Getting the latest ET-Xreal


ET-Xreal is the closed thing we're going to get to ET-2 (in my opinion) and its constantly being developed by Tr3b and his team. The snapshot posted on crossfire is already out of date by a few months. Therefore I'm going to show you how to obtain the latest content through sourceforge/git.

Note this is for Windows Only!

Programs needed

Download and install all these!

For this tutorial we're going to use msys's BASH mode which is basically like using linux in windows.

Obtaining the code

There's 3 main parts of the project we need:
  • Render/Engine
  • ETMain replacement
  • Omni-bot

You can see these all on the xreal sourceforge website (

This tutorial will not teach you how to use bash but if you follow the screenshots you should be able to work it out.

1. Open Msysgit BASH and create a new folder somewhere then perform a git clone of ET-XreaL

image: cloningw

2. enter the ET-XreaL folder and clone the ETMain replacement

image: cloneetmain

3. clone omni-bot code

image: cloneomnibot

4. create visual studio 2010 solution

image: createprojects
Within this solution there are 4 important sub projects: ETXreaL, etmain_game, etmain_ui, etmain_cgame.
image: projects

5. compile ETXreaL.exe

Right click on the ETXreaL project in visual studio and click build. Once finished, copy the exe file from ETXreaL/bin32 into ETXreaL (i.e. move it up one directory). If you have problems try moving from debug mode to release mode at the top.

6. compile ET dlls

similarly right click on etmain_ui, etmain_game and etmain_cgame and click build. These automatically enter etmain so no need to copy anything.

Play the game

To player load ETXreaL.exe and enter a map just as you would with normal ET. I would suggest using devmap, developer 1 and logfile 2 as if you find any bugs they'll be more information to report on sourceforge.

/devmap oasis; developer 1; logfile 2

image: etxreal


Using the git tool again do 'git pull' in each of ETXreaL, etmain and omni-bot
image: updateg
pretty nerd stauff here.
aye but its good nerd stuff
who doesnt want et2
the ones who have 50fps on grush
et2? its just a shiny et... the game is the same
isn't that what everyone wants ? :p
well something NEW with old gameplay, would be cool
New models? new objectives? new maps? :\
new models will be made as part of xreal i expect, new maps will come (well look at TLR contest and the thousands of maps made already in et), new objectives could be made and old ones kept plus the game play will be the same as currently et-xreal is just a renderer/graphical update for et (mainly) not changing the game
cant understand why create such thing when 90% of the players use picmip 3 + lowest possible settings..
will be a nice moviemaking tool maybe, not a game to play and not a possible et2
Well, better graphics and fps are always welcome. It could get some new players (et is pretty outdated), plus everyone will still be able to use low graphics. The example picture comes from a default et map, but in order to fully use the new engine we would need to re-do the old maps. There is some examples of what some of the latest et:xreal builds are capable of:

image: testscreenc
image: etxreal20110701170108te
image: etxreal20110701181856te

+ volumetric/dynamic shadows
fricking love those shots :p
they are pretty impressive yeah :> can actually image some new maps like this ^^
just need some people to make them..
ye ^^ i guess it may not be that hard for map makers to convert them..
it is if you want them to be done proper (assets, terrain, ...)
yes but you don't need to think about creating anything new, creating objectives etc etc
yet that maybe makes only 20% of the whole mapcreation :p
-20% work/ time you need :DDDDD
pretty nice textures & lightiing :)
The thing is, default ET renderer renders mostly with the processor, while XreaL renders with the video card.
This means that you'll be getting better FPS with ET-XreaL than with regular ET.
hmm nice but im asking if this works for CoD4 also.. :S

Plz tell me

noway sherlock?

some programms for ET are also compatible with cod4 so stfu
and why would you want a programm that creates shadows in a game that has a shadow creating engine for a while already? :DDDDDD man, either you have no clue about that or you are totally dumb :/
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legte die schnauze hier (_o_)
fail troll is fail, is einfach so.
dude, you totally missed the point.

this is a new engine ("et.exe") based at the old quake 3 engine (also known as idtech 3) with improved visuals n stuff.
Cod4 has a "better" engine for a while, i don't understand why would you want to replace it. Just learn how to tweak the config properly in order to get the same visual effect as et xreal.
dude ..

you missed the point and dont get why im asking for .. but nvm you're welcome
of course i missed the point. You didn't explain anywhere in this topic why you would want to have a thing coded for ET working at Cod4....
exactly and i wont do it ;)
then gtfo and stop being a dumbass.
is it able to replay etpro demos?
with shadows leaning will be useless.
haha :D so fail for the guy behind the wall
Why noone still makes just a compatible bugfixed client like cnq3 was made for q3? Do ppl need etpro sources for that?
makes no sense get a better graphic when u need lowest details to play online..
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