Users with AMD Radeon Graphics and FPS problems.

This is just a helping guide for people who don't know how to fix fps if they have a Radeon card.

Did you get a nice new videocard, but still you're fps is isn't what you expected?

Then there possibly is a simple solution!

Step 1:

Open AMD Vision Engine Control Center.

image: step1zk

Step 2:

Go to the gaming section.

image: step2hy

Step 3:

Choose 3D Application settings.

image: step3t

Step 4:

Scroll all the way down until you see: Wait for vertical refresh.

image: step4y

Step 5:

Move the bar all the way to the left to performance.
When it says Always off you are good to go.

image: step5ze

Step 6:

Press the Apply button on the left bottom.

This is just a simple helping guide for people who don''t understand how to fix this.

Hope it helps.
tutorial worthy :D
Too hard tutorial, can't find any AMD/ATI control things.
now tell me how to get black borders!
image: blackborders

or take some image: FITAISOLANTE and put in your monitor lol
cg_letterbox 1
I also had to find this out on myself in the past. very usefull tutorial for other users!
Nice for radeon users I guess.
Too hard, my client is in finnish :<
thanks alot :)
already knew that 6 years ago
Thanks since i'm forced to use this shitty hd6870 since today i can use this \0/
Never lagged with this GCard (hd6850 black edition), but still im going to check my settings
another tip:

plug in your graphic card
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