Useful links for beginners

I thought about refreshing the outdated tutorial as there have been a lot of updates and new versions of programms, and also new discoveries from my side.

Let's start with the basic Programms, directly linking to Torrents is not allowed, thats why I give you Tutorial links:[/b]

NOTICE: This is a torrent, since Adobe CS4 is not longer available to download on anymore, and CS5 is only for 64 bit users!

Some extra Programms and files:[/b]

Now off to the settings, I guess these are the most used, and also best ones:[/b]

image: sonyvegas
image: 2iaanmcworks best on version

Last but not least, some sites that could improve your moviemaking skill:[/b]

You also can get help on the following irc channels:[/b] | #image | #wrapped-productions

Credit goes to everyone who helped me with this collection, in general Scotland-max-, Portugalag0n, Polandbtw, Polandspaki. If you want me to add something thats missing, just drop me a PM here or write it as a comment.
1st in epic thread!
2nd in epic thread!
this is not an epic thread
Btw thanks for older IMAGE_ET link.Now I don't have "Hey buddy,I'm going to sleep,brb" animation,now is homemade death animation script!!
You should add this link as megui link because this is the "oficial" website. you can add this link too, it's mainly the same config you are sharing (spaki), except i'm sharing my own cfg, while spaki is sharing my cfg with his name /wrapped

Cheers bro, thanks for keeping everything up to date *
can you gimme the link to the wohle files?
what do you need exactly? The link i gave has a .rar, everything inside..
nah to the webspace xD
which one? there is the link...
yea thats correct! thx ag0n :)

Btw if you need some new music ... just tell me what kind of ;)
thanks dude, added! yea I think spaki took your config and modified some small things, still a lot of thanks to ya for this great gift <3
<33 you know it

you should also add this, i think it's a must have: (pak0 with hd textures from moviemakers pack)
added, also included the greenscreens packs from smireboule :>
yeah they are usefull too! -> lossless codec with 64bits support and multi cpu
can you use that pak0.pk3 in normal ET?
and why would you give the think to it if it's already included in the moviemakers pack ?
well, some people are just lazy to download et moviemakers pack because it has a cfg / lots of useless software etc etc.. some asked me to upload only the pak0. Since the moviemaker pack is a bit outdated, i uploaded the pak :)

And no you can't use it because et.exe / etpro checks for pak0 md5 hash, if it doesn't match you will get a un-pure message or something! But it's safe to watch demos or even some ettvs i think :P
you can if sv_pure = 0 or its installed to the server

well done
tell me where you see copypaste?
thanks, was searching image-et without dying animation - autorecorder
(url) [[url]][/url] - older image version without ingame cvars
are you using autorecorder? :D i coded this program but never really shared / finished (lost the most recent source code at hdd crash 1.5 years ago)
Ya I use it :P
^^ so do i
What is this ptogram for? I mean, what fdoes it do?!
well, nowadays everyone scans their demos, which means you can collect the star/stop frame number. With this infos + Autorecorder, you can generate some scripts for et. They will help you recording non stop (it's useful for someone like me... i record during night), it can also record the hitsounds in perfect synchronization (because it uses the exact same frames).
It also uses the image-et demoseek cvar (loads the demo directly the time you want, really fast).

To use the program you only need to fill the blanks. Select demo name | video or audio | start and stop frame | you can also select a cfg to execute before the demo (example a map cfg.. like supply.cfg) and a exec_at_time cfg (example for this specific demo use some value like s_volume 0.5 etc etc)
OMG! Looks fucking interesting and usefull! I will use it for my 4 movies soon!
well done!
You forgot avisynth
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