RTCW 1.4 pack 2012

RTCW 1.4 multiplayer pack 2012

Due to the latest issues with punkbuster, there is a new RTCW 1.4 multiplayer pack.

Included in this pack:

- Return to Castle Wolfenstein multiplayer 1.41 (without singleplayer).
- Updated punkbuster and pb service installer.
- Popular mods (osp,shrub soundpack,fritzbot,ktbani,omnibot,wolf statanalyzer,wolftv).
- Standard, GOTY and must have maps.
- Full config with binds.
- And more.

Everything really.

***Update*** 27 feb 2012
I've update the pack with a new version 1.11.
- Updated to connect with new master server.
- ETKeyGen included.
- Added map adlernest_b3 for the cup.

Also updated the download links.

RTCW 1.4 Pack

Maps included:
Standard maps: Assault, Base, Beach, Castle, Depot, Destruction, Sub, Village
GOTY map pack: Ice, Chateau, Keep, Tram, Dam, Rocket, Trenchtoast
Axis Complex, Base2, Basement, Church, Escape 2 TE, Foo Fighter TE
Frostbite TE, Garage, Infamy, Kung Fu Grip, Multi demo, Pacific
SupplyDepot B2, The Bad Place, Tundra Rush B1, Valhalla Station, Wizernes Base

Install instructions:
1. Run RtCW14pack.exe (as administrator).
2. Click a couple of times on next until it's finished.
3. Change the properties of the new "RtCW 1.4" icon on your desktop.
4. Set compatibility to Windows XP (Service Pack 2). Set Run as administrator.
5. Run PB Svc Installer (as administrator, from Start Menu) and install services (ignore possible errors).
6. Start the game, goto options, and enter your cd key.
7a. If you don't have a cd key, run the included KeyGen (from Start Menu) to make one.
7b. Also you can make a key with etkeygen, save it to "\main\rtcwkey"
8. Or simply buy the game for 5 bucks and enjoy all servers.

Screenies of this install.

For updating your current 1.4 refer to: ECG Install/Reinstall procedure.

Included in the program folder you can find the readme files.
RtCW14pack install.txt, a quick installation guide.
RtCW14pack readme.txt, a guide of the supplied config.

Supplied is the WolfMP config 1.10.
Files to look out for are:
mpconfig.cfg, main config with all cvars
binds.cfg, all binds.
keys.cfg, all keys.
osp.cfg, osp config.
graphics0.cfg, to make pretty screenshots.
\timer, a timer script.

The config gives an authentic look. But can be converted for competition with ease.
For competition is adviced:

seta r_intensity "2.0"
seta r_vertexLight "1"
seta cg_marktime "0"
bind 3 "weaponbank 3;cg_drawgun 0"

Also don't forget to set name and screen properties.
Or put your own config in of course. :p

Shrub crosshairs:
For some shrub servers there are coloured crosshairs.
Put only one of the \crosshairs files (the colour you like) in \main.
The green one is already there, delete it if you don't like it.

Keyfree servers:
Crossfire OSP PUB server, OSP, 20,
WolfMP keyfree, shrub, 24,

OSP servers:
No Pressure,
dFw OSP Server,

Public servers:
ECGNetwork.Com 24/7 Beach, Shrub, 64,
***AllStars*** DEATHMATCH - by ArtofWar Central, Shrub, 32,
[[[Mad.4.wolF]]] - #barrysplanet, Shrub, 30,
[*XXL -Killing Time-*], Bani, 32,

Links: RTCW 1.0 Pack - CONFIGS - Buy on Steam - Old 1.4 pack

IRC-Channels: #rtcw.wars - #revive.rtcw - #rtcw10

Special thanks to twister for creating the old pack.
Nice, thanks.
hey all!

BTW: The RtCW 1.4 MP Pack 2012 works faultlessly with generated ET-Keys !!

Generate a key and save the file as "rtcwkey".
Place it to your RtCW "Main" Folder. 100% Working on Punkbuster secured Server !!!

Download the ETKeyGen: http://www.rtcwmap.de/index.php?option=com_remository&Itemid=73&func=fileinfo&id=2082

Nice, why does this work?
I dont get it! I use the key generator, and it gives me a key. When I write it in the "Enter CD key" it says "CD key appears to be valid" but still I get kicked from PBservers because I dont have any Cd key..

What did u mean with "save the file..."? Shall I copy the code into a text document called "rtcwkey" and put it in the main folder? doesnt work for me
because the mechanism of the keys was not really changed by RtCW to ET ;)
I see, nice idea ;). +props to you.
I've updated the pack with some new stuff.

- Updated to connect with new master server (old exe included).
- ETKeyGen included.
- Added map adlernest_b3 for the cup.

To download plz use the torrent if you can. ;)
If there ain't still a good antilag in osp then this post is worthless...
n1 that someone cares bout endangered gamespecies.
but why would you play RTCW when there is ET?
That would be because RtCW is so much better than ET!
Eventhough there are only about 20 active OSP players these days, the mixes with these guys still guarantee a whole lot of fun!
Is there even an anticheat?
nice but only when swedey is still around there these days =)
tnx alot dude!!!
Sometimes a topic needs pics. So I made some screenies of the install.


(new link of new forum)
very nice to see old players :>
ECGNetwork.Com 24/7 Beach FTW!
Does this download have the WolfMP.exe file that has a working server browser? If not, here is a link to a download that does. To install, rename your existing WolfMP.exe file to "OriginalWolfMP.exe. Then drop this file (after unzipping it) into your RTCW folder. Launch and then go to server browser and click get new list. It shows most 1.41 servers though for some reason, not all.
http://www.team-crossbreed.net/stats/WolfMP.zip <-- Link to download
A new link would be nice to have for the DL.
what about this one? DL Wolf 1.4 (only 441Mb) + Patch here: http://rtcwchile.webs.com/rtcwmp.htm
ECG most popular RTCW pub 1.4 server:
feedback http://facebook.com/rtcwchile ;)
BTW: New ip for ECGn is:
Much more stable, less lag and some better pings for euros too ^^
Come have fun1
New shrub uk server keep rtcw alive!

Please help to keep this game alive.
Another interesting source (http://www.shizl.nl/rtcw/n00b.html)
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