WinAmp in ET

I just found an easy way to post the WinAmp song you are listening to in ET.

Sure the way in an other tutorial here works also but it is much more complicated with plugin, and experience in HTML you need and to create every time a new .cfg for every new song wich is binded. ect. ... i bet the most of you didnt made it work even. ;-)

This goes much easier. All what you need is just one small old tool: QuakeAmp


Attention!!! For Windows 7: Be4 you start it the firt time you must set "Windows XP compatiblity mode" and "run as admin".

Now just start your WinAmp, then the QuakeAmp.exe and then ET.

In game press F12 to post what you are listening to (make sure that u havent bind F12 in your .cfg)


PS: Havent tested it now with Slac
just use minimizer rofl. and dont like playing with music on ;d
And I can't play ET without music, usually can't hear any game sounds but that doesn't really matter :_D

Now you know my secret pubskillz :(((
ffs, ur shooting hs on the beat??
I try to keep rhythm yes :Ppp
nobody cares what you are listening to, seriously.
older then old
this seems useful for guys who feel the need to either paste a reason why they would not be focused on the game and hence suck, or tell everyone what cool music they re listening to.

important shit
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