Video Mapping Tutorials

Some time ago I have translated a few video tutorials from a german mapping community (, which is now offline. Back then I did so in order to host all kinds of tutorials on Unfortunately that page never got created, thus I uploaded them before they get lost.

Be aware all scriptnames, targetname and descriptions within radiant and the script are german as the tutorial was german in the first place.

How to create a Constructible Object:

How to create a Destroyable Object:

How to create a Stealable Object (Docrun):

I have also uploaded a few tutorials that I did not translate and most likely will not translate ever. For those capable of german or who want to see how it could be made check these:

Multi Respawn

Enjoy - #et.mapping
nice effort!
great tutorials!

thanks a lot :>

shoutouts to Glotz!
nice tutorials, do you also have knowledge in inserting skyboxes? ^_^
the problem is, I want the skyboxes to be in a standard map, and dont want to change the map at all, otherwise it would be an other map and the demo cant be played on it, right?
ag0n approached to me on a similar topic. Theoretically you should be able to run a demo on an edited/new compiled map, but some integrity checks will stop ET from doing so unless some coder removes that from the exe/dll whatever he needs to do.

The texture of the skybox can easily be changed in the shader, but that will not change the light or anything other that was done at compile time, it'll just change the texture.
yea I just want the default skybox replaced with an other one, but everything I tried failed :/ do you have any tutorial or smth I could watch to get this done? ^_^
any tutorial out there explaining the shader of a skybox shoulld really do the job ;)
nice :)

weis man schon wann/ob wieder online kommt?
its down for ages already, dont think it will ever
jo, weiss ich
leider :<

was neues auf die beine stellen? wär AVI :)
not worth unfortunately :)
and CP/Flag? For other spawn? But nice ;)
nice work, this will hopefully draw a few people into map making :)
all down
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