemo 0
9) Go to your screenshot folder and delete the useless screenshots (u need only 151 shots, last is 0000000151.tga)
(I had to delete my first 00000000.tga also because of my bind) So now you have 150 tga's.
10)Now here is a trick that I used to do: I open Vegas, I open the screenshot and save them with my colour settings to a .mov file with lossless png settings. File name is 3d.mov
image: snap3e

(3) 3d tracking with boujou
1) Open boujou (I use 4.0.1)
2) click Import Sequence, search your 3d.mov and open, click Ok
3) click Track Features, click Advanced and set sensitivity highest (move to the right side)
4) Click Start and wait few seconds (it will track some not moving points in your scene)
5) Click Camera Solve, check 'Optimize radial distorition parameters' , click Start (will calculate where is your camera based on your tracked points) and wait few seconds.
6) Go to 3d Tasks -> Asses Lens Distortion (automatic). Click Assess radial, wait. And now click Accept and Adjust
7) On the timeline you see a lot of points. These are that we will open in 3dmax later.
image: snap5
8) Go to Setup -> Edit Camera. Set Framerate to 50 (or what u use), Ok
9) Go to Export -> Export Camera. Here we go you can save the point to 3dmax. Watch screenshot and save.
image: snap4z0

4) Making the text in 3dmax

1) Open 3dmax (I use 2011)
2) Drag you 3dtrack.ms to the scene. Change the perspective view to your camera and you can see everything like in boujou.
image: snap6t
3) (possible to add your .mov as background but its not a complicated camera so not that important)
4) Make a text. Zoom in with you mouseroll as on my screenshot
image: snap7p
image: snap8
5) Add bevel to the text to make it 3d! Follow the screenshot and (those my settings for the tutorial)
image: snap9z
image: snap10c
6) Go to render (press f10), follow the screenshot.(make sure you render the camera window!)
image: snap11x

7) Open vegas again and add the text on the scene, render the video !
image: snap120
If somewhere it's not that clear please write a comment or pm me so I can help.

This is very basic. When you know how to set up this, then you can be creative and add everything you want!

Uploaded the camtrace file if you want to use the same camera: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=4UJOWZHX
epic !

e: btw don't you have to add Scene geometry ? :<
ways to "hard" =D
I reply to people with a tutorial, some ppl thinks there is not much work with those "small effects" :)
ahm aha .. but u can do it ways easier =DD
No you cant :)
ofc u can DDDDDD
2 old .. do not reply!
you realized in the meantime that theres no easier way? :D
schnauze ... und doch es gibt einen einfacheren weg .
show it to me then.
With Cinema 4D ofc,it takes 2minutes to make 3D text tracking in AF and Cinema 4D
is there a tracking feature in cinema 4d? Im just using 3ds max :/
nice tut! thumbs up!
Nice useful stuff. Will use it in the nearly future. Good job!

wtf is this..

I would rlly be able to do all this but its to complicated for me =/
nice tutorial, just need some illegal link now :-D
You can use them for 30 days. probably they are on isohunt.com
what is the yellow and cyan dots on pic 3?
When you make the "camera solve" you get this result. These represent the help points in 3dmax.
you made me dizzy :s
I'm now waiting for all these new 'fresh' movies after this tutorial :DDDDDDDDDDD
woah, great
very nice. one of the very few worthy tutorials here.
too much work, id rather add text via vegas
Sure, but once you did this its not more than 10 minutes. + its not about adding a text, its just in the tutorial. There is a lot you can do with this. Sure copying a tutorial directly is bad !
if you have some modelling skills you can use 3ds for some very awesome effects (other than plain text)
and if you dont you can export the track to After Effects and add some cool stuff there!
nice tut, you can still use ae then do a fake 3d tracking with the 2d motion tracker for some basic text tracking imo it will take less time :D
adding text in vegas even faster !
AE motion tracker only work in simple scenes and even if its simple you sill have to correct the keyframes to get an accurate track. AE tracker sux or im doing it wrong?
yes it's not really accurate but it depends where you move the tracker point. If you do it on a simple wall it will not track correctly if there are too much movements.
ah jeh i hate Ae tracker, useful for simple scenes only
Nice Nonix! Hope I ll find time to try this boujou prog out!
a tutorial on custom popups would be great.
An easier solution would have been to export your trace from Cametrace and then use my 3DS Max camera importer script. No tracking needed ;)
Loved what you done on OFTW3 btw, especially the crazy final :p
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