Converting your mouse to run Razer drivers

How do I make the Razer drivers work for my mouse?

All mice can be used with Razer drivers. This gives you the added benefit of being able to change X & Y axis sensitivity, amongst other things. The process logic is relatively simple: when you install drivers for a mouse, the drivers recognize it. This is because each mouse has it's own "ID" number. You need to know what "ID" your mouse has.

Lets use mx510 as an example:

Firstly you need to make sure your manufacturer's mouseware is installed. If you are not sure what mouseware is needed, or you do not have the CD, a quick search of Google is all that is needed. the MX510 drivers install themselves by default to /program files/logitech/drivers/

There will be a folder called "Win2K_XP", and inside that folder there is a file called "Lm2kplus.inf".

Open it in any texteditor. Search for "mx510". It will find something looking like this:

QuoteHID\VID_046D&PID_C01D.DeviceDesc = HID-compliant MX510 Optical Mouse

Likewise if you search for "mx310", you get this:
QuoteHID\VID_046D&PID_C01B.DeviceDesc = HID-compliant MX310 Optical Mouse

The difference is the "ID", which is slightly different for each mouse. The mx510 is "C01D", and for mx310 it's "C01B".

All you need now is to install the razer drivers. Don't bother about any error messages. For Windows XP, use this link.

After installing look for the folder "Karna", again by default this is in the program files directory.

Look for "Razer.inf" in the driver folder. Open it in a text editor. Search for something like this:
%Karna.DeviceDesc0% = razerusb, HID\VID_05E3&PID_FE00 (this is the boomslang, and suits our needs perfectly).

Copy that string, paste it on a new line underneath. And make it look like this:
%Karna.DeviceDesc0% = razerusb, HID\VID_046D&PID_C01D
Make sure you edit the bit in bold to match the ID code you found earlier on.

Save the file, go to your Device Manager, select the mouse. Go to the tab saying "Driver".

Click on update and skip all the messages asking to automatically find the drivers. Instead you want "Install from a list or specific location". Then "Don't seach. I will locate the drivers myself".

When a new window opens, click "Have disk". Locate the "Razer.inf" file, and click "Ok".

You should now have a "razer" mouse installed on your pc. The usb is hotplugable, so there is no need to reboot.

Problems tend to arise from either copying the mouse ID wrongly, or having the mouse plugged in a PS/2 port.
Happy razer mousing!

Thanks to Overdrive for the main body.
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Is it possible 2 do the same but with updated razor mouse say the copperhead?
anyone can give a newer link, cauze the link is dead for download the razer driver
Hmm, are u also able to do this with a Lazer Mouse ?
Could someone help me as to how to do this with windows 7, and eventually what is the ID of the Logitech MX Performance?
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