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This tutorial shows how to work with VirtualDub form A to Z.

Table of Contents
1.VirtulDub - what is it?
2.Why does moviemaker use it?
3.Pros of using it?
4.Start - how to put your ss in to the one clip?
5.Lets speed up our work -how to queue.
6.Filters - to be done

1. What is it?
VirtualDub is a video capture/processing utility for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows platforms. It's not that powerful as Sonyvegas or any other Adobe products but it's easy to use.

2.Why does moviemaker use it?
The answer is quite easy - put screenshots together/cut them/render as uncompressen (using some losless codec)

3.Pros of using it?
Easy to use, fast, intuitive interface and possibility to queue.

4.Start - how to put your ss in to the one clip?

a) Go file>Open video file...>select first ss>press 'open'
*make sure that U have selected "Automatically load linked segments"
image: 1

image: 2

b) Go Video>Compression (ctrl+p)> now U have to choose best option for you which hardly basics on your amount of free space on your HDD - use lossless codec if U dont have so much space on your HDD such as Lagarith or huffyuv or
uncompressed option if U dont care of storage (links to codecs in the end).

image: 3

c) Now we need to set up our fps.
Go Options>Preferences>Images and type the value which is set in your movie cfg (img_capturefps or cl_avidemo).Shortcut (ctrl+r)

image: 4

d) To finish our job we have to render clip.
Gp File>Save as AVI>put uniqe name and press Save.

image: 5

5.Lets speed up our work - -how to queue.

a) Lets go back to the step when we had to put images value (ctrl+r).
After that step to que our job we have to go File>Queue batch operation>Save as AVI.

image: 1

To add extra jobs repeat steps 4.a, 5b.

b) Rendering:
Go File>Job control>Start (before pressing this button make sure that all jobs are added as they should be)

image: 2

6.Filters - will edit soon
I do not recommend using them in vdub. Why so? We have powerful tools such as AfterEffects or SonyVegas - they are just perfect for deeper editing.

lagarith superior to huffyuv, don't see why anybody would use huffyuv instead of lagarith
totally agree with u - way better compression
kinda useless, but gj anywayz
good job :)

just need to set the fps if they are over then 200

and save as avi ... well done
U dont get it, right?
sure LOL! :D

e: but i do it like my post .. so stfu
you also have to set them if they are beneath 200 :)
no pics :<
hope Frop will fix it coz I dont have privilages to edit it anymore ;(
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