RTCW 1.0 Pack (Updated)

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This pack is like the etpack for W:ET. It allows you to start playing the game right after unraring the file and has all needed maps and usefull tools.

I've decided to upload this pack for the upcoming RtCW Cup in february/march and also because there have been some changes since last RTCW 1.0 Pack made by Ukrainetwister. PB & all 1.4 mods work now on 1.0 (and all bugs are fixed just like in 1.41b). This is just an update of the RTCW 1.0 Pack, so if you want 1.4 the old 1.4 pack from twister will still be good.

This pack is intended for players (mainly ETplayers) who want to try out RtCW quickly without buying the game.

On 1.0 servers, you don't need a CD KEY to play

Download Links
Mirror 1: Multiupload (RS,MU,HF,..)
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Miror 2: Megaupload (with jeje's config instead of mine)
All together in 1 link

This Pack Includes

Return To Castle Wolfenstein 1.0 with:
- default 1.0 maps & custom maps:[/b]] bp_badplace

- punkbuster for 1.0
- hitsounds (don't work on OSP servers!)
- some soundpacks (for dm servers)
- WolfTV & OSP (mods)
- My own config (modified NorwayRaZiel cfg) with:[/b]]classcripts (f3-f7)
axis/allies/spec (f8-f10)
select spawnlocation (x,c)
record demo (f12)
dm script (u)
toggle r_uifullscreen (i)
timer script (num pad) (check readme in timer folder)

How To Install

A. First Download It
1) Download each part (any mirror)
Note: All links are interchangeable (which means you choose any host)

B. Make It Ready To Play
1) Download Winrar
2) Make sure all 3 .rar files (part1-3) are in the same folder
3) Right mouse-click and press extract here & let it extract to 100%
4) Put the folder in your "C:/Program Files" or somewhere else

C. Make A Shortcut For Your Desktop
1) Go in the "RTCW 1.0 PB" folder
2) Right mouse-click on "WolfMP.exe" & click "Make shortcut"
3) Cut the Shortcut somewhere where you want to launch your game (eg. desktop)

D. Start The Game
1) Double click the shortcut or the "WolfMP.exe"

Good Servers

Green = for beginners
Red = for good players

A. Public Servers
1) Objective
[img]http://cache.[url]www.gametracker.com/server_info/[/img][/url] OSP SERVER!
[img]http://cache.[url]www.gametracker.com/server_info/[/img][/url] BEACH 24/7
[img]http://cache.[url]www.gametracker.com/server_info/[/img][/url] MAPROTATION SP MAPS
[img]http://cache.[url]www.gametracker.com/server_info/[/img][/url] MAPROTATION MP MAPS

2) DM (Deathmatch)
[img]http://cache.[url]www.gametracker.com/server_info/[/img][/url] MOST ACTIVE DM SERVER

B. Private Servers
[img]http://cache.[url]www.gametracker.com/server_info/[/img][/url] FOR OSP MATCHES, PW= jihad
[img]http://cache.[url]www.gametracker.com/server_info/[/img][/url] FOR DM MATCHES, NO PW

- This does not include the singleplayer .pk3's. To play singleplayer download the ISO file from somewhere
- If you do not own a valid license and cdkey , please do NOT download these files.
- If you got any remarks pls PM me or reply in this tutorial

Thanks To
- Dexter & EgaL from Rtcw4ever to give me 2 osp pb 1.0 servers, you rock guys!
- dasBlAcky for the nice banner
- Jeje for mirror 2
- Twister for uploading first packs of rtcw (and main idea of uploading such packs)
- everybody who downloads it and tries to keep rtcw alive
Nice work m8.
So basicly it's RtCW 1.41 on 1.0 version, but hit sound that you added work with witch mod ? Schrub ?

edit: ok I tested but we realy need more "osp" server because without mod the game feel lagy.

So if you're admin of any RtCW server please make OSP public server !
Hitsounds (like etpro ones) work on s4ndmod server (mod similar to shrub)
As you can see in the servers ive add in this tutorial we got 1 public osp server (where im admin) and 1 private osp server for matches! Feel free to contribute ^.^
I've made a new on my weby

+ a mirror but with my cfg : http://www.megaupload.com/?d=GNDGRQSU

It would be better to do OSP server only + making a news on the main page of crossfire ! :)
thx mate for the mirror!

i know mate, my only 2 servers are running osp so :)

i'll make a newspost about this when i'll announce the new rtcw cup at mid february, cause i got exams now and i'd like to establish this public server (ezbash pub) as a stable pub that gets full every day like rTg & rtcw jolt back in the days, atm it looks promising as last week the server was 3 evenings +/-12 players around, yesterday even 16-18
the uk jolt3 server was my home server :D
Osp servers updated with better ping and new ip
i been spreadin the older wolfpack in demo ..this even better ,thanx again homie =)
Your achievements ^^ I laughed my ass off! When did you kill me? xD
crashes on xp x64
my rtcw crashes all the time (have xp 64) pls gimme support
as above :( win7 64...
win xp compatibility
Doens't work with compatibility ffs fuck off old shit game
Crashes no matter what. Vista 64...
Ye hello? Well i've been trying to download it but the links aren't working for me. So can you upload it to megafire? And if i try the link doesn't respond or i get an advertisement of iLvid
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