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Most of you will have some kind of spawnpoint selector, script or a simple set spawnpoint 1, 2, 3 et cetera bind but this tutorial is for all the others - be it a newcomer or an experienced player without the time or nerves to test all maps and their spawnpoints. As the topic said I made a simple toggle which means you can go through all the spawnpoints with just 1 key. The clue is I was able to add an user notification with all the spawnpoint names/descriptions thus you don`t have to remember if you need spawnpt 2 or 3 for the allies east spawn on sw_battery or if you have to spawn on missile back due to a covert ops sneaking through the door and you don`t have the time to search the right spawn @ limbo menue...

I am using "backspace" for the toggle - but as you know you can replace the "backspace" in the config files with your own preferred key.

To use this toggle you just have to download the .zip folder and put all the .cfg files to your image: et Enemy Territory/etpro/ folder.

This package includes spawnpoint descriptions for the following maps:

  • Adlernest
  • Braundorf_b4
  • Bremen_b3
  • Erdenberg_b3
  • et_ice
  • Frostbite
  • Karsiah_te2
  • Missile_b3 / b4
  • Radar
  • sp_delivery_te
  • Supply Depot
  • sw_goldrush_te
  • sw_battery
  • sw_oasis_b3

image: notification

If an important map is missing let me know and I will add it. Have fun and enjoy gaming!
Well done!
Been using this kind of spawnscript since i started ET... plus i binded it in just 1 key.

Well done SPU9!
nice profile pic
so sexeh :$
?? Antman released his years and years ago which is not only a lot more specific, but more detailed and the overrides for the fireteam are just as excellent. While I appreciate your effort, if you're looking for a spawnscript as the one described above I'd certainly recommend
thank you for the kind feedback
in case someone doesn't want the spawnpoints and locations for hundreds of maps, there's also the version for the competition maps:
i really like your scripts, been using it for some time, they're awesome
with your spawntimer script, will it not work if i have something binded to the numpad numbers? for when i have to enter the number for the enemy spawntime? i have my class selectors there :<
in that case you should probably use the built in etpro spawntimer, can't have two different things bound on the same keys
I'm also using your scripts, they are awesome :).
mh ok, never seen this ;/ seems like i am browsing cf not often enough ;D nevertheless some newcomers might recognize it just due to the new tutorial or our conversation ;)
this! also not too hard to add new maps yourself
something like this already exists, but still nice. Even a lot of players who play with me aren't making use of this and still ask sometimes: "What spawnpoint is what again..?"

I downloaded some from or something.. I extended them with bremen_b3 support and missile_b4 support.
1key=fail (thers alot of us who can change spawn in the last second, from 1 to 5 or from 4 to 2, with 1key script u cant do that in a sec/less )
I prefer to have only 1 button which toggles spawnpoints like this 0 -> 1 -> 2 etc.
and as I have it on R (using WASD for moving and mouse5 for reload) I can switch my spawnpoint from 1 to 6 very fast.

Here is the spawnpoint toggler if someone's interested:

+ I have this autoexec_map stuff on ENTER if I can't remember which spawnpoint spawns back etc.
am I wrong but can't you change spawnpoints automatically with something like
bind x "cycle setspawnpt 0 6" or does that just change a (custom) variable called setspawnpt instead of the spawnpoint?
haven`t checked but in case your idea works you still don`t have a notification where you spawn ;D
I'm using a script with 5 keys, 1 for each spwnpt. They get overwritten every mapround automatically by the correct one for that round & side you're on so that the same key stays the same spawnpoint. No need to toggle: 1 = always backspawn no matter what map.

If that's what you mean at least

edit: old topic but care ;p
Prefer to have it on numpad (0,1,2,3,4,5,6)
... In case you have to choose fast ur spawnpoint...
been using this for years
numpad + brain ftw
bind F5 "setspawnpt 0; echo ^d/^7Spawnpoint ^2 Default"
bind F6 "setspawnpt 1; echo ^d/^7Spawnpoint ^2 1"
bind F7 "setspawnpt 2; echo ^d/^7Spawnpoint ^2 2"
bind F8 "setspawnpt 3; echo ^d/^7Spawnpoint ^2 3"
bind F9 "setspawnpt 4; echo ^d/^7Spawnpoint ^2 4"
bind F10 "setspawnpt 5; echo ^d/^7Spawnpoint ^2 5"

simple and easy
like your mother ZLOLOL
i got mine from eLc. eLc is cool.
i tried once to play with the spawnpoint script but i just cant get used to it.. :D forever limbo <3
Arrows as spawnpoints, ftw!
This might look like a good idea at first but most people who start using these kind of scripts get stuck with them and never learn the numbers. This by itself wouldnt be that bad, but you are removing all the advantages you get from using the actual numbers.

For example, on radar as axis you could use spawnpoint 2 to spawn fast exit bunker / autospawn forward hut. 4 will put you forward hut no matter what.

As allies you can start by using spawnpoint 4, giving you fast spawn exit on first spawn and fast spawnexit on bunker, if you got it. 5 will put you at the exit of the cp if you got it.

Many maps have multiple spawn locations for the same spawnpoint. Using the numbers will allow you to optimize your spawn location depending on the class / position you play. On supplydepot for example, you want half the team to start on 3 and the other half on 4 to prevent spawnblocking. On goldrush first spawn you can spawn towards the tank or towards the ammo. By knowing exactly on which spot you will spawn, its also easier to start moving and turning in the right direction before you spawn, hence you want to split up your team in 3/4 and default on sd2. You gain an extra second by doing this.

And last but not least, using only one button is just too slow for my taste. Switching spawnpoints is something you need to be able to do in less then a second, which wont happen if you need to cycle through spawnpoints.
I like this
Wat een slimmerik seg
I am using such "1-button-spawnpoint-toggle" script since I started with ET, however it works together with spawntimer as well, so just by loading a map I have everything setup to use, no need to remember spawnpoints or spawntimes (it comes handy for maps like beach/frost with untypical 30/20 spawntimes). However, I still use numpad for setting my spawnpoint manually (almost every map has some spawnpoints used by players playing on specific position or playing a certain role). About the speed issue, pressing F4 is in my case much faster than pressing any numpad number, so even if I need to switch spawnpoint quickly, it's faster to just toggle than finding the right number (not to mention that for a while I used keyboard without numpad). And if you setup your script correctly, you just need to tap that button once for spawning for next stage. Everything is matter of what you will get used to.

bind mouse3 "setspawnpt 0; echo ^rSPAWN 0"
bind mouse2 "setspawnpt 3; echo ^rSPAWN 3"
bind mouse4 "setspawnpt 4; echo ^rSPAWN 4"
bind mouse5 "setspawnpt 5; echo ^rSPAWN 5"


bind UPARROW "class f 1;say_team ^3F
bind DOWNARROW "class m 1;say_team ^3M
bind LEFTARROW "class e 1;say_Team ^3E
bind RIGHTARROW "class c 1;say_team ^3C

You dont use 2? :') 2 usually means you get a faster spawnexit as axis. radar / grush / delivery are the first that come to my mind.
You can bind a spawn toggle or just do what darkrider does to switch spawn points:

image: darkrider-o
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