Encoding with Legion

image: LEGION

Legion 1.5.0
What is it?
It's one of the most easiest way to compress your movie to 3 popular movie formats right now. At the very beginning I must say that U shouldn't use it for your final movie version. U will not get the best quality when U dont use megui.

Lets prepare.
First of all U should install 3 things:
avisynth http://bythewayonline.pl/movie%20stuff/Avisynth_258.exe
Haali splitter http://bythewayonline.pl/movie%20stuff/MatroskaSplitter.exe
ffdshow http://bythewayonline.pl/movie%20stuff/ffdshow_rev3744_20110119_clsid.exe
When U are done get Legion 1.5.0 http://bythewayonline.pl/movie%20stuff/Legion%

Create a new folder, copy there Legion.exe. Now paste to that folder your movie and soundtrack. It's very imporant to call your files: movie.avi and movie.wav if U don't do this legion won't recognize them. Remember that U should firstly render your movie in 2 ways: pure movie(no audio) as uncompressed and pure audio in wav format. When U are done launch Legion.

I wont give U any extra hints just becouse Legions interface is very easy to understand.
thats why your quality is fucked up
ye most of my previous 'movies' were made with legion and its becouse i had no time. rizlas trailer was made with megui and U must agree that it looks not that bad :)
thank U
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