ET Stats Parsing

For those of us using autoaction 7, ET creates a stats file at the end of each game with a summary of our performance in the game.

After a few months of playing, you end up with lots of files which I don't really know what do with and there's too many to read.

Therefore, I started making a Python script which will parse these stats files and do something useful with them. The current version simply parses the file, returns a summary in a tuple and averages some of the results.

If someone wants to take the code, extend it and do something fancy like a GUI that would be awesome. Its not the best piece of code i've written but it works.

Download the script using this link:

Execute using Python:
python -d <ET DIR>\etpro\stats\

And you'll get some averaged results like so:
Averaged weapon acc:
G.Launchr 52.116667
Sten 47.933333
Colt 34.200000
Artillery 88.900000
MG-42 Gun 30.533333
Grenade 24.436364
MP-40 34.511111
Panzer 103.333333
Airstrike 98.225000
Thompson 37.371429
Landmine 71.400000
Garand 34.085714
Luger 47.554545
Syringe 91.675000
Knife 25.000000
K43 Rifle 32.744444
Average damage: 1899
Average damage rec: 1779
Average damage given to damage received ratio: 1.107458
Average headshots:
Colt 1
Sten 2
Garand 2
MP-40 9
Thompson 5
Luger 1
K43 Rifle 2
Average XP: 47
HeavyWeapons 7
FirstAid 5
BattleSense 9
LightWeapons 23
Signals 4
Engineering 15
CovertOps 6

I'll try and add some other features such as getting efficiency or comparing yourself to other players in the game, but this should be ok for a first version.

Please note that the code was developed using Linux, there may be a bug with line endings when using Windows but that should be easy to fix so just say so ;-)


don't you have ET-Statistics for this :<?
thats serverside isnt it?

either way it was kinda nice for me to build :p
could you upload it again pls?
Nice work Ethr<3. You used the base code I gave you for hooking into ET, to withdraw stats direct from the console without exporting?
haven't got round to that yet - more of a time thing really - this was just something i put together as it was fairly straight forward
Fair enough. I haven't really coded anything useful in a long time. I have 0% motivation and cba to do anything lol. On a plus side, Jeremy Kyle is on ITV2, they removed the Foxy Bingo advert though :( :D....

There was a similar tool to this for RTCW back in the day iirc.
yeh you need motivation :p

Foxy :( :(
I know, Liam fucking loved that advert!!!
would like to see my stats from all files togehter :P
ET stats system is actually bullshit.
Bani cutted this bullshit system out since ET 2.60 patch was relased.
(Got docs from ID:))
Anyway what I flood here,Bani were good Windows bitch.
Good work with program anyway:D
didn't a guy do exatly the same with a fancy graphical interface a while ago?
This isn't used to WOW anyone. Ethr simply wanted a little script which was of use to him, and he did it. He released it here and all you get is people moaning. I did nearly finish ETTols but since evryone is moaning cunts on here, it will NEVER get released... and it was an amazing tool, most likely the best application i coded... had thousands of lines of code... servers, friendslist, sync to this website, ingame browser, server watcher (could connect from the game via overlay without having to disconnect from the game or know the IP off by heart) but everyone here fucked it... it even hooked into ET and allowed injection of custom GUI... so fuck off CF community....

couldnt care less
lol, you really care what some retards here say? :DD
u should release it :p

geez i would love to have made a tool like that :p
I haven't got anything installed atm :(. Getting rid of laptop soon, need a PC now lol. I still got source on my external HDD somewhere.
bitter much?
Crossfire members cunts much?
Whatdidyouexpect much?
The quality of a program doesn't rely on the amount of code lines.
Shouldn't you get kicked for putting a hook in ET?
All depends on the hooking method. I didn't get kicked when I used it on a PB server, and raised no problems. The hook works the same as a wallhack, but I guess the method is not detected yet.
Highly depends on where you put the hook.
Did you perform a single short 'jmp'?
No jumping. Hard to explain without revealing code. Basically a draw ontop of OpenGL, and would send data directly to the console window. Horrible way of doing it, but I'm a cunt at coding, I can't do much tbh.
I get your point. Indeed a horrible method as you could use the engine drawings instead. You wouldn't have to hook anything. A tiny OGL wrapper could do the job too (redirected pointers). Nonetheless, good work I guess. Although, I haven't seen your program so I can't get a general overview of what you actually realized.
isnt there a webpage which shows you this?
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