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Hello, it's been a while since i posted the last tutorial ^^,

Anyway i just coded a little tool to help launching et demos, including ETTV demos (.tv_84).

How to download ETTV demos (.tv_84)[/b]]
- Go to , select the match and click at "Watch this Match now." (On demand).

- Click over the demo just like the following picture:
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- Click at "Prepare for HTTP download"

- Save the demo
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Quote by Functions
With this tool you can watch .dm_84 demos as well as tv_84 demos.

This little application creates the ettv server files and run the server automatically if you select a ettv demo. Watching ettv demos locally have never been so easy!

It also allow to delete demos or execute specific commands using the "Command Line" text box (for example +exec movie.cfg).

Just download ET Demo Launcher

and paste near your et/moviemaking ET.exe.

The source code is available here

How to use ET Demo Launcher[/b]]
- Make sure ET Demo Launcher.exe is at the same folder as ET.exe

- Make sure you have some demos inside ET\etpro\demos folder

image: R9vhU

- This is how the program looks like. You can double click over the demo or just click at "Play".

- You can delete the demo if you want by clicking "Delete"

- You can add new demos, press refresh after.

If you have any problem or questions leave them here. I haven't tested ET Demo Launcher that much, but i think it is bug free, but i didn't code error checks (which means you need to do everything right... like having demos inside demos folder... etc).

Good work ag0n! Keep it up!
finally I dont have to record a demo while being on ETTV anymore ¬_¬, thanks a lot ag0n :>
no problem, but it still needs some stuff, i might improve it later to, somehow, allow commands like FF etc to be run from client side (instead of minimizing and write it at server console).
Use rcon to change timescale !
i know, but it would be easier to write like gtv, ff , nextmap etc etc. Rcon can do the work yeah :>
Thanks to IceQ for coding it
Yes it's coded at c#, don't mind the lack of comments or the repetitive code. I just wanted it to work ^^
very nice, but somehow my et crash when i launch tv demo :/ same in the old style :/
Well, try deleting etpro profiles..

The tool creates ettv.exe and .dll on your hdd, it should be okey (no one reported any problem yet). It creates a ettv server, and connects normal et to the server... Make sure everything is alright (try different demos etc), let me know if you get it solved!
still crash :) byt np, Im stoping making et movies now, riddla iz my last one :> cheers for haters :D
i have no idea why then :( working goooood here!
omg lol lol nice gj Portugalag0n
lol, that program just tried to take my config. WTF AGON
ahah :D fake, i even shared the source code (which is a bit messy i must admit).
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