How to add Popups in After Effects

After a lot of requests and questions about how to add popups manually in after effects, I made this tutorial :)

1st Step:

Import the footage into After Effects by just draging it into the Timeline at the bottom.

image: 23949181

2nd Step:

Go to the point where the "You killed xxx" text pops up, you can increase the scale of the timebar by adjusting the Controller at the bottom (circled red, moving to left-> timebar scale gets bigger, moving to right -> timebar scale gets smaller)

image: 75926959

3rd Step:

Take the Text tool (circled red on the left side), you can change the size/font color on the right side, and write the text you want to see (xxx was killed by xxx's weapon [for example]), and move it to the place you want it by draging it with holding left Mouse button.

image: 95489070

4th Step:

Adjust the red timebar to the point where the "You killed xxx" text pops up, you also can do that by holding left Mouse button, IMPORTANT: you have to click on the beginning of the red timebar, otherwise you will just move the timebar.

image: 58389575

5th Step:

If you have more than one frag in that clip, push ctrl + d to duplicate the text. You also can use the text tool to do a second text, doesnt really matter :)

image: 51688665

6th Step:

Change the text as you want, normally you just should change the player name that got killed, and maybe the weapon name as well. Open the Position Rider by clicking on the Text layer and push "P". You now just have to adjust the y-coordinate, just change it to a number you like, if you like to have much space between the popus, change it to a high number and vica versa. For a "standard" space between the popups (or at least almost), increase the y-coordinate of the first layer (second frag) by 29. Now repeat step 4.

image: 62213966

You can continue like this as far as you want. If you want to stop the text showing up, just adjust the end of the red timebar to the point you desire.

If you still have questions, want to add smth or just want to thank me (:>) nothing hidden here write a comment in this Tutorial, send me a pm, or join #wrapped-productions.

image: vdclqf
Good Job!
Although I pref greenmod :P
great thanks gemb :)
nice work :) Will be usefull for newbies :)
theres an easier way to do it :D
which way do you mean?
solo psd files by Ps ;D
Imo this step is way easier, but if you have a different opinion.. and using 2 programms for editing instead of 3 makes it even easier :))
(not a moviemaker here) in order to use both vegas and after effects to make your movie, do you need to "render" the currently edited avi in After Effects (with added text e.g.) in order to use it in Vegas again (like changing speed, cutting, effects ...) and then use that rendered in Vegas or can you just let Vegas use the After Effects file in some way? Since always having to render footage from AE to use it in Vegas again seems shit if you decide to change something later on, you have to redo everything you did in Vegas because you change the clip (new export from AE), or can you just replace the old with a newer one?
No, after effects (.aep) and Vegas (.veg) project files are different, so you cant use the project files for that :<

I'm (and a lot of other moviemakers as well I think), do it like this:

Adding sound FX and Bcakground music in vegas. Putting frags in it / sync frags with BGmusic. Editing it a bit with some Magic Bullet effects and rendering it in Vegas.
Importing the footage into After effects, edit it there a bit, putting in intro/outro and text's. Render in After Effects and encode, e.g. with megui.

But there are also some movies (e.g. cavalcade by fredd) that has just been edited with after effects, but this requires a lot of experience.. Same goes for Vegas, but these movies are mostly made by beginners and are not that good since Vegas doesnt have as much plug-ins and effects as After effect does :)
mh as much workload as I expected it to be :D I know my way around in Vegas and some years ago also in Premiere, but never took the time to get to know AE in detail. But I'm not gonna make a proper movie ever anyway ;<
yea tbh, after effects is the most complicated program I've ever worked with (except 3d programs), but if you follow some video copilot tutorials, you'll learn stuff quite fast :)
i add some effect ( from twitch for example ) @ ae, then i export my clip on avi to vegas

as a noob on ae :D

ps: nice tutorial but an easier way is to put your own popup as .pk3 in etmain :p
the difference is that if you add popups with a programm such as ps or ae, they will look better then the ones from ET, doesnt really matter if you added them with a pk3 or just left them on standard..
yes but there are still some nice popups from quaky or others whois also quite decent ( so easier :p )
Thank you even if I'll never use it.
höhö ;D

i use like 5 progs for moviemaking so i dont mind :D
well, using 5 different programms doesnt give you a good movie :) I prefer to be experienced with 2 programms than knowing 5 programms just hardly..
small pics :(
vegas + photoshop + condump popup.txt > this
condump popup.txt? explain :O
check what condump does in q3 engine, easy text to copy after
imo this way is easier since you just need one prog. to do it
have fun writing popups then
doesnt require much time, so its quite good for me :]
still waste of time
why do you think so?
1) u save time because of condump
2) easier to play with colours @ popups in photoshop
3) easier to sync in vegas

noone (i think, its obvious) wants to see whole white popups, u havent mentioned it
1) not needed since you still have the "you killed xxx " on the bottom
2) theres no difference between photoshop and after effects in that point
3) its fucking easy to sync that in aae? :D

yea nobody wants that ofc, but what has this do to with this tutorial? :p
u make tutorial about popups, and u dont mention how to colour it. great

Quote1) not needed since you still have the "you killed xxx " on the bottom

yeh, better write 1-2 mins popups instead of ctrl+c and ctrl+v. waste of time in bigger projects
Quote3rd step: can change the size/font color on the right side

You should read it properly before flaming :>

and no, writing blabla was killed by blabla's Thompson doesnt take me 1-2 mins :)
seems editing is ur power when u mentioned that step now
anyways, im not flaming just telling that condump is faster than yours way and prove me wrong
no need to prove you there, doesnt really make a big difference if I need 3 secs to copy paste it or 6-7 secs to write it manually :)
I used to do it by .psd file in photoshop, and then copy it to Adobe Premiere, way easier than this and It doesn't require a tutorial,

waste of time just like grzesiek said.
well, imo this is easier, but thats just my opinion.. Some ppl also dont know how to work with ops or premiere, they also would need a tutorial to do it :)
is there a comment that removes the : you killed XXX shit?
nope, only possible if you do b_draw2d "0"
ànd u cant do that on demos?
nope, theres no cvar for this..
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