Fixing the MX518 Cable Issue!

Disclaimer: I am not to be held responsible for your mistakes or misplacement during this simple procedure. Opening up Logitech’s product DOES void your warranty, so proceed with caution. Logitech have a really good support base and they will assist you and mostly like offer a replacement as this is a well-known issue.

Link to PDF Version:

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Overall this tutorial will be written purely to promote confidence, I do recommend, if you already have a replacement or different mouse, to try this. A free mouse is always a plus side. The change of the cable is extremely simple, and you’re literally a few screws away from it working again.

The MX518 cable problem occurs when there is a break in the connection of a cable. Due to the design of the cable system in the 518, the mouse tends to wear quite a lot; this is no fault of Logitech’s as the mouse is actually very good. This problem is easily solvable; you simply have to replace the USB cable with another one. Mine has worked ever since.

You will only need a few items to change the fate of your mouse and there is no soldering iron is needed, unless you want to use the same cable, which you will then have to re-solder the wire into the ports, this tutorial will not however cover this.
What You Shall Need:

A medium sized crosshead screwdriver (Philips Screwdriver)
A replacement mouse cable (wire). I will talk about this in a moment.
And last but not least a Logitech MX518.

The mouse cable will need to be five pinned. Most USB mice will use this cable, unless they are extremely cheap and they are wired into the sensor itself. I am not sure which mice do and do not have interchangeable mice. I would love feedback on this topic so we can save people the hassle of opening up a mouse and losing mice feet in the process.
Confirmed mice are:
Microsoft Intellimouse 3.0 //
Microsoft Intellimouse 1.1 // Most MS mice have a resistor on it, which has been known to cause issues. Be careful!
Microsoft Sidewinder //
Logitech MX518
Logitech MX300
Logitech G5
Logitech G500
Razer Deathadder
Razer Salmosa
Mice That Do Not:

Microsoft WMO (1.1A is the one that has it soldered to the circuit board)

Generally if you can unscrew it and open it, it will have a cable compatible. There is some dispute about how genuine the whole gold-plated USB performance claim is apparently it doesn’t make that much difference whatsoever and I can honestly see this being the case again here. Bear in mind the thickness of the cables; you need to make sure it will fit into the grove cut out.

First, you will obviously need to open up your 518, to do that, there are 3 screws on the bottom. They will be covered with the sticker, and you will need to puncture the sticker to locate these screws. I would recommend jotting down your model number and product number (for future free mouse feet free from Logitech) and then completely removing the sticker, using a solvent to remove the majority of the sticky substance left, otherwise it will simply cause friction.

Once you’re in, watch your mouse wheel, it has a metal bit that easily falls out – be weary when opening it up. Holding it with one hand and putting the base on the bottom should fix this issue, just be careful and you won’t spend too long putting it back together. Don’t be too scared of the amount of green in there, it’s a circuit board. Scroll Wheel:

image: IMG_1525
image: IMG_1526
image: IMG_1519
image: IMG_1520
image: IMG_1521

1. Mouse Button Hub
2. USB Cable Hub, this is the one we need!
3. Outer Shell Hub – Disconnect this one for easier access

image: IMG_1528
image: IMG_1530

Removing this screw will enable you to life the mounting point of the buttons and scroll wheel. You will need to take the wire out on the mounting piece too, just simply wiggle it out. Try not to pull on the cable too hard. Wiggle.

Link to PDF Version:

After removing that, you will now have easy access to your mouse cable. Again, it is a five pinned adapter, so you will need to wiggle it out and simply discard of it.

image: IMG_1542
image: IMG_1531
image: IMG_1533
image: IMG_1534
image: IMG_1535
image: IMG_1532
image: IMG_1540

You will notice that the mouse cable is bent into a certain shape. You will need to obviously wire your mouse cable through this. Remove it, replace it with your spare, simply putting it in the way you just took it out or claimed it from. Next, close everything back up carefully. Follow the steps if you need to. Remember the scroll wheel is fragile!

After that, make sure everything is tight, and plug it back into your computer and have happy playing!

I hope this helped you guys!

Greetings and thanks to: h8m3, Shuki, Uteoz, Banaan, Noodle and Meez.
that's a lot of pics
The more the merrier for a tutorial!
I shall use it when my brand new mouse breaks!
nothing complicated here, everybody who uses his brain can do this without tut
Successful troll!
Make people who don't know shit about this screw their mouses over "trying to fix them"
Hell yeah!
would be epic troll if someone broke an already broken mouse LOL ::D :D :D sucesful troll is sucesful!!!!!
repaired mine once and it never broke again. just pro :)
excuse me i prefer to complain at logitech to get a new one

hahahaha :D!
its kinda disgusting to see such a blurry pics :l good tutorial for noobs nonetheless
The camera has issues focusing at such distances because of a broken lens. Unfortunately I don't have a DSLR, I may ask a friend to retake them for me if we get the time but i doubt it.
they're fine, just annoying =) and you have a good excuse
I think a friend of mine is re-taking these with her 600D. Your comment had an effect!
whats the problem with the cable again?:P
The MX518 cable problem occurs when there is a break in the connection of a cable. Due to the design of the cable system in the 518, the mouse tends to wear quite a lot; this is no fault of Logitech’s as the mouse is actually very good. This problem is easily solvable; you simply have to replace the USB cable with another one. Mine has worked ever since.
oh ok, never had problems! but nice tuto I see :D usefull for people who has this problem :)
and what is the problem when having this cable issue? cause my mx518 skips sometimes a bit at times, rly strange. and im using puretrak talent so is not the surface that is the problem..
Try cleaning your mouse instead. Dirt/hairs on the sensor can have that effect!
and how should i clean it mr scarzy? :) open it also?
Yeah just open it, dust collects at the bottom (transparent) part of the mouse I've found. I usually clean it when I do things like this.

If you don't want to open it up, get some alcohol IE nail varnish remover on a cotton bud and rub it on the sensor.
and which sensor then mate? cause im a bit confused, could you show me a screenshot? and also you are sure this wont screw up my mouse right?
hasnt smth fimiliar to this been posted already here in tutorial section?
Yes, and it was by me. Needed updating and Norway plekter made it so I couldn't edit it due to a personal joke so reposted. :)
good contribution <3
mc gyver
baby if you give it to me, i'll give it to you, ya know what i want, you know i got it.
I have this problem but i'm too lazy to fix it
so all i need is to get a wire from another (useless) usb mouse??
I tried it with a random microsoft's mouse wire on the mx518, and windows doesn't even detect the mouse. The light of the sensor turns on and stays like that, but i can't move the mouse and windows doesn't detect it... any clue?
Hmm, interesting. Follow the cable, does it have a resistor at the USB end?
Think so. It looks pretty much like the mx518's i think.
You'll need another cable I think dude, the resistor has caused me problems in the past and I think it doesn't allow the right amount of power through it :(
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